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The Episode starts with Roshni telling that she has to do Ayesha’s work and she is very busy. Sid says you forget your husband after getting a daughter. He says I won’t let you forget me. He runs after her and they fall on bed. Mere Rubaru plays………………They get romantic. Just then they hear DD’s voice. Sid says don’t know why she comes whenever I get intimate with you. He asks why she is shouting. DD says she couldn’t find her expensive earrings. Nani Maasi brings doll wearing DD’s expensive earring, and tells she got it at the pool side. Ayesha says doll is hers, but she didn’t make doll wear it. Sid says it is okay. Roshni asks Ayesha to accept her mistake. DD says it is not her mistake, you both will take time to teach her discipline. She might tell anything wrong infront

of adoption centre people and goes to keep the earrings. Roshni says I don’t know how to handle her, she is lying again and again.

Krutika apologizes to the model and says don’t know how it got stained. The model refuses to wear the dress. Yash comes there. Krutika says when I gave this dress to her, there was no stain, and I didn’t call the make up artiste. Yash says he will manage. The model calls Sam and tells I did your work. Krutika will not roam around your husband now, and he will fire her from job. Sam thanks her.

Ayesha tells Sid that Mumma is angry with her, but she didn’t do anything. Sid gives her icecream and asks her to tell the truth. He says I will not do anything. Ayesha says I have not done anything and it is done by Alabonda…..Sid laughs and says I will save you from him. Ayesha says Mumma is angry with me and will throw me out of home, then what I will do. Sid says your Mumma loves you a lot, and can’t stay without you.

DD asks Roshni to think again about her adoption decision. She says I can understand your emotions being your mum, we don’t know anything about Ayesha’s background, upbringing and past etc. Roshni looks on. DD says you might be doubting your decision and asks if she really want to adopt this girl. She says you don’t want to adopt. Roshni says she is trying to teach discipline to Ayesha, but don’t know if she will be able to become a good mum. DD says decision is yours. Ayesha hears them and thinks Papa was lying to me. DD hopes Ayesha goes away from their life. Ayesha thinks Mumma don’t love me. She throws the doll in anger. DD eyes her and asks if you are taking anger on the doll? She says nobody loves or likes you here. She says your real Mummy went away from you. She says Roshni doesn’t love you and Sid just lied to you. She says Alabonda came and told me that bad things will happen with Ayesha if she stays here. Ayesha believes her. DD says Alabonda said that he will drop her in jungle. She scares her and asks her to go to room. She thinks she can’t bear this girl.

Ayesha comes to room and sleeps on bed being upset. Roshni covers her with blanket. Sid comes. Servant brings milk shake for them. Sid says Ayesha would have drink it, if she was awake. He gets a call and he leaves for office. He asks her to drink milk shake.

Sam comes to Khurana’s house in the night and holds Krutika’s hand, blaming her for trying to steal her husband. She warns her not to come near her husband else…….Beeji asks have you gone mad? Sam puts champagne on the ground and lights the fire. Beeji asks what have you done. Krutika asks if you try to trap my husband then I will see you…..Krutika looks on scared.

Beeji helps Krutika get up and tells Sam she knows how to blow the fire and warns not to blame Krutika. Sam tells your daughter knows how to snatch others husband. Beeji slaps her hard and asks her to get out. Sam warns Krutika and leaves. Beeji asks Krutika, if she is fine. Krutika hugs her and cries. Bua Dadi thinks she can’t let Khurana family name ruined because of this girl.

Ayesha leaves the house thinking about DD and Roshni’s conversation. A car comes. Sid gets down the car and looks at her. He asks where she is going so late in the night. Ayesha hugs him and cries.

Sid asks DD, if she tortured Ayesha and forced her to leave the house. DD refuses. Sid shows her proof on his mobile. Roshni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Roshni is such a child eh! No she can’t be a mother because she acts like a little girl herself!!! So easily manipulated geez

  2. sam is so insecure she dont trust her husband that why rajveer had to leave her and go take a next woman if she keep going like this maybe yash will distance himself from her
    and dd so what if u don’t know any thing about ayesha like her background,past upbringing or mom n dad well u already know her mom is dead u can still discipline her but in a good ways not by slapping her roshni i except better things from u. u need to stop listen to dd one day she will put u in trouble anybet there will be a episode where ayesha will have to save dd and then she will realize what she was doing to her was wrong

  3. DD will never change maybe in the end but she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven

  4. Nice episode.

  5. I don’t know but I just don’t get.oh come on can’t there be a prince charming 4 Kritka 2.

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