Jamai Raja 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rajveer loafer reaching police station in chai wala’s attire with tea. Constable asks where is old chai wala. He says he is on leave. He enters and starts searching Baweja. He sees him in a cell and forces poisoned tea into his mouth. Baweja dies.

Roshni tells Sid that she feels something is wrong, so any one of them should have stayed in police station. Sid gets inspector’s call who informs that Baweja is dead. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Sid says he will go to police station and asks Roshni to stay at home.

Rajveer while driving his car thinks he killed Baweja, but Sid and Roshni will create problem. Sid reaches police station and checks CCTV footage, but finds it blank. Inspector then shows baweja’s belongings to him and lawyer.

Lawyer sees car keys and says it is not Baweja’s. Sid checks and says these keys are unique and they can find out its owner’s name via showroom.

Sam is in still mental shock. She starts panicking and says she will never go to office, but Baweja will come here. DD and other family members console her. Biji reaches with Simran, Roshni, and Raj. Roshni speaks to Sam. Reports throng and start questioning Sam. Sam panics. Simran gets irked when reporters question them. Yash comes on time and shoos away reporters. Simran gets irked and walks out. Raj asks to take care and leaves. Door bell rings. roshni thinks reporters must have come again and takes vase to hit them when she sees Sid and stops. Sid enters in. Roshni says reporters thronged and panicked Sam, but Yash handled situation well. Sid thanks Yash for his help. Roshni says Simran walked out angrily after reporters questioned her.

Simran at home yells that because of Roshni’s family, they are being dragged unnecessarily by reporters. Loafer tries to provoke her and says they are useless people from before and they have suffer because of them. Sid comes home with Roshni and says everything is happening because of loafer and says even they are responsible for Sam’s condition as Rajveer betrayed Sam and married Kritika. He took Sam’s signature by conning her and we did not see what is happening under our nose. Kritika asks him not to scratch the past and stop blaming her husband for Sam’s condition as he did not push Sam into all this. Roshni tells Kritika she knows she is trying to protect her husband from embarrassment and says Sam is a victim and real culprit is Baweja. Simran asks her if she will tell everyone that Sam is victim and Baweja is culprit. Sid says he will to each and every person as Sam is like his sister and it is his duty to protect her.

Sid finds out that it is his car’s duplicate keys that was found in Baweja’s house and asks driver in which service center he left his car. Drive says Rajveer loafer had taken car for servicing. Sid calls someone and speaks.

Precap: Rajveer tries to slap Roshni. Sid holds his hand and warns if he touches his wife, he will cut his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. come on sid I cannot wait for you to expose murdering crooked rajveer loafer and his wife kritika who is his accomplice in his evil doings rajveer is like the greedy dog with the bone them more he gets the more he wants he has committed so many murders it is time to put him away that evil bastard and kritika needs to be put in a mental institution because something is definitely wrong with her brains before kritika came into the kuranas life and house all was well with roshini and sid and his parents but kritika put each other against one another pure hate and she acting normal that is why she needs to be locked away in a mental institution and given some serious therapy that is shock treatment only then she will be able to live in society sorry simran you were better off with sid alone as a son but this daughter forget you ever had one she does not deserve you all love raj really tried with her also sid but she kritika is just bad to the bone.

  4. Someone shld slap that simran across her face anythings happen she always blaming roshni what she think of her that she is prefect and that ugly rajveer how dare he tires to slap roshni come on sid what u waiting for broke his hands before he commit for murders and writer i think sam should apologise and thank sid for saving her life and hope she learn her lesson next time she will listen before she do anythings again

  5. Totally agree with u

  6. Nice episode

  7. Sid never disappoint.

  8. Can’t wait see rajveer in hug dilemma

  9. It seems Yash and Sam will be an item soon

  10. Wat is d writer trying to proof all d policeman r blind!!! No body saw the chai wala’s face?! W**

  11. Yash and Sam r gonna be a pair…..I think so…..or maybe m sure

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