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The Episode starts with Roshni talking to Sid on phone and asks him to be with Misha during her psychiatric treatment. Misha threatens the doctor and asks him to act as doing the treatment. Misha goes from there through the window. DD and Roshni enquire with the taxi drivers by showing Shiv’s pic. Driver tells him that he dropped him near a certain area. Misha comes to her parents and tells them that she is engaged. She shows them pics. The goons inform her that DD enquired with the driver and coming there. DD and Roshni come there with the police. Misha slaps her mum and puts tape on her mouth. DD sees Shiv’s shirt button and gives to Police. They see the cellar and get inside. Sid sees a couple walking with a baby, and imagines his family life with Roshni and baby. He thinks if sasumom get proofs

or not.

Sid hears Doctor screams and rushes inside. Doctor tells him that Misha has eloped. Misha asks the goons to hide her parents and switches off the lights. The goons elope from there. Misha is still hiding there. Roshni says I don’t think we will get any proofs here. DD says just 1 min. She tries to look through the torch light. DD asks Roshni to help her move the things. Just then Inspector shouts that they caught someone. Misha thinks it is her goon. The Inspector asks him to tell who is he? DD asks him to tell about Shiv’s killer.

Sid gets angry at the hospital staff for their careless behavior. He then calls Raj and tells him that Misha went missing because of the hospital’s carelessness. The Inspector beats the goon. DD asks him to tell about the killer and his relation with the killer. Misha warns him to stay silent. Mad Misha gets doctor’s call, and she tells that she is coming. Sid insists to see CCTV footage. The hospital staff says that they don’t have. Ward boy comes and informs him that they got Misha. Misha is seen hiding in the cupboard.

DD tells that she can’t be at peace until she catches the criminal. Roshni gets Sid’s criminal, and she informs her. Sid says they shall use sniffer dogs and should search secretly. Roshni says she will share this thought with mum. She says we will meet tomorrow. Sid says not at home, as I don’t like Misha’s behavior towards you. Roshni says Misha didn’t know what she is doing and you shall support her. Sid says I want your support. You are my life, everything and I love you. He tells good night and feels bad. Roshni gets emotional and says I love you after disconnecting the call.

Other goon calls Misha and asks her to do something else they will be caught. Misha thinks what to do to divert their attention. Misha hears Krutika talking to her friend and says she will soon leave the house with lots of money. She can’t bear her family anymore. Misha thinks Krutika wants to leave the house, and I should help her. I will send her to Jail, and thinks to play wise game so that no one will know the truth.

The Inspector asks everyone to hide as the girl is coming in taxi. They wait to see the killer girl’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate that misha

  2. Boring episode
    Hope they see Misha’s face

  3. misha frames it to b kritika.
    so al drama now gona b arond kritika
    such a draging shw

  4. I have a feeling that its krutika’s face they will see, as misha wants to blame her and send her to jail…

  5. I thought by Monday misha would be exposed toooooooooooo much beating about the bush it is dragging along with too many unnecessary nonsensical scripts it is time that misha is found out now look what she is going to do she is going to frame kritika for the murder of shive I am sure come on writers end these games with misha and the goons

  6. meesha should be seen so that everyone knows her truth

  7. Can they please end misha’s saga…Why are they dragging it on like this please stop it now and write realistic stories here…

  8. i keep reading from viewers that this drama is going off the air. Is this true?
    I think they need to have some quick wins… the story lines aren’t bad, it’s when they drag them on and create such ridiculous scenes that viewers get annoyed. Misha walking away from the morque was soooo stupid… and then for Sid not to have caught her…and then the laptop being distroyed by krituka dropping her drink on laptop from the place she was standing at… it is too stupid.

    and i really hate that now they will be grovelling for forgiveness from Krituka becuase they will falsely accuse her. too much! They have yet to reveal what her husband was up to… they like to leave things unfinished.

    that’s my two bits… sorry for going on… it’s a good story but just getting dragged down by unimaginative writers…

    1. agreed! But the bad thing is….with all that stupidness….it is still one of the better shows on Zee. They really need to raise their standards.

  9. India’s story – goons and impotent police

  10. I think is kritika

  11. jk I totally agree with what you are saying the storyline are sometimes good not all the time but it is when they drag it along for instance look at qubool hai so long sanam 2 doing witchcraft yet she could not even help her self when she was on the streets and ahil how long he will stay dumb to all sanam 2 abuse and sanam 1 well she take the cake and eat it too soooooooooooo long she lost her memory and having lots of flashes and that memory cannot come back not for hell I can go on and on but I will be wasting my time because the writers just not listening to us the viewers so let them continue with their shit scripts they must blow up at the end LOL

  12. How can a medium built woman overpower two men one much bigger than her and kill him and as for her parents it just doesn’t make sense at all. Sid and Roshni need to get their head in the game the dragging on is getting to much now.

  13. The writer is stretching the script too long and then they get lost of track like rajveer the end him witout bring out the bad things he did that’s bad as a writer

  14. Come on guys it’s a serial.!!! I understand it’s taking a bit long to find Psycho Misha. I myself want Psycho caught, she has already gotten away with a lot. But I Like the Twist with Krutika, that sounds Nice. She brought Psycho into the picture to use her,so it’s now her turn to PAY. Rajveer died to easily. Yes I agree to be realistically right now the writters have gaven Sid & Roshni a bit of a foolish role, to SUPPORT Psycho Misha,. But far as taking the serial off air i’m totally against that…

  15. Interesting episode.

  16. I am sooooooo tired of the Misha storyline. Enough of the crap! I don’t lilke Kritika, but I don’t want her to take the fall for Misha. Is the motto of this show “Evil conquers good” at every turn. Rajveer was a crook and a murderer, yet Sid and Raj are the only ones who know of his misdeeds. Kritika was never exposed to all his evil doings and she is on a path of misguided revenge that has consumed her entire life. What a waste for an educated young woman. Are the writers going down the same path with Misha? Is the evil person going to get away once again? Don’t the writers have any innovative ideas?
    Sorry to see Shiv leave the show. He and Sid had a good mojo going. I keep watching this show because I love Sid and Raj.

  17. Bang dogs in play now .goons might release meesha parents .definitely roshni n aid will reunite

  18. Im pretty sure poor krutika will get set up lol she is a bit evil i think the next part of the show will be fun lets see what smart ass Krutika will do after getting a taste of her own medicine….

    oh and when Misha is busted I do hope she gets a bruthfull punishment…..

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