Jamai Raja 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Rajveer loafer reaching a fort where his goons are already waiting for them. He asks goons to kill Kritika as soon as she gives money and hide her body. Roshni who is listening to his conversation slips and stone falls down. He asks his men to see who is it. Roshni runs towards car and searches keys but does not find them. Rajveer comes with keys, captures her and tells he will finish both nanad and bhabhi today and asks his goons to take her in. Goons take her into fort and throw her on floor. She shouts Sid’s name.

Sid wakes up from sleep and senses Roshni is calling. DD calls him and says fake passport maker is caught and she is going to police station to question him. He says he will reach there soon.

Rajveer jerk tells Roshni that nobody has caught

him till now and says he is the one who did fake IT raid in DD’s office, trapped ugly Kritika in his love, forced her to divorce Sid, etc., and even made her allege Sid with rape. He shows the clip where Kritika clips Sid’s dialogues and manipulates. Roshni reminisces alleging Sid and asking if he was only interested in sleeping with her, etc. Loafer shouts that nobody will catch Rajveer Ranaut and he will escape even this time.

Sid gets ready and searches Roshni at home, but does not find her. He sees prayers at his home and asks Raj where is Roshni as he has to go to police station to question fake passport maker. Raj says Roshni cannot come with him during prayers and asks him to go and win the battle himself. Sid prays, Raj wishes him good luck, and Sid leaves. Simran asks where is Roshni as recitation is going at home and she is missing. Raj asks where is loafer. She asks why is he asking rajveer and is it necessary that he blames her loafer jamai always.

Sid and DD reach police station and see inspector beating fake passport maker. DD asks he informer if this is the right man. He says he does not lie. Raj calls Sid and informs him that Roshni is missing and even loafer is not at home. DD says if she does not find Roshni, she will not spare Rajveer laofer.

Raj gets restless during recitation and tries to walk out. Simran stops him and asks where is he going. He says her loafer jamai Rajveer has pranked even this time. She asks him not to blame her jamai. He asks then where is he and Kritika and asks where did Kritika go with bags. She stands silently.

Fake passport maker silently escapes from police station. Constable shouts. Sid asks inspector not to catch him as he will take them to Rajveer and says Roshni’s life is at risk and he cannot take any chance.

Raj tells Simran that he will find out the truth. He calls Kritka, but she does not pick call. He says if something happens to his son and bahu, he will not spare anyone. He says till now whatever mishap happened their and DD’s house is done by Rajveer loafer and he will see how will loafer harm his family this time. She tries to stop him, but he asks not to stop him and leaves. Biji asks what all secrets are hidden in this house. Simran calls manager and asks if her daughter withdrew money. Manager says she left long ago. She calls Kritika, but her number is switched off.

Precap: Rajveer captivates Roshni. DD points gun and tells Rajveer his time is finished now and she will kill him for troubling her daughters. He shouts that she cannot do anything. She shoots and it hits Roshni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ***SPOILER*** (again) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What is Kratika’s real intention in saving DD on Jamai Raja?
    An interesting track is coming up on Jamai Raja where Kratika will change her side.

    Grazing Goats and Films’ popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV, is garnering the attention of the audience by creating interesting twists and turns in the storyline.

    As we reported earlier that DD (Achint Kaur) will shoot Rajveer (Vishal Karwal), as he was about kill Roshni (Nia Sharma). Thus, Rajveer’s chapter will be closed after this incident but more drama will prevail in the upcoming episodes of the show.

    Our source says, “Kratika (Ishita Sharma) will file a case against DD for killing her husband and the police will arrest DD. Soon there will be court room drama where the judge will decide what punishment should be given to DD for her crime. Al the evidence will be against DD but there will be a twist in the tale when Kratika will come as a witness which will shock everyone as she will take back the case against DD.”

    “Later, it will be seen that Kratika has not changed instead she has another awful plan to punish her husband’s killer,” adds the source.

    Well after Rajveer, Kratika will make Roshni, Sid and their families life difficult.

    To know more keep reading this space!


  3. thanxxxxx……..Naina!

    1. you are welcome 🙂 🙂

  4. good episode writers please do the same with doli armaano ki and bhandan and qubool hai

    1. Y d f**k u ain’t go and direct the serials

  5. nice episode finally something good can’t wait to watch this
    what wrong simran kratika is not take ur call it switch off what happen now you still dont believe you know what rajveer should kidnap you instead of roshni and then u will know that all this while sid was telling the truth and maybe then your eyes will clean next time u will trust your son and not some stranger

  6. precap look good

  7. Everything is ok.
    but plz let simran n biji know that rajveer z d culprit.
    Otherwise there is no charm.

  8. MaressaStyles

    I am loving this soaps I wish I was in there I swear I would have killed rajveer by now I am fed up of his behavior in this soaps I just can’t wait for sid and roshni coild juust get a little rest because if u notice all the time roshni and sid are always in trouble or helping people I just can’t wait for all the problems to finish

  9. Hi everyone. Good twist in the tale. Finally, Rajveer dead and there wont be any problem now. It will be interesting to watch after this.

  10. Finally the Dog Will Die!!

  11. ugly Kritika Shè bores më yaar! ugh!!! sid go nd save Roshni. thnx 4 de update guys Luv uh SIDNI!

  12. plz simran ab toh samajhne ki koshish karo…
    AND SID AII THE BEST … and save ur love and life roshni…..
    u know guys ki DD rajveer ko goli maardeti hai and then wo jail chali jaati hai and then sid saves her but late …..

  13. Sini(sid&roshni) love u both…..

  14. wow! I Luv watching jamai raja. sid ma boy go nd save ur wife. LOAFER UR TYM IS OVER MAN!!!!. SIDNI Mob Luv yaar!!!

  15. JAMAI RAJA is my favoritum favorite serial really but only bcoz of sid …

  16. an jaldi se ye rajveer ka kaam tamaam karo …. plz jald se jald.. and I think now its(rajveer) over …..

    hey listen yash and samaira’s jodi is nice….

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