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Misha gets happy and looks at Sid’s photo. She boasts about her conspiracy and tells that DD will never allow Sid to come near them. She smiles thinking she will get Sid fully now. Door bell rings. Misha smirks. The media come to Sid’s house and tries to enquire about Krutika’s arrest. Raj tells Simran that their daughter Krutika is arrested for Shiv’s murder. Simran says we have to go to Police station. Sid is sitting outside police station. Roshni comes to him and tries to console him. Sid says I can’t believe that my own sister did this murder. How can I go infront of sasumom. Roshni asks him to calm down and says I have nothing to say. I lost my dad, mom lost her husband and you have lost your friend. She asks him to listen to DD if she says anything in anger. DD asks the Inspector to give

harsh punishment to Krutika. She says Krutika is a cold blooded murderer. Krutika asks Simran to believe her and says she didn’t do the murder. DD says it is proved that you have done the murder. She asks her to get the proofs proving her innocent. She says Krutika wants to take revenge from her and couldn’t see her happiness. She blames on Krutika’s upbringing and says my daughter have sacrificed her happiness even for a stranger. She accuses Simran indirectly. Sid asks her to calm down. DD asks him not to make any relation with them, else he will in jail too. She holds Roshni’s hand and starts walking out. Roshni and Sid look at each other. Sid and his family are left in shock.

Sam comes to Yash’s house. Yash gets surprised. Sam apologizes to him. Yash apologizes to her also. They have a hug. The kids look on angrily. Sam gets a phone call and is shocked. She informs Yash that Krutika is the murderer of Shiv and she is arrested. Beeji asks Raj to get Krutika out of jail. She says Simran is blaming herself and crying. Raj says if Krutika did this, then she should be punished. Beeji asks him to calm down and think what to do. Sid recalls Krutika saying she is innocent.

The Inspector let’s Sid talk to Krutika for 5 mins. Krutika tells Sid that she didn’t do the murder and asks him to trust her. Sid gives her food. Krutika holds his hand and says you brought food for me today, although I troubled you a lot. She says she is saying truth and didn’t commit the murder. Sid asks how to believe you as all the evidence is against you. Krutika says when she didn’t do wrong, then she is caught. She tells she didn’t attend the function as she was unhappy with their engagement. She says she was lost in Rajveer’s memories that day and asks him to check. Sid asks what you were doing near the ware house. Krutika says she wanted to leave house and was searching for home. She says broker called her there to give token money and get her trapped. She says she didn’t even know the goon who gave statement against her. She asks him to believe her and says she didn’t do the murder.

DD talks to the Inspector and says they will bring Shiv’s body. Nani says she will make arrangements for the last rites. Sid thinks about Krutika’s words. Roshni comes and asks what happened. Sid says he was thinking something and can’t talk to anyone except her. He says if Krutika is guilty then she deserves this punishment, but if she is innocent and gets the punishment then we will not be able to forgive ourself. He says he saw truth in her eyes and asks her support in finding the truth.

DD throws Roshni’s stuff out. She says Roshni can’t stay in the house as she is supporting Shiv’s murderer. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this serial is sooooooooooooo much crap a child could watch this serial and see the murder is misha this serial is dragging along way tooooooooooo long not interested anymore way to boring

  2. This serial is getting so boring
    Close this Misha chapter

  3. Please dont end the serial always with the winning of evil ppl in all d episodes.
    Give some positive strikes also.
    Rajveer was also dead all on a sudden without being revealed.
    this time atleast misha should b exposed….

  4. Omg keen observer I’m tired of you saying you’re not interested anymore, yet you always here watching/reading and commenting hahaha

  5. b*t*h misha.,whore

  6. Wonder if shiv died where is his phone .kritika will be out jail. meesha will be exposed soon by. Proof or goons may be her parents

  7. I hate indian serials. Now, since monday , I read only d updates untill I read something interesting 2. Watch, is. Bye bye 2. Indian serials.

  8. Josephine ngu

    Misha need to be behine bars.she is too much. Poor kartika i felt sorry for her.she is so inocent but stuborn. Because of her stuborness she where she was not surppose to be .they she put misha behine bars

  9. What the Heck is wrong with Roshni. Why is she going to the Khurana’s an taking all that CRAP from Psycho Mishs, she would have Collected a Slap from Me already. It’s about time Sid Puts his Foot Down & Stop being so Trusting {friend or no friend}. The police are a Waste of Time they can’t even get a lead, instead the family have to get evidence them selves. It’s nice to see Roshni there Supporting Sid & not Blaming him, cause of Krutika. I think Sid should go to Raj for Help. I’m Happy in a way that Krutika is Being Punish for being such a Nasty Person. I can understand DD is Hurt & have it in for the Khurana’s. but come on DD holding Roshni’s hand to leave. Yet look at how Beeji & Raj still cares about Krutika..

  10. Love it!!

  11. OMG seriously ….! Imean like what are they trying to do ….KILL US?!!
    I mean does misha seriously needs to be there
    All the best to the shows TRP rates

  12. OMG seriously ….! Imean like what are they trying to do ….KILL US?!!
    I mean does misha seriously needs to be there

  13. Can any1 remind d writer abt d voice massage dat shiv send to dd sayin d mad girl wil ruin dier daughters lyf? Common writers pls we d viewers ar not fools

  14. Kindly arrange to find out shiv’s phone asap as there was a video clip recorded d plan f misha.
    writers dont forget the clues u show in serial which the viewers catch.

  15. Misha knows about everything that’s going on in the Khurana’s house an with everyone ones lives. Why no one hears her, when she’s making her plans on the phone, meeting her goons or talking to herself in bedroom. She sneaks in & out so easily. I Don’t like Krutika an believe she should be Punish for her past Sins. Hope Sid finds some proof that it’s Psycho Misha, soon she’s getting away with to much like Rajveer..

  16. RAY, DD & the rest of the family went through the phone, all Shiv said was SHE is trying to ruin our daughter’s happiness, He didn’t mention a Name…

  17. Writer have lost herself and making fool

  18. Please cone to an end. Truth sjoukd be disclosed and Misha to be out of Sidss life

  19. The tv channels & producers r making money for all tis CRAP dramas!!!!

    The views can see Shiv struggling but d end all actors become blind – ridiculous
    scene !!!

  20. End it !!!!

  21. This storyline has gone completely crazy. Though I think KRITIKA should suffer a few days in prison, maybe she will become a better person

  22. what is this new drama of dd

  23. Oh guys tell me was it necessary bringing a girl like misha role and killing shiv come on writer think

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