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The episode starts with Sid trying to stop Roshni and explaining how much he loves her. DD asks Roshni to come with her. Sid says DD she may take her today, but tomorrow she cannot, Roshni will have to come back to Sid at any cost. His mom snatched their wealth and she snatched their relationship, but the whole world knows hero wins at last. He asks Raj to get prepared to greet his bahu and tells DD again she can take Roshni. Roshni looks back at Sid before being dragged by DD. Sid then tells Raj that he wants to home now as his Roshni is back.

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DD asks Roshni to return back to Bangkok right away. Roshni apologizes her for getting

get under Sid’s emotional drama. DD says he will try to get her back repeatedly, so she should go back.

Sid fixes Roshni’s pics all over his room’s walls. Raj asks him to have medicine. He says Roshni is his medicine and he will be fine. Simran brings soup for him. He asks why did she do that. She gets emotional and says she is worried for him. He says nothing will happen to him until Roshni is with him. He asks when she loves him so much, then why don’t she accept Roshni and start afresh. Simran says she will not accept her. He says he is alive because of Roshni, else he would have been dead. Simran says whatever he tries, she will not accept Roshni and walks out of Sid’s room. Sid thinks he will bring back Roshni at any cost.

Roshni reminisces Sid’s words that she will have to come back to him at last and DD telling she will not force her, but wants her to go.

Client comes to DD’s house receive their ordered necklace, but DD says she has not prepared it and will need some time. Client cancels order and warns that she will do bad publicity and make sure she does not get a job again. Roshni hears that and sends client out. She asks DD why did not she inform about her financial crisis and tells she will not go back to Bangkok again and will help her financially. Yash comes and says DD she is right, Roshni should back to Bangkok and even she should. DD gets happy seeing her. Naani takes DD in to prepare food, leaving Roshni and Yash alone.

Nani says DD that she sees Yash loves Rosni and there will be more tension after he came here. She says Sid loves Roshi a lot and cannot see her with anybody. DD says if it is true, she will get Sid and Roshni divorced and get Roshni married to Yash. Naani thinks she knows whom Roshni loves.

Yash tells Roshni to forget Sid as he is not right for her, he is very manipulative. Roshni says she just wants to stay back and help DD monetarily. He tears tickets and says they both will not go now. He says they both will help DD. He thinks he loves her and soon she will also love her.

Precap: Sid is about to tell his name to Yash when Roshni enters and says he is Sidharth Khurana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Nice sid you rocks wowww.

  3. So what do u guys thing is going to happen next

  4. nthing gud stil boring

  5. Nothing good boring again and that simran n dd is same non skulls they dont have any sense they only thinking about them self’s and what they wants selfish people and this yash come to create more problem between sid n roshini now it will be more boring n senseless

  6. Same 2 same

  7. I would like to see happy again with his lawfully wedded wife.What God put together no man can break it up.That is the power of love. The serial will gain some points when Sid and Roshni is back to -gether again.

  8. sorry to say this soap has lost its flavor it is not interesting to look at again you writers are taking tooooooooooo long to unite roshini and sid again and even his mother she also should unite with her husband raj the way they use to before and it is about time you get rid of crook criminal rajveer and send kritika back into oblivion where she came from in the first place now writers you are doing the same thing with all these soaps prolonging them toooooooo long and then killing off all the good people giving the viewers the impression that it is better to be bad than good so what sort of message you writers are portraying to the public this is not acceptable at all

  9. quboolhai4ever

    I think this serial ‘s leap was sensible

    Siddarth and roshni are a lovely Jodi and I like Yash’s intervene
    Some spice in a love story (love triangle )

  10. It’s gtng intetestng day by day n ya 1 thing a story widout a wilan n interupter won’t make it interesting as Der won’t b any interest left in us 2 watch further n ya Sid will fix all thing . He will get his roshni back hope so đŸ™‚

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