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The episode starts with Roshni seeing Sid sad, jokes with him and asks if he is disappointed that his plan is not materialized. He says naani is happy and even though Rajveer arranged party, he wanted to see smile on Naani’s face and his motto is achieved. She says he cannot hide his disappointment.

Guest praises Samaira’s dress. She says it is an exclusive dress. Samaira sees Roshni’s dress and insults her that she has lost her class after marriage and says she will ask DD to increase Sid’s salary. Roshni says she is happy with her dresses and walks out. Mona asks Samaira to change her attitude. She asks why should she and shows Rajveer who is happily taking care of guests. A lady asks Rajveer’s help, but before he could attend her, DD calls him and he

leaves. Sid sees that and asks lady if he can help her. She says she is arthritic and cannot walk till washroom. Sid says he will take her to washroom and wait out until she comes back and if she has problem, he can ask his wife to help her. She says he can help her. Roshni sees that and thanks god for giving her such a good husband.

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Simran gets lunch for Raj at his office and insists Raj to have it. He gets angry, says he is busy now and will not die if he does not eat one day. Simran thinks Raj is tensed working hard alone.

DD, Mona and Resham give their gifts to Naani. Sid says Roshni he did not get any gift. She says it is okay, Naani will understand. Rajveer gives Alaska cruise trip to naani. She gets impressed. DD insults Sid for not getting gift. Roshni says he had planned a picnic, but stopped seeing Rajveer’s party and says she DD cannot understand all this. DD asks if he wanted to take her to downtown Borivali or naana/naani park. Naani asks DD to stop her cribbing and says Sid gave me a family which none could not, he united us all, which DD cannot understand. Sid says Naani’s smile matters him. Rajveer says Sid if he would have known about his plan, he would have joined him. Samaira taunts that who will go to picnic in summer. Roshni taunts that Samaira went to America just 2 years ago and if she would have stayed some more days in India, she would have understood family values.

Servant gives boquet to naani and says someone left it outside. Samaira asks who sent this cheap 50 rs bouquet. Naani checks it and says her son Bablu and DIL Pratima sent and hugs it. DD says she guessed it right, such a cheap bouquet would be from lower middle class Pratima. She tries to stamp it, but Sid holds her leg and saves bouquet. He says this bouquet is anmol/invaluable and let naani decides if she needs it or not. DD says he always tries to poke is nose in everything. He says whenever it is needs, he will. Naani thinks in her both jamai’s competition, once again Sid won by his loving nature.

Sid hears DD talking to Mr. Mehta about her new deal and warns her not to accept the deal, else she will be under income tax scanner. DD insults him that when he has not seen money in his life at all, he should not talk about business. Sid thinks let her feel IT wrath to get a lesson.

Raj comes home tired. Simran asks him to have food. He gets call and tensely leaves. Simran gets Sid’s call and asks him where is he. Roshni speaks and tells it was her naani’s birthday. She thinks if roshni comes to chawl, she cannot reach there, says they all are fine and not to worry. She then sees Raj tensely talking on phone. Sid sees her cutting call and asks why did not she let his mom speak and says he will meet his parents tomorrow morning. He then gets Simran’s call in the midnight that his dad is ill.

Precap: Income tax officers raid DD’s jewelry showroom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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