Jamai Raja 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Bua Dadi badmouthing about Krutika’s blood and tells her that she didn’t think before trapping someone’s husband. She says Sid is a good man as clean blood is running in her blood. She says you are just simran’s mistake. Krutika asks her to stop it. DD scares Ayesha for rerurning back home and threatens to drown her in swimming pool. She says if you tell this to anyone then I will tell to Allabonda and bad thing will happen. Ayesha gets tensed.

Yash reads Krutika’s resignation letter and thinks she left without informing me. Bua Dadi comes to him and slaps him hard saying Sam came to their house and blamed Krutika for trapping him. She blames him and takes Krutika’s side, asks him to control his wife. Bua Dadi thinks she wants Krutika

to leave her house and for that she have to continue working at your place.

DD thinks Ayesha should leave and sees Sid sitting in her room. She asks what he is doing here? She asks him to take his shoes off from her bed and tells it will be strained. Sid says you have strained a girl’s mind and wanted her to leave the house. What a game plan? I thought this work is done by Nani Maasi, but I forgot that clever player is you. I am surprised and don’t know that you can stoop so low. DD says you are blaming me and asks him to get out. Sid says I thought you loves your daughter very much, but I was wrong. DD asks him not to take her name.

Sid says you have to answer me? He asks didn’t you scare her and tries to make her leave the house. DD refuses. Sid says I knew it that you won’t accept it, this is really sad. He says you needs proof naa. He shows the recording where in DD threatens to drown Ayesha in the pool. Roshni comes and hears that. She is shocked too and claps. Roshni says you are such a brilliant actress. I have nothing to say…..Seriously you always amazed me with your new drama, hats off to you. I am not surprised, as you feigned heart attack. She says Ayesha is a 6 year old kid, and you played game with her, don’t you have a heart or emotions. She says Ayesha didn’t know how to talk properly. She says Ayesha didn’t know why she is being scolded and blamed for the things which she didn’t do.

Roshni apologizes to Ayesha and says I didn’t know that culprit is someone else. She says you always let me down. She says Ayesha is y daughter and I will tell 1000’s times. Nani Maasi asks what happened? Roshni says DD is playing games with a six year old girl. She warns DD not to harm Ayesha anymore, and says she will leave the house where people play dirty games with a kid. DD is shocked. Roshni asks Sid to come with her and says they will leave now itself. Sid asks her to listen.

Sid stops Roshni and asks her to listen. She says Ayesha is their daughter, but she needs elders’ love also. He says if Ayesha don’t have the right to get her Nani’s love. We will make sasumom understand. Roshni asks are you serious, and asks not to stop her as she is a mum now. Sid asks her to listen. DD tries to stop her, but Roshni says enough mum. Just then Adoption centre woman comes and asks if she is going somewhere? Roshni says she was going to make Ayesha meet her grand parents. The woman says this is not possible as the adoption process is happening at this house. She says you can’t go anywhere and have to stay here. DD takes a sigh of relief.

DD gets trapped in fire in her kitchen and faints. Ayesha shouts Nani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. if Sid asks Roshni to stay at the house after the dirty things DDs been doing, then he is just as bad as DD…. why is this show so idiotic?

  2. Well done sid…….and the precap is good. I think now dd can feel little sympathy about Aysha.

    Guys can anyone please tell me the link where I can watch all full episodes of jamai raja?I found in YouTube but there are only old episodes which are full not new.

  3. Mmmm u can go to EG: 17 September 2015 jamai raja full episode online

  4. Now that u roshni know the truth dont hesitate just leave from there n sid why r u stopping her for by blackmailing her that ayesha need her grandma love u inself see how dd was threaten ayesha if see can do that then she can hit her
    Hope this time roshni open her eyes n stop listen to every words dd is telling her now roshni have to fulfill her responsibilty toward ayesha she really need to move away frm that house
    Same thing i say that it will get a episode where ayesha will have to help dd

  5. Roshni…. I have searched as you told EG:17 sep jamai raja full episode.

    But there was written that “play list type not supported number.”
    I can’t understand what they mean to say…

  6. Sneha please go to http://www.zeetv.com you will see it there .if I can get it all the way from Nigeria I believe you can get it too .have fun .and I like this episode at list the little girl will have peace of mind

  7. Roshni and Olayemi thanks both of you for helping me.
    By the way Olayemi my surname is also Paul and I’m from West bengal.

  8. Mythily Dilchand

    Please let the show go well I am sorry for the girl

  9. Sneha happy to hear that we are bearing same surname I like that .

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