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The Episode starts with Sid asking Roshni where did you go? He says you didn’t think about me, how I am living life with suffocation. He says that accident was fake, news and all that. You haven’t called me once and told that you are fine. Roshni looks on. Sid says it doesn’t matter. Lets start afresh. I don’t need anything else now. I will give you all the happiness of the world and asks her not to leave him. He hugs her again. Naina calls Ragini. Roshni pushes Sid. Sid says Roshni….Roshni says I need to go. Sid says what is wrong with you? Your Sid is infront of you after 2 years and trying to find myself in your eyes. He says I am Siddharth….and asks her not to go, and says we will inform mom and dad that you are alive. Roshni says let me go Siddharth. She walks off. Sid is shocked and shattered.

Main Toh Tere Shab ki Subah ho plays………………Sid is in tears…..and doesn’t know what is happening.

Roshni is in shock. Kesar asks what happened? Roshni says I did a big mistake by coming here. Sid sees Kesar and says Chachu….Kesar is shocked to see him there in Naina’s house. Naina calls Roshni…as Ragini. She says I was searching you outside. She tells Sid that she forgot to introduce them. She introduces Ragini and says she is like my daughter, and will become my family soon when she becomes my bahu. She says Neil and Ragini….and asks him to understand. Neil asks Naina to stop it. Naina says okay, and introduces Sid as Anya’s husband. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Kesar is shocked too.

Naina takes Roshni with her. Sid hugs Kesar and asks why Roshni is ignoring him. Kesar ignores him and goes calling Neil. Naina gifts earrings to Roshni and says it is for my bahu. Roshni smiles. Naina says she is shying. I want to see you like this, and asks him to marry Neil as soon as possible. Neil tells Roshni that he got her favorite desert and asks her to come. He asks what happened? He says sorry to her. Roshni says I want to return to hotel, am not feeling well. Sid hears them. Neil says okay, I will drop you to hotel and asks her to come to parking area. Naina asks what happened? Neil says Ragini is feeling unwell, I will drop you. Roshni says bye, and looks at Sid before leaving. Mitul tells that she will make Jamai Raja eat sweets. Anya says let him go. Sid goes.

Roshni is standing somewhere and crying. Sid comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Roshni thinks Neil has come, and hugs him. Sid says name is strange, it keeps changing. He says only my name came out from my mouth till now, but now Ragini…Roshni..He says names are strange, and can change, but not identity. He wishes her happy birthday. He says today is my wife’s birthday too. He says what a co incidence. He says I celebrated my wife’s birthday every year and asks her to call Roshni once.

Roshni continues to cry. Sid says she will not come if you call her, but she will come when her Sid calls her. He calls Roshni and says it is me Siddharth. He asks her to come out and wishes her happy birthday. He brings candle on the cupcake, and cuts it on Roshni’s behalf, and also cuts his finger. Roshni looks at his injured finger, but doesn’t get affected. Sid says you are not affected as you are Ragini Desai. He says new name, new style, new clothes, life style, life and relations. He asks why? He shouts and asks why? He asks why this drama? He asks why did you leave me to die every moment. He says you don’t have the right to kill my Roshni. He asks why??? He holds closer to Roshni and says I was thinking why my love didn’t give me a chance to meet my Roshni once, but my love was not betraying me. He says my Roshni was betraying me. He asks why did you leave me so far. Roshni cries. She asks him to leave her hand. Sid says I have felt this pain since 2 years, and now you have to bear it. Roshni asks him to leave her hand. He says you can go if I leave you, and then I will die. I can’t let you go. Roshni shouts asking him to leave her.

Roshni says I went far from you as I can’t bear tears and emotions. She says this is what we get when we are together. She says whoever was near us, left us. She says our relation has ruined everything. I feel suffocated and feels like burden in this relation. I can’t see us romancing and the people around us getting killed. She says I have killed Roshni Patel who knew only to love. She asks sid, do you accept love which is kept on someone’s death. She holds his face and says I want to show what Roshni have went through. She asks him to look around and see what she has lost. She says DD Patel and Mrs. Khurana were never friendly. She says you have lost your sasumom. She says open your eyes and see. She asks I can’t forget anything…She says I killed Roshni and moved on….She says God knows that Roshni loves only Sid…but she was Roshni, but I am Ragini…I don’t feel any emotions or love. Sid is shocked.

Roshni tells Sid that Roshni is dead and she is Ragini Desai, who can’t love him. She asks him to leave her. He holds her hand. Roshni bites on his hand and goes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor Sid,, so many emotions

  2. I hate u roshni

  3. She keeps killing sid slowly.. The man tht would’ve given his life in exchange for hers..and look, she’s doing this to him..Pity!!

  4. roshni bess glad she get a man like sid

  5. But roshini still loves sid

  6. Such a cool episode I’m falling in luv wid sid again n again

  7. fan of jamai raja

    arey pagali…kill d ragini inside u not roshni…….n sid u r d real hero……u dint run away like roshni………….what a dumb stupidity……..she s telling she has no emotions in her……..n getting ready to marry neil……atleast sid dint marry anya n its jus a drama..but roshni s really gonna marry neil…..too bad…..i felt as if sid should have slapped her …..im still in sid’s character n cant stop my tears watching dis episode…omg…what an acting ravi….n now roshni s telling sid to leave her..but she forgot dat they are now becoming a part of same family….i want sid to make her jealous , kill her daily jus by pretending to b sooo happy wid anya n make roshni feel so bad dat she would die wid a guilty feeling for leaving sid how she made him feel for 2 years….

  8. fan of jamai raja

    n what abt nani maa n ayesha……if nani maa was der she wouldn’t allow roshni take such a drastic step…..god knows all these characters come n go whn ever they want….

  9. Poor sid…. roshni why are you like that…?

  10. what the hell…Roshini is seriously mad, She cheated sid… sid ne kya ni kia uske liye ab vo itna attitude dikha rhi hai….roshini does not desreve Sid

  11. Sid should make Roshni jealous with Anya.

  12. emotional kardiya yar
    yeh pagli ragni ko mardo aur roshni ko wapas lawo na plz

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