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Sid comes home and calls for Shabnam. Mona asks why he is calling her. Sid goes straight to her room and checks her stuff. He happens to look at the dupatta and matches it with the torn cloth, which he found in his office.

He gets angry and throws dupatta in her room. DD comes home. Sid asks what you are doing here, who is with Roshni? DD says I asked Mona didi to called you and asked you to be there. She says Nani got Asthmatic attack, and asks Mona if she has not informed Sid. Mona says she asked Shabnam to call Sid, and says she was with Nani. Sid recalls matching the cloth and realizes Roshni is in danger. He runs from there.

Shabnam is about to give injection to Roshni, just then Doctor comes and checks her. Shabnam hides. Doctor says she is fine now, and will be discharged

now. Shabnam comes out from hide out and says you have slept much, but now it is time to get up. You shall feel sympathize with your body. She says we have beared enough because of you, and asks her to be paralyzed for her, so that she can take her place in Sid’s life. Sid reaches the hospital and runs towards the ward. Shabnam is about to give her injection, but the injection falls on the floor. She is about to give again, and hears someone coming. She hides again. Sid senses someone’s presence and tries to look for her. Shabam covers her head and hides. Sid holds her neck from back.

Sid asks her to lift her veil. He reaches inside the ward and see the injection and medicine bottle. He thanks God for saving Roshni. DD reaches there, and asks if he is hiding something. He says I will answer your questions, but not now. He asks her to be with Roshni. He asks hospital staff to find her. Shabnam thinks Sid has ruined her game and says if Sid find me then everything will be ruined. She tries to go, but Sid calls her name. He comes to her and unveils her ghunghat. He then slaps her hard. Shabnam starts acting and cries. She says I didn’t do any mistake. Sid asks her to shut the hell. He says you was the one who wants to ruin my family and hurt my Roshni, bringing her here. He says my hands were cuffed, else I would have kill you. He says you have played long, but good news is that your game is ended. I will punish you so severe that you can’t forget me for 7 births. Shabnam says I didn’t do anything to Roshni didi and cries. Sid asks her to stop crying and says you have to pay for Roshni’s pain. He says Sasumom told me that you don’t deserve to be family. He says I thought you will get family, but I was so wrong. He says cheap people like you show your affect, and says time is up. Shabnam says I didn’t do anything. Police reaches there. Sid asks her to arrest her and free his Roshni. She falls on his feet and says she is not a culprit. Sid shows her dupatta cloth and says he got it. He shows the video footage and says it is you…This is the same taveez which you are trying on your hand. He asks her to tell that he is lying. He asks Inspector to take her. Shabnam accepts to have every crime, but……. Sid asks Inspector to take her out from his sight. Shabnam cries and says I didn’t do any mistake jiju.

Beeji asks Simran to take aarti and says Krutika will be at home soon. Bunty says Mata Rani has listened to you. They see Bunty and Krutika coming home. Bunty falls on Bua Dadi’s feet, and then fall on Beeji’s feet. Raj comes and is happy to see Krutika. He asks how dare you come here. Bunty says my kittu was crying, and got weak, so I brought her here. He says I thought to spend few days here. Simran says this mayka is not Krutika’s home. Bunty says he wants to be like Sid, and says Sid cares for his sasural more than his house. Raj says you are neither Patel nor Khurana, so be aware. Bunty says I want to be son of the house, as your son is taken by Patels. Everyone is angry and shocked at his behavior.

Shabnam tells Inspector that she will give statement infront of Jiju/Sid. Inspector asks her to tell else they can get the truth out of her. She says she wants to talk to Sid only. Sid comes and says she has chosen wrong guy. He asks her to tell. Shabnam says I am not guilty and says Gaffur is the main criminal who has forced her to do this crime. Sid asks Inspector to throw her in lock up. Just then they see smoke coming inside the room, and feels suffocating. Gaffur comes with his men, and take Shabnam with him. Sid says he was Gaffur, Shabnam was right. Inspector says he was eloped to Dubai. Sid says no, and says we have to catch both Shabnam and Gaffur. He says I won’t let anyone harming my family happiness.

Roshni does the aarti. Someone fires bullet injuring Roshni. DD and Sid are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Waste of time

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