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The episode starts with Roshni reaching her NGO with rescued girl. Children get happy seeing her and ask who is this girl. Roshni says she is Priya and introduces other kids to her. They say her hi, but she silently goes and sit on bed. Kids see packet in her hand and asks what is it. Roshni says it is their favorite burgers and they will enjoy it in lunch. She gives burger also to Priya who just silents sits without eating while other kids enjoy burger. Priya then takes knife herself, cuts burger and eats silently. Warden boy says he will check, but Roshni says she is sad now and will be normal after she mingles with kids and he has to take special care of her. Warden asks her not to worry. NGO kids then give her children’s day form to sign. Roshni realizes that it is Naani’s

birthday tomorrow.

Sid sees DD going for lunch with Rajveer. He stops her and says he sees problem in Mr. Mehta’s deal. DD says it must be as he married Roshni forcefully instead of Mehta’s son. Sid says she is losing her memory and reminds her that it was his marriage with Roshhi, but Krish wanted to forcefully marry her. He again says that she will bear losses if she does business with Mehta. DD says she does not need his opinion. He says she should from now. Ravjeer says let us take Sid for lunch, we can discuss about Mehta’s deal there. DD says she will not and leaves. Sid gets Roshni’s call who informs her about Naani’s birthday. Rajveer asks whose’s birthday it is. Sid says Naani’s.

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Roshni asks Sid ideas to celebrate Naani’s birthday. He says they can celebrate her birthday in Lonavla as she always talk about Lonavla. She likes his idea and says what about budget. He says it will be under budget and says we will surprise naani.

Naani is busy praying god. She hears shoe sounds. Roshni and Sid come from behind and wish her happy birthday. All other family members also wish her happy birthday. Roshni says she has Sid have planned something for her. Just then they hear birthday song music and go out to check. Rajveer wishes her birthday. Naani asks where is this sound coming from. He takes her to the swimming pool area where he has decorate the place. Naani says it is very simply awsome. Rajveer says he knows nobody must have planned her birthday, so he and Samaira planned this. Sid and Roshni get sad hearing this. DD praises Rajveer. Naani’s friends then come and wish her birthday, Naani gets excited.

Roshni gets irked hearing guests praising Rajveer’s decoration. Sid cheers her up, asks her not to tell anything about their plan to naani and shows her naani who is enjoying her birthday happily. Naani cuts cake and feeds it to all family members. Sid thinks he dreamt about a happy family and he is seeing them happy, though Rajveer has arranged this party, it is his win today.

Kesar and Resham meet a tarot card reader who tells they are going through financial crisis and soon will get money, but they have to safeguard it, else it will vanish. She says soon Resham will get a special person in her life who will be calm and will change her life. Resham asks how will he look. Kesar says he will look like him. Resham gets sad and says she does not want two Reshams.

Sid gets sad hearing DD praising Rajveer and Samaira that they arranged today’s party. Roshni tries to cheer him up and asks if he is sad that his plan did not materialize. He nods yes.

Precap: DD sees Bablu and Pratima’s cheap boquet and tries to stamp it with her feet, but Sid stops her by holding her feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid you better watch out that rajveer is trying to out do you…he wants to be the ideal SIL to make you look bad he’s not helping the situation he is there to make it worst, rajveer is a hyprocrite

  2. this soap needs a big push sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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