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The Episode starts with DD taking Ayesha’s name and asks who is Ayesha? Why I am singing lori for her. Resham asks DD to try to remember. DD says my past is like erased. She says something is wrong and faints. Roshni calls mom. Doctor asks Sid why did you provoke her, as I told you not to force on her mind. Sid apologizes. Doctor says you have thrown water on the improvement, and says DD might have brain haemorrhage. He says may be she will not get her memory. He asks him not to make DD recollect again. Roshni asks if mom will never gain her memory. Sid says sasumom have to get well. Roshni asks DD to take rest. DD makes arrangements at home. Amol brings his parents and says his parents are doctors. DD says your son is very impressive. She welcomes them and asks to sit. Amol’s parents asks who is

sid? DD says he is handling accounts. Roshni tells Amol that she needs to talk. Amol says sure.

Sid wonders about Amol’s behavior. Amol talks to Roshni and tells her that DD insisted him to bring his parents over lunch. Roshni says I really appreciate, and I have to figure out what to do. Just let the things be, I will do something. DD asks where do you stay in America. Amol comes and says new york. DD asks where? Amol’s dad gives a wrong reply. Amol tells them that he got an urgent call and needs to go. He takes his parents with him. Roshni asks DD what happened? DD don’t tell her anything. Sid thinks he has to bring DD’s memory back soon. Sid hears Amol talking to his fake parents and giving them money. Sid thinks he is fake. Roshni asks why did Amol hire actors to impress DD. Sid says we have to do something and I have an idea.

Roshni brings DD to watch film shoot. Roshni says she will be back soon and asks DD to sit. Sid is also there hiding and tells her that bunty knows the people here. DD sees Amol’s fake parents there asking for money from someone. She gets shocked. Amol’s fake parents argue with the man and says they are junior artiste. DD comes there and asks why they are fighting for 200 Rs when they are doctors. Roshni comes, greets them and asks what you both are doing here? The producer says that they are junior artiste. DD says she will call Police. They apologize to DD and says they were hired by Amol. Roshni takes DD home.

DD says how can he lie to me? I will just kill him. Amol comes to DD’s house and tells that he need to go somewhere urgently for work. DD asks where did you drop your parents..to film city? Amol says I don’t get it what you are saying? DD shows the video in which they have confessed to be hired by Amol. Amol gets tensed. He says I can explain. DD says no need and asks about the money which he have given them. She says I thought you have some calibre, but. She asks him to get out. Sid says Sasumom got a good lesson. DD asks him to sit quietly. Roshni wonders what he is upto? Sid also thinks the same.

DD talks to Kesar and says they can’t trust anyone. Just then someone gives her a parcel. She reads a letter sent by Amol. He says I am sending my degree certificates and id cards. Just then they hear a lady talking emotionally about her son, and asks salesman to pack some jewellery for Amol’s to be wife. DD asks Kesar to call that woman inside. Woman comes to DD’s cabin. DD asks what your son do? Lady says he works in Janata hospital as a doctor. DD says I am curious to see his photo. Woman shows her pic with Amol. DD looks at his pic.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap: Sid grabs the guy (Amol I think) and says there is a lot of difference between you and me, I am doing all this for saasu mom sake.. The guy says that now I have started to fall in love with Roshini. Just then Roshini comes and slaps him. She says that I and Siddharth are one. The guy says in this 24 hrs we will see that who will become the Jamai.

  2. Thx you Tani?.nice pre cap

  3. Sorry ,tanvi instead of tani

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