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The Episode starts with Sid hearing Mitul and Ranjeet’s conversation about getting signatures. Mitul says she has an idea. Sid calls Bunty. Mitul and Ranjeet hear Anya and Arav’s conversation. Anya asks Arav to take money and leave from her life. Arav refuses to take money and says you can’t buy me and keep me away from my baby. Mitul and Ranjeet are happy to know the truth. They think to use Anya to get signatures. Just then they see Bunty and Sid wearing burqa and acting as them. Sid and Bunty tell their dialogues and try to take out info about Roshni’s kidnapping and papers. Ranjeet is about to confess just then Mitul sprays perfume on them and asks Ranjeet to run. They escape. Sid and Bunty get tensed.

Mitul and Ranjeet come to Anya. Ranjeet holds Anya’s hand. Anya asks what nonsense?

Ranjeet gives her papers. Anya reads it and says it is Mauve and house papers. They ask her to take Neil and Ragini’s signatures. Anya refuses. Mitul blackmails her and shows the video in which she is asking Arav to take money and leave. Anya tells that she can’t get signatures and can’t do this. They blackmail her. She is trapped.

Sid talks to someone and tells Anya that Arav’s phone is traced. He is in Mumbai. He says we will find him soon, he can’t run away from you for long. Anya is tensed. Sid comes to Roshni. Roshni asks him to go. Sid asks him to have something. Neil is in pain. Roshni looks for the injection and gives him. Neil tells don’t leave me Ria…I can’t live you. Roshni is shocked to hear Ria’s name and runs out of house. Anya sees Sid running following Roshni. Roshni hugs him and cries. Roshni says I am in a relationship, in which I have no existence. She says Neil loves someone else.

Sid asks her to sit and says he need to talk to her. Anya gets an idea and thinks I have to do this. Sid tells Roshni that this is not your fault. Roshni says I have messed our lives, why you are covering up. Sid says it is not your fault, else I would have been angry. He says you shall have strength and fight in every situation. This is my Roshni, and this is the Roshni who can’t run away. He asks her to be with Neil and says now we came to know about the reason for Neil’s illness…Ria. He asks her to do this for him, if not for her.

Doctor checks Neil and says he is recovered because of Ragini. Neil thanks Ragini. Ragini says I am your wife and have responsibility towards you. She says you don’t need me…..Neil. yesterday night you was taking Ria’s name. Neil is shocked. He gets hyper and says it is a lie. He says I can’t tell this. Naina comes there and asks Roshni to go, and asks her to let Neil live. Roshni tells Sid that Ria is the person, and says Neil behaved angrily and also Naina was angry. Sid says we found the way. Mitul and Ranjeet hear them.

Neil asks Roshni, if she is doing this deliberately. He holds her hand angrily. Sid asks him to move his hand and slaps him. Neil falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love the sidni scene,just hope the truth about sidni’s marrige comes out soon.

  2. Plz reunite sidni quickly plz plz plz

  3. I think ria is none other than neil..he has personality disorder

  4. OMG… I didn’t think of that, personality disorder,hmmmm…..so then who is the woman trying to get the business by fraudulent means? The only person I can think of is shabnam or Misha, but what do they have to do with the story as it is? Shabnam had turned over a new leaf, nah!! Much is not known of Neil enemies so personality disorder could be it as unknw has mentioned.

  5. Can’t wait for sid n Roshini come back together

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