Jamai Raja 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Shabnam saving Roshni. Roshni blames her for failing her breaks. Shabnam cries. Kunal says Baa told me about Shabnam and she might have failed Roshni’s car brakes. Sid says she might be innocent and suspects Kunal. He asks what he is doing here? How did he know about the accident happening here. Kunal is at loss of words. Roshni gets angry and leaves after asking Inspector to arrest Shabnam. Inspector asks her to come. Sid says she has saved my wife’s life and asks him to leave her. Shabnam tells him that she was freed from the hospital as she got well. She says she went to the house to apologize and saw Kunal failing her car’s brakes. She asks him to trust her and cries. Sid gets angry at Kunal and says I told you not to harm my wife again. DD worries for Roshni. Bansi

says please bring my bahu safely. Roshni comes with Kunal. DD asks Kesar to bring water. Roshni says she is fine. She tells that the car’s brakes have failed, and it catched fire. Kunal signs Premal. Bansi signs him. DD asks where is Sid? Roshni asks her not to take Sid’s name and is angry. Premal says may be Sid has failed the car brakes. Roshni asks if he is mad and asks if he is trying to instigate her against Sid.

Kunal says Roshni is angry as Sid haven’t supported her. He says I felt bad as a friend. You were hurt today, but Sid came in that woman’s words. DD asks Sid is busy with whom? Roshni says Shabnam…he is with Shabnam. Nani says oh God, she returned to our life again. Bansi says she is the same girl who tried to kill Sid. I saw it on TV channels. Kunal says if anything had happened to Roshni then….Sid comes and says you would have been in jail and beaten. They see Sid bringing Shabnam home. Roshni asks how dare you to bring her here. Sid goes near Kunal and beats him up, reminding him of the promise. He drowns her in pool and beats him. Everyone is shocked. He is about to break chair on his head, but Roshni shouts asking him to stop. Sid says he is the one who tried to kill you and failed your car’s brakes.

Roshni says you are believing Shabnam who have backstabbed us. Sid says she has backstabbed us, and says she is saying truth and have saved you by jumping in the fire. He says you are alive because of her. She did all that because of multiple personality disorder. Bansi slaps Shabnam. Roshni tells that Kunal’s condition is bad and asks to call doctor. Sid says if he tries to harm Roshni again, then he will beat him again. Shabnam apologizes and is leaving, but DD stops her and asks her to go tomorrow as she is hurt too. Roshni says Shabnam haven’t saved me, but she is the one who have planned to kill her.

Nani asks Sid, how can Shabnam arrive at the accident spot? Sid says he called the hospital and came to know that Shabnam was saying right. He says Roshni is alive today because of her. Sid asks DD to try and understand. DD says don’t know what to do to Bansi and Kunal, and says we would have lost Roshni because of them. Sid says he is standing between Roshni and them. He says time has come to end this game. He determines to bring Kunal’s real face infront of Roshni, and asks her to have patience for some more time. Sid gets Simran’s call inviting them for Lohri. DD says Roshni is angry and fears if she will go. Sid says she is his wife and will come. Bansi hears them and thinks to stop Roshni.

Bansi asks Kunal to get Roshni in 5 days and do something. She gets a call and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I already know that roshini is always wrong. But this time this is too much stupidity. Don’t you have any brain roshini? And sid you are always correct and you are the best jamai ever.

  2. I fed up of this show now best flow really take off zee tv

  3. Roshni is always wrong. She’s handle always so stupid.sid is the best jamai

  4. how can a girl be so dumb???roshniii

  5. nia you know why that is because she roshini is always ready to jump to conclusions without listening to her husband properly now how on earth could she even think of kunal as a friend who cares about her when in the first instance he came their with an agenda and that is to claim rights on her as if she is a piece of property to take my gosh roshini sid is your husband wake up and smell coffee before it is too late and you loose him to shabnam remember shabnam is very pretty too so please listen to your husband once and for all and help him set the trap for kunal, bansi and primal so that they can be thrown out on their asses another thing I would not trust that shabnam who is walking around with multiple personalities just remember what you all went through with her in the beginning you know what I have an idea for you stupid writers and that is for you to hook up kunal and shabnam together because they seem to be both crazy just thinking that roshini belongs to him because they were married at five years he had to be coo coo LOL five years old that does not count

  6. Yeah always roshni n can’t see wat sid is trying to do for her

  7. Omg…roshni What wrong with u it like u a some nonskull u don’t have sense u have essence pure shit de in that head of urs instead of shabnam being in the hospital i think they shld send u there for some treatment for urs brain…..u alway proving sid wrong why today u cross ur limits it like she dont trust him at all cuz if she had she would not be doubting him today instead she believing him
    Maybe u have to hate her for her attitude sometime she only making things hard for sid n making it more easy for kunal n his clowns famiy…..
    It will be good to see shabnam in a good avatar

  8. Harsimran Hundal

    Why roshni don’t listen to his husband and on other hand she says that she loves him so she should trust him. I hope kunal’s true intentions are revealed to roshni soon nor I like misunderstanding between them and nor I like kunal.

  9. Nice episode.

  10. f**k yell!!!!

  11. Why u can’t update the Yesterday episode

  12. Yasmeen_bawaa

    Pls expose Kinsley.I know u can do dis

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