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The Episode starts with Mahi sitting still in shock and crying. Satya comes there. Mahi holds his wounded hand, he feels pain. Mahi apologizes to him and bandages his hand properly. She hugs him and says sorry. Door bell rings. Mahi says someone came at this time. Police comes there and says tells that he came to check there and asks about the firing. Satya says nothing happened here. Inspector identifies Payal and says you was taking your pregnant daughter to hospital. Payal says yes. He asks did your daughter delivery happened? Satya says two babies are born. Gangu Tai asks if Mahi was pregnant? Mitul asks when did delivery happened? Satya says yes and tells you saw the babies. He asks her to dance. Inspector says okay and asks about his wound. Satya says he got injury when his car stopped on highway

due to tyre puncture. Inspector asks Constable to search the house. Mahi hides in the cupboard.

Payal says you can’t search without a warrant. Inspector asks Constable to begin the search. Mitul sees Inspector checking her bag and says it is hers. She slips and falls on him. Constable calls Inspector and says there is something in Pool. Everyone went out. Inspector asks Constable to take out the bag. Satya and Payal are shocked and close their eyes. Inspector looks at their reactions. Constable opens it and says it is wood. Inspector asks what is this joke? Naina asks Inspector why is he troubling them, and says we came here to have holiday. Payal asks him to go. Inspector asks them to inform him if they see anything suspicious. Payal says yes.

After Inspector leaves, Naina, Gangu Tai and Mitul ask Payal why did Police come here? Payal tells that they have to lie as bullet was shot on the highway. Satya checks for Mahi and finds her in the cupboard. Mahi is very scared and cries telling him that she don’t want to go to jail. Gangu Tai tells that there is something wrong. Payal says nothing is wrong. Satya comes to Payal and asks where is Aleena’s dead body. She tells him that she kept her dead body in suitcase and says we have to dispose it immediately. Satya says that’s why Mitul fell on it.

In night, Mahi wakes up and looks for Satya. Aleena or her ghost is seen scaring her. Mahi gets shocked and scared seeing blood on Aleena’s face as she was standing on the window. She shockingly shouts Satya’s name. Mitul, Payal, Naina and others come there. Mahi tells them that she saw Aleena on the window. Payal is shocked. Mitul says may be she saw Aleena’s dream. Payal asks them to go and says she will sit with Mahi for sometime. She tells Mahi that Aleena is dead and can’t be here.

Satya went to dispose Aleena’s body. He recalls how Aleena troubled them. Payal calls Satya and asks him to come home soon as Mahi’s condition is bad. Satya throws the suitcase away and comes home. Mahi tells Satya that she has seen Aleena with her eyes, and is not lying. Satya asks her to stop it and says there is nobody there. She is dead. He says I have disposed her body with my hands, she is not here. Mahi says if she is dead then who came at the window. She says it must be Aleena’s soul.

Satya and Mahi are celebrating Christmas happily. A girl comes and gives a gift saying that woman gave. Mahi opens the gift and sees a scarf. She looks at Aleena and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i do not think Aleena is dead,and i still have my suspicion about payal has she changed for real?lets just wait and watch

  2. May be payal is behind this..she black mailed aleena somehow n made her to all these…

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