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The Episode starts with Satya asking Payal to let Sunil stay there. Payal says she needs that place to build office and says she will get to know if he deserves to get the job. Koel comes to Payal and says she wants money to party at Alibagh. Satya tells that the place is not good, and asks her not to go. Koel gets angry on Satya. Mahi says I come with you for your safety. Koel gets angry. Payal says it is decided, you are not going. She tells Satya to do her work. Later Mahi tells Satya that I know you are lying to Mumma. Satya says if you know that you should also know that your eyes tell everything and don’t know how to lie. Mahi turns her face and goes. Satya looks on. He comes to someone and convince him to do work. Man tells Satya to take his daughter for an outing as she likes him. Satya

agrees. The girl comes out. Satya gets shocked seeing fat girl, and shouts being scared. Man asks him to take her out and says I will call Payal and tell that I have kicked Sunil out of house. He says Payal will not come and check being rich. Satya thinks this outing will be costly for him. Mahi brings Payal there. Payal hears everything. Mahi says he is a cheater and double cross everyone. Payal says I was betrayed by you, and says you was weak and I will not trust you. Mahi asks Satya not to enter her home again. Satya tries to reason with them. Mahi looks on angrily and goes. Satya is tensed.

In the house, Mahi looks for Koel and calls on her number, but it is off. She thinks it seems Koel went. She thinks Satya told about the bungalow, and thinks to call him. Then thinks what to do? She thinks I have to do this for Koel, and calls him. Satya sees Mahi’s number and recalls Mahi humiliating him. He picks the call and says I am tensed. She says Koel went somewhere to the unsafe place. Satya says I can’t trust you, you can call me there and murder me. Mahi asks him not to joke and says it is about my sister’s safety. He cuts the call. Satya gets ready. Kajal asks him to send that address. Satya says no, and says she can land in problem. Kajal asks him to decide if he likes her. Satya says no.

Koel is drinking and dancing at the Alibagh party. Two guys hold her hand and asks her to come. Koel says I am done and need to go home. They hold her hand and try to misbehave with her. Koel pushes them. Just then they hear police jeep siren and run away. Satya comes there, bodyguard song plays…..Koel sees him and smiles. Satya takes her from there. Payal asks Mahi where is Koel? Mahi says I didn’t know. Satya brings her home and says she is here. Mahi goes to bring lemon water for her. Payal asks where was she? Satya asks do you really care? He says you don’t know how to judge people and says I will leave. Koel holds his hand and says Sats….you have saved me baby….

Payal thanks Satya. Satya says it is okay. He says you gave me one work to kick Sunil out of house, that work is done, and gives some papers. He asks her to check. Payal sees it and asks when Sunil’s eviction was done, then why you was acting. Satya says everyone respect me there, and I need to be careful. He says some people want to ruin my work and says I will go now. Payal stops him and says you shall get reward for bringing Koel home. She hires him back for assistant’s job and says lets see what will happen. Satya says good thing will happen. Sunil argues with the owner and asks where I will go at night. Gangu Tai also asks him. Owner says I don’t know and asks them to go. Satya calls Kajal and apologizes for taking their shelter off their heads and asks them to stay with them. Kajal says it is okay.

Satya and Mahi get romantic….while the song Boldo Na Zara plays……….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow love the precap.
    Waiting for satya and mahi to unite.

  2. I think satay will try to let payal think he is doing Wat she told him to but he will bring mahi back to the house

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