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The episode starts with Roshni waiting outside Meesha’s room while doc checks her.

Sam prepares breakfast for Yash and children in the morning. He apologizes her for yelling at her yesterday and says if she handles kids with love, they will love her. He calls children for breakfast. He come and sit on table. They play a prank and add earth worm on Sam’s hair. She starts jumping. Yash removes earth worm and smilingly asks what is this. Sam shouts at children and goes to her room.

Sid angrily comes out of Meesha’s room. Roshni says she did not do anything. He shouts that she made milkshake, so she added mangoes in Meesha’s milkshake even after knowing she is allergic to it. He shouts that Meesha is very important to him and he will not tolerate Roshni trying

to harm her. Roshni continues to explain him, but he angrily leaves.

Sam speaks to Mona over phone and Mona asks her to calm down and forgive children. Sam looks at Yash’s greeting cards and smiles. Yash apologizes her again and gifts her ear ring. She hugs him happily. Children see that and discuss that maamu and maami reunited again and they will have to do something to make them fight again.

Roshni comes home crying and tells DD that Sid is not believing her at all. DD angrily calls Sid who is busy taking care of Meesha and cuts call. DD calls him again and shouts that he should stop interfering in Roshni’s life even after divorcing him. Sid asks why she feels Roshni cannot do any mistake when everyone can make mistake and says Roshni made mistake and should be corrected. Ugly Kritika watches standing at door and once he leaves, she enters and tells Meesha she was telling her about this many time, but she did not believe her. she saw how Sid is frustrated regarding Roshni now. Meesha says she is right and says she will do something.

Crying Roshni calls Sid. He is sound asleep, wakes up hearing mobile ring tone, sees Roshni’s call and cuts it repeatedly. Shiv, Naani and DD watch that and get sad. Naani asks DD to come down as it is common between husband and wife. DD says Sid is not Roshni’s husband and now and he always hurts Roshni, she will not spare him this time.

In the morning during breakfast, Meesha apologizes Raj for the trouble because of her yesterday. Raj says it is okay and asks her not to feel embarrassed. Sid apologizes her on roshni’s behalf and goes to his room. Kritika smirks and asks Simran to pass on butter. Simran shouts to pick it herself and goes to Sid’s room with juice. She insists Sid to have juice at least. He says he is working and asks her to keep it and go. She gets SMS and leaves.

Simran scolds Kritika for trying to harm Meesha with her ideas and asks why is she messaging her repeatedly Ugly Kritika says she did not and searches her phone. Meesha comes and says she sent he messages. Kritika asks what joke is this. Sid comes and gives her a tight slap. He says ugly and dumb simran that because of them he suffered a lot and they risked his life earlier and now they tried to harm his guest. He tries to say that he even divorced Roshni for them, but stops…Raj and Meesha sense something is wrong.

Precap: Meesha asks Sid to apologize Roshni and tell how much he loves her. Sid gives bouquet and card to Roshni and she tears them. He rings door bell and sings Hame tumse pyar kitna..kneeling down. DD opens door and shows him 1 rs coin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. writers the storyline that you have created with ugly kritika and simran does not make any sense why did you not end her together with rajveer she kritika loved rajveer so much so what should have taken place was when rajveer was shot she should have jumped off the building with him and let it be a kind of romeo and Juliet ending but no you saved her so that she and her wicked mother simran could give roshini hell and now you’ve brought in another evil one his childhood friend what next

  2. writers if you want to spice up jamai raja and make it interesting I suggest you bring in a nice handsome man for roshini which will make sid jealous and behave himself and tell the truth why he divorced roshini because love is based on trust and throughout the serial there are too many lies here is the storyline let roshi leave the country again and go back to paris where she will meet someone in the process and falls in love and let sid search for her but to no avail and let him want to take his life because he realizes he cannot live without roshini and when roshini is about to get married sid would see the article in the new papers and he will then rush to stop it you writers continue because I cannot give you the whole script otherwise you will have to pay me for it

  3. I think this is a very good start writers because jamai raja is tooooooooo boring now we want some spiced up action

  4. Keen Observer – thank goodness you are not the writer! Your story lines are sooooo boring!

  5. love the last part kritka get a slap next she will be throw out of the house along with simran in the precap i dnt give roshni wrong sid hurt her feeling he didnt wait for her to explain herself he just jump to conclusion sayin that meesha is imp for him if she is so imp to him what about roshni she is not a robot for him to be screamin at her everytimes she a human she have feelings too i want her to give him a hard times now like what he was doing
    hope this meesha n raj figure out something about why sid divorce roshni but just cant wait to watch how sid will get a taste of this own medicine by roshni

  6. Non sense…pakaau

  7. Only in India… SMH

  8. How I wish simran would collect a slap from Raj now.

  9. am sooo hapy dat sid gives ugly kritika a tight slap. i hop yew wil mend ur ways nw nd yew should hv atleast listen to her once sid yew knw yew nd roshni hv enemies nd yew stil didnt understand it. Roshni dnt forgive sid soo easily dat means he took meesha to be more important to him dan yew?.Anyway he already told yew den yew hv to careful since dat simran nd her daughter re against yew. writers yew shouldnt hv done dat.Sid i dnt want yew to suffer lyk dis bt yew hv to dat is when yew wil realised wat yew did

  10. Even roshni never gives did chance to explain..n always concludes by hurting him….she deserves it

  11. Aaaaggggg man both deserve each other rosh n sid krit n simi raji chase two of them out plsssss

  12. OOooooohhhhh I just loved dat slap!!! Music to my ears!!!! So long awaited but was worth the WAIT Lol!!!!!!

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