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The Episode starts with Roshni getting happy seeing Nani moving her fingers. She gets happy. Raghu comes to her and asks to give his 360 Rs. Roshni gives him 500 Rs and asks to keep change. Raghu says he will take only 360 Rs. and asks her to give it. Roshni asks him to go to hell. Roshni tells Nani that he is not Sid. Nani gets teary eyes. Roshni goes to Doctor. Doctor says there is improvement in her hand and says he will start her physiotherapy session. Roshni tells Nani not to let anyone know about the improvement else Shabnam will do something. She says she will pick her after 2 hours. She comes out and sees Raghu waiting outside for her. She asks you are following me. Raghu asks didn’t you see handsome guy before. He asks for his money. Roshni says I gave you money. Sid says either give me

360 Rs. or come with me for having coffee. Roshni gives him 500. Rs note and asks him to keep the change. Raghu refuses to keep the change. Roshni says Sid, I don’t want to drink coffee. Raghu says I will not leave until I give you 140 Rs and asks the passerby. Roshni says I will come with you to have coffee, but you will stay quiet. Raghu says you are very lucky to drink coffee with me and asks her to sit on his bike. Roshni refuses. Raghu asks if she is having change….and asks her to sit. Roshni sits on bike and goes.

Krutika comes to the place and enquires about Sid. She thinks she shouldn’t have trusted Bunty. Raghu’s mum bumps with Krutika and her veggies falls down. Raghu’s mum looks at the photo and stays silent. Krutika asks her if she has seen her brother here. Raghu’s mum refuses to know him and tears the photo.

Raghu and Roshni are sitting in a restaurant to have coffee. Raghu asks waiter to switch on the fan. Waiter says AC is on. Roshni orders Moka. Raghu orders the same. He asks about Nani and asks what is the problem with her. He takes selfie with the moka happily. Waiter smiles looking at him. Raghu copies her and adds sugar. Roshni imagines Sid. He asks won’t you talk to me. Sid says you are looking so beautiful. Roshni asks why did you go far from me, and didn’t think how your Roshni will live without you. She holds his hand asking him to come with her. She is shocked to see Raghu.

Raghu says let me drink first and asks her to get herself treatment. He asks what happened to you? Why you are crying? Roshni wipes her tears and sits down. He drinks coffee by pouring on the saucer and makes noises. Roshni feels awkward. Roshni asks for the bill. Raghu says I said that I will give. He is shocked to see the bill amount of Rs. 500. Roshni says it is treat from me. Raghu says no and pays the money. He says we will meet until you pay my 360 Rs.

DD is happy to know that Nani is showing improvement. Roshni says because of Sid mom. DD asks if he is alive, why didn’t you tell me. Roshni says she met Sid’s lookalike and says she is very disturbed. She says his name is Raghu and he is a mechanic. She cries. DD says my heart is saying that he is Sid only, he was upset with us and may be want to teach us a lesson. Roshni says I wish, but it is not true. He is not Sid. DD says I accept, but you have to keep in touch with him, and says our independence is related to him. It is just a feeling. Roshni says he is not Sid, but Raghu..DD says there is no guarantee that he is not Sid and asks her to bring his photo. She says even if he is not Sid, then we will present him as Siddharth infront of world.

Kesar meets Raghu and is shocked. He holds his hand and takes to Shabnam. Shabnam turns and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shit the memory loss… I hate t . see his mother tore the photo. Which means they are all lieing…. Very bad… Hate them….

    1. They r dragging the story much…I want Sid back he is so awesome…y they should lie…I feel sid is lieing bcoz he want to meet shabnam n revealed the truth …maybe sid is disturbing roshni coz he wanna be with her 🙂

  2. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I am sure it ia Sid now. Because of the mothers reaction .Ridz I so hate that memory lost nonsense also.. it s getting so boring in almoat all of the series.

    1. Exactly dhanna. I don’t want it to be memory loss.. Though m thinking it is tat.. T seems like tat. Everywhere memory loss. It’s like signature style of Hindi series. I used to love this series for Siddhartha s character. I think this character is going to be the best ever for a long time. I hope they bring it back. Though for at least a month now I don’t think t ll happen.

  3. Till nw sids dead body didn get
    So he s d real sid bt as a memory loss I think so
    Hw many memory loss will go in this tv shows
    Qubool hai, sathrangi sasural n nw jamai ?

  4. I thnk there is no memory loss
    its sid’s plans

  5. Even I think it is sid only but I don’t want that memory loss thing…
    Now they will drag the story very long as they dragged qubool hai ….

  6. Raghu is trying to get close to roshni he don’t want to lose her that’s why he is disturbing roshni to find excuses to meet her just as sid in starting episodes to meet roshni
    May be it’s sids plan I think he is acting as raghu

  7. No. It is memory loss and they are lieing cause they r liking sid I mean raghu a lot nd don’t want to.lose him. But I can’t tolerate another memory loss… It’s getting really irritating. Everywhere memory loss..

  8. Or sid is told them not to tell the truth
    But don’t you think knowing sid s nature u think for 6 months he wu hv let roshini suffer. Think. Sid would never do tat. He can’t see her cry even for one second.

  9. I think that raghu is Sid because of the way he is teasing roshni…it is al part of his plan …it isn’t memory loss … I can not wait to know the truth

  10. Nice precap whatch out for the clever gal .sid as raghu game will roll now

  11. If they didn’t find sid body that mean he is sid but with memory loss i think DD will make him remember or seeing shabnam will

  12. I just want sid to come back that’s all…..sid is very clever so just mayb this is his plan or mayb memory loss

  13. it could be a memory loss or sid plans…because ragu friend were quite hesitant when roshanie asked him about sid and now ragu’ mom…how does she know kritika?

  14. Sid ki dewani

    Oh no! I hope shabnam doesn’t see siddarth 🙁 the sid and roshni scene was so adorable though

  15. Eating the Paan is DISGUSTING!!! Get a grip writers. Take notes from more experienced North American writers. You continue to make complete fools of yourselves. It’s becoming laughable. Maybe that’s why Indian movies are much better. Dramas are becoming 2nd rate.

  16. We want real sid not raghu plz

  17. Memory loss scene should not be there…we want real sid not raghu plz

  18. fan off jamai raja

    i hope it is sid’s plan…..the way raghu’s mom is behaving n the raghu’s looks when roshni s leaving the cafe clearly tells it is sid n not raghu…..hope sid comes back 🙂

  19. Yeah… I also think that only it’s plan of sid. Sid is best and raghu is not shooting this role.DD says that her heart also says That raghu is sid and by tearing sid photo and seeing Kritika by raghu’s mom it’s a plan… Interesting.. Let see in mahasagam…

  20. you mean to say that they are making a mess of jamai raja too a good serial just falling apart

  21. I think SID is playing a game and will soon trap SHABNAM and expose. His mother is part of the plan. Hope for Roshni sake that she plays along with him to soften his heart soon

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