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The Episode starts with Payal asking Satya to have patience and asks him to be normal. Satya says he had disposed the body with his own hands and says his mind is not at peace. Payal asks him to forget it. Satya feels guilty and says he wants to go and confess to Police that he killed Aleena. Later Satya brings cake pastry for Mahi and apologizes to her for shouting at her. Mahi hugs him. Satya asks her to get ready for Christmas party. Mahi says she is not in a mood to enjoy party. Satya says kids are coming to party and asks her to get ready as he knows she likes kids. He asks her to have pastry. In the party, Mitul dresses up as Santa gives gifts to kids. Satya brings Mahi there. Satya makes Mahi wear Santa Claus’s cap. Mahi smiles widely forgetting what she has gone through. Satya smiles looking

at her. Aye Jaane Dil Musafir hai….song plays……..Mahi dances with kids. Satya gets happy seeing her happy while the song continues to play.

A little girl comes and gives a gift to Mahi saying it is for her. Mahi thanks her. She opens the gift and finds scarf. She recalls Aleena’s accident with her car and asks who gave you this scarf? Girl points finger towards Aleena. Mahi is shocked to see Aleena standing in an injured state with the purpose to scare her. She gets shocked and throws the box away. She looks back, but couldn’t see Aleena. She faints suddenly. Satya asks someone to bring water. Mitul says I will bring. They try to wake her up. Mahi says I saw here only, and tells that she saw her scarf here. Satya asks her to hold herself and says there is no scarf or no Aleena here. He says Aleena is dead. Mahi says I am not joking, I have seen her with my eyes. Satya is stressed as well. Payal tells Satya that they shall go back home. They take flight and go back home.

Mahi tells Satya that she knows that she is troubling them. Payal gets a call from lawyer, who asks them to come to office for some urgent work tomorrow. Satya says they can’t go leaving Mahi. Doctor comes and asks Mahi to rest. Satya thanks him. Later in the night, Satya goes somewhere, Aleena comes and stands infront of Mahi while she is sleeping. Mahi gets shocked.

Aleena presses her neck. Mahi is shocked.. Mahi drops something. Satya comes running and asks what happened? Mahi tells Satya that Aleena came again and tried to kill her. Others also come there. Mahi asks them to believe her and says she tried to suffocate me. Payal asks everyone to go, and says she wants to talk to Mahi alone. Everyone leaves. Mahi cries. Payal says I can understand what you are going through. She says even Doctor said that you are going through Post traumatic disorder, and will be fine. She asks her to have medicine and sleep. Payal tells Mahi that lawyer called them and told that she have to sign on some papers. Mahi refuses to go. Payal convinces her Once they reach lawyer’s office. Lawyer asks Mahi, if she is fine? Mahi nods yes. She sees Aleena’s reflection there.

Mahi tells Satya that there was a blood there. Satya asks where is it. Lawyer says Mahi’s mental state is not good, and says we have to take POA. Payal asks Lawyer to shift POA on Satya’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. QueenB


  2. indera sanichara

    QueenB what did you expect of Mahi all the writers gaves her is suffering, so she has to cry. She hasn’t seen a happy day as yet, only suffering, misery and God knows what’s next so her crying will contuine, until these crazy writers end her life or the serial.

  3. I guess payal is the reason for everything, and she is making all these drama,

    1. leisa s morris

      Yes i completely agree with u. I think she can aleena join hands to achieve their goals. Aleena faked her death to torture Mahi and prove her insane in sn attempt to get Satya and Payal is jus pretendin she has changed so she can get d property.

  4. leisa s morris

    So we were right Siri. I jus kbew these two cut a deal but now here is where tings get interestin

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