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The Episode starts with DD telling Amol that she has booked a table for Roshni and him. Amol says I didn’t understand. DD says I want you both to know each other. Amol asks her to ask Roshni once. DD asks him not to bother, and says she will message the details. Amol calls Yash and tells him that DD wants to send Roshni on a lunch date with him. Yash tells his plan. Roshni refuses to go on a lunch. DD says you like that stupid Siddharth, and says if anything happens to me then…….She is angry. Sid folds her hands and signs her something. Roshni agrees to go. DD asks her not to change her plan. Later Roshni asks Sid why do you force me always, and asks if you are my step husband. Sid says I will not let anything happen to you and sasumom.

Roshni asks him to do something. Sid says I will.

Sid tries to follow Amol’s car and sees his car tyre punctured. Amol and Roshni are seen in the restaurant. Amol asks her to enjoy with him. She says DD will not get her memory and she will get her married to her. Roshni asks him to stay away. She says marriage will not happen. Amol says I have fun controlling your kind of girls. Roshni asks him to enjoy his drink and thinks why did Sid haven’t come till now. Sid tries to take lift or taxi. Amol feels drowsy and asks Roshni if she wants to have drink. Roshni gets up and takes him somewhere. She calls DD and shouts….DD panics. She reaches there and asks the waiter about Roshni.

Waiter tells her that the man got drunk and he forcibly took his wife inside the hotel. DD asks him to take her there. Roshni shouts in the hotel room and lie down beside Amol. She shouts. DD comes inside the room and beats up Amol with belt. Roshni says I will not marry him. Sid comes out from washroom and says he has taken wrong mean to deal with him. He recalls bribing the waiter to get him spiked drink. He says I have many ideas to make you eat the dust, and says that’s why he is Jamai Raja. DD apologizes to Roshni.

Roshni cries and says I will not marry him. She feels apologetic towards him. Raj, simran and Beeji celebrate Baisakhi function.. Roshni and Sid come there and greet them. Sid dances with Roshni while the song Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai plays…………….Simran and Raj feels DD’s absence. Sid is about to fill Roshni’s maang with sindoor, but just then DD comes there and stops Sid. Amol also comes there.

DD slaps on Sid’s face. Roshni shouts mom. DD scolds Sid and says he has crossed limits today. She says Sid had spiked Amol’s drink. Amol smirks. DD says there is no word like shame for him, and says Sid is just interested in Roshni’s property. She says waiter confirmed that he gave him money to spike Amol’s drink. He says he is using Roshni. DD asks him not to roam around her house, else…She says even your so called parents couldn’t do anything. She holds Roshni’s hands and asks her to come. Sid holds her hand. DD takes Roshni from there forcibly. Amol looks at Sid and smirks. Sid looks on.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can close this serial too. Only will miss DD n Sid’s acting. Awesome acted by both.

  2. Worst serial I have ever seen. No story nothing repeating the same thing again n again. Be creative Mr director and script writer

  3. Cm on yaar atleast we r able to see dm sidni scenes
    I’m enjoying this

  4. How boring ….such a lame serial

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