Jamai Raja 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Roshni entering Sid’s hospital room disguised as nurse and gets emotional seeing him unconscious on bed. She starts crying vigorously.

Kritika (ugly, filthy vamp) asks Simran (dumb, characterless aunt) to relax and says soon Sid will realize who are their dear ones. DD comes to hospital and enquires receptionist about Sid’s room. Simran sees her and asks if she came here to trouble her son more. DD says she does not want to listen to her rubbish and says she came to take back her daughter Roshni. Simran surprisingly asks if Roshni is here.

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Roshni holds Sid’s hand and while crying confesses

that she loves him even now. She asks if he likes troubling her and asks to wake up for her. She sleeps on his chest and holds his head. Sid opens his eyes and holds her hands.

Simran stops DD and asks her dare not to enter her son’s room. DD repeats she came to take back her daughter. Raj comes there and meets DD. DD says she came here to take back Roshni. He says if Roshni is here, he is sure Sid will be saved. Simran (dumbest) asks how can he support Roshni and DD when they made their son’s life hell. Raj asks Simran to wake up and see without Roshni, Sid cannot live and he woke up seeing her. He goes to meet Sid and Roshni, leaving Simran and her crook gang irked.

Sid looks at Roshni and asks if she goes back again, he will die. Roshni gets up and runs from there. Sid tries to run behind her but falls. Raj comes with doc and holds her. Sid says he wants to stop Roshni and met with an accident purposefully to make Roshni realize that she still loves him even if he dies. He sees Roshni standing with DD, Simran and her crooks. He smiles and tells Roshni he knew she will come back for sure and cannot see him in danger. He asks if she has forgiven him. She asks to stop his drama and says she heard what she wanted to and walks out. Sid runs behind him and stops her.

Roshni says if he tought he will risk his life and get her back, then he is wrong and not will change. He says a lot has changed and says he was waiting and searching her for 6 months and she herself came back to him, though his way was wrong. He asks her to think why did she come back, she heard her heart’s voice and loves him a lot. She says she heard her heart’s voice and is repenting. She tries to walk out, but he holds her again and says she has to listen to her heart and realize that she loves her a lot. She asks him not to trap her again. He asks her to express her love and stop all this.

Precap: Roshni says she cannot forget the trouble his family gave to her family, it is very late and she will not come back to him again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice nicknames for the worst people in the show. Really the director has destroyed such good show.

  2. I don’t mind the evil characters of Rajveer and Kritika as the show needs antagonists for the real soap opera appeal. But dumb dumb behaviour…. like how they just change a beautiful strong character like Simran into an easily manipulated idiot who is blind to everything around her is exactly what has thrown me off the show. She should have been the first one to be fighting for Sid and Roshni instead she is the most annoying character of the show….smh. Writers fix Simran please!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very good storyline , but I request the person who is updating the posts to make it more quicker….please….

    1. i feel their pain

  4. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  5. This show has lost it’s value.The value was showing us the beauty of a young couple trying to make it but the value has gone down to zero %.Writers this story line would have been so beautiful if you had kept Roshni and Sid together and show us how he risk his happy life to bring a mother and daughter together.Do you believe any man will throw himself infront of a car to woo his wife back then I would like to see this man.Simran was shown as a great mother in law ,now she is a monster in law.She would have been a good example for women but writers again love evil.Perhaps it is giving the shows high ratings.

  6. come on roshini behave your self always love the man that you love and not the man that loves you unite with your husband instead of that drunkard yash and simran you and your daughter kritika and her crook husband can go to hell raj it is understood that a mother who carried her child for nine months suppose to love her child more than the father but in this instance it clearly show that you raj love your son sid more than simran raj I hope that all your assets are in tact because crook rajveer in lurking around to take hold of all your possessions so make sure and protect your properties.

  7. The show is killing me slowly

  8. i think this show is just like the rest,it has already lost it essence, becoz roshini has proven that she is just like the spoil rich brat she is.sid mom turn to be her son’s worst nightmare and DD is the same selfish ,egoist lady ,who is out to destroy her daughter’s life.and all sid sacrefices gone to waste

  9. I just watch it for Siddhartha

  10. Sid needs to get over Roshni

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