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The Episode starts with Nani recalling Roshni questioning her, why she didn’t take care of Ayesha, and cries. Sid comes and says Pushpa I hate tears. Nani asks do you need anything. Sid says I was searching for something, but couldn’t find. He holds face and says your smile is lost somewhere. Nani smiles. She says I don’t know how I did a mistake. Sid says you know your grand daughter well, and I am bearing her. Nani says my grand daughter is not like this. Sid says you know her well then why you are getting upset. Nani says she went out for DD’s work. Sid says it is okay, everyone of us do mistakes. Ayesha is fine, and what else do we need. He asks her to make sweets. Nani goes to make gajar ka halwa. Roshni gets ready and tells Sid that she didn’t know if she should really go with him.

Sid says mom and dad is not here, so we should go. Ayesha comes and hugs Roshni, asking her to make her ready. Roshni does her make up and make her wear bangles. Sid says my Ayesha has become lovely girl. Roshni tells Ayesha that they are going out and asks her to stay at home. Ayesha says she will stay like a good girl. Nani comes and says Ayesha will have food and sleep like a good girl. Ayesha says yes. Roshni apologizes to Nani. Nani asks why she is apologizing? She asks them to go.

Nani Maasi looks at Ayesha and thinks she is painting after troubling us. She thinks to troubles her and ruins her painting with her leg. Ayesha asks why you have ruined my painting? Nani Maasi says I will slap you and raise hand. Nani comes and holds her hand. Nani Maasi asks how dare you to hold my hand for street child. Nani asks you are raising hand on a small girl. DD asks Nani, why she is not teaching her manners. She says you are arguing with us and taking her side. She asks Ayesha to go and sleep. Ayesha goes. DD says something will happen to make Ayesha leave the house. Ayesha keeps toy box in Nani Maasi’s room and says it will be fun now. DD looks as she leaves and opens the toy box. She gets an idea and looks on.

In the morning everyone sit for breakfast. Nani Maasi shouts and cries. Ayesha says yes and gets happy. Sid asks why you are getting happy. Nani Maasi comes out and says her hand is bleeding. DD asks how did this happen? Nani Maasi tells that she opened a box and get her hand injured with the knife kept inside the box. Ayesha says she didn’t keep knife in the box. DD tells Roshni and Sid to take care of their upbringing after a lot of thinking. Ayesha says she just kept joker in it and have not done this. Sid says she might be right. DD asks them to give her punishment, else they can’t be good parents. She says this girl came from street, but you have to groom her so that she can stay in our society. Ayesha says NM is a liar. DD says how dare you? Roshni says Nani Maasi is elder than you. I will slap you and asks her to shut up. Just then adoption centre women come there. The woman stops Roshni and says it is not seen that you are going to adopt the baby. She says we have done all the formalities, but now have to think again.

Sid tells the women that they love Ayesha, but want to teach discipline to the girl. She says we have to make the child learn right and wrong. The woman says unfortunately this girl is not yours. Look at the girl, she is so scared. Nani says there is nothing as such. She takes Ayesha inside. The woman says you didn’t fit you our adoption paramters. They leave. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid assures that everything will be fine.

Ayesha comes to Roshni and tells her that she kept joker in the box. Roshni asks him to tell the truth and swears not to scold her. Sid calls Ayesha and shows kitchen set which he brought for her. Ayesha gets happy. Sid asks him to make tea for him and bring water. Ayesha goes. Sid asks Roshni, why she is getting upset? Roshni says you should not pamper Ayesha much, and says DD scolded her very much. She says she got hurt and was teaching her right and wrong. Sid asks her to have patience and says she is a kid.

Nani Maasi shows DD’s expensive ring on Ayesha’s toy. Ayesha refuses to take DD’s earring for her doll. DD asks Roshni, if she really wants to adopt the girl. Ayesha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really very sad how the writers are showing abuse of a child.
    I know it happens – but in the end, DD will say a simple “i’m so sorry” and all will be forgiven…
    no, DD should be punished very hard for this. It sends the wrong message to society when a simple sorry and everything is forgiven.
    Roshni is stupid. that’s all there is to it. the writers have made her character so idiotic.

  2. Suck n tired of these old woman n dd she the one who put the knife in the box so that roshni n sid get the impression that ayesha put it there to harm that woman so that they can change the mind of adopting ayesha
    Even viewers will think that ayesha is doing bad things dd really need to get some punishment

    1. Correction i mean sick not suck lil mistake there

  3. How disgusting are DD and NMaasi !! Grown ups acting this way to a child!!! OMG

  4. When will DD stop. It can’t be going on and on. It is the same vindictive behaviour in too many scenarios. When will DD get it that her daughter is married and belongs to another family.

  5. CRAZY how adult people mistreat an innocent child . I hope they pay for their deeds. Poor Ayesha – would love to have her as my grand-child, she is but so cute

  6. Roshni is so easily manipulated! These adults that get on like children. You need your mommy cause you are ill Roshni? Even after marriage? You not mature enough to take care of your own self? smh…..too unrealistic and stupid.

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