Jamai Raja 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sam shouts at Baweja’s servants and says she does not want to marry. Baweja comes and sends servants out. He goes near Sam. She asks him to back off. He asks her to agree, else he will force her to marry him. She sees ironbox nearby and starts acting that she will marry him and asks him to select clothes. She picks ironbox silently and burns Baweja’s hands and runs from there. Baweja shouts to catch her.

Roshni waits outside for Sid and thinks Sid will reach there any time. Simran and Biji also reach there. Simran yells that Biji should not have given so much leniance to Roshni. Biji asks her to stop yelling. Roshni sees them and tries to hide. Even Simran sees her and rushes in auto. Simran tells Biji that she saw Roshni just now. Biji asks where is she.

Sam runs

and hides in hotel’s laundry room. Baweja and his guards search her. Lawyer calls and says he has reached. Baweja says Sam escaped and stars searching again. Sid reaches hotel hiding in lawyer’s deckie. Roshni calls him and he says he reached hotel and she should get police there. Sam sees Sid and calls him, but before he could reach her, Rajveer loafer gives her injection and takes from there. Sid sees people take garland into room and follows them.

Loafer throws water on Sam. Baweja says Sam’s makeup will spoil. Loafer says do hell with make up and asks guards to get Sam ready. sam who is in unconscious state throws sindhoor on loafer. Loafer goes to washroom. Lawyer comes and asks Baweja to exchange garlands and finish marriage. Sid comes with garland and beats Baweja and his men. Loafer silently escapes from behind. Sid catches Baweja and slaps him continuously. DD and Roshni reach hotel with police. Loafer feels relaxed thinking if Roshni would have seen him, his whole drama would have been finished. He sees them rushing and hides. Roshni and DD reach hotel room and rescue Sam from there and bring her to hospital.

sid walks with Roshni outside hospital and tells everyone is with Sam and she will get well in 2 days. Roshni says if he was not with her, she sould not have saved Sam. He says we both saved Sam and says he feels still it is not finished. She says a lot of things fall in place, she is sure someone is behind this and they will have to make Baweja speak out. Rajveer loafer hears their conversation and thinks whateve they try, they will never know he is a mastermind behind it.

Naani thanks Sid and blesses that he will get his happiness back. He looks at Roshni and smiles. He says he is also responsible for Sam’s bad situation as Rajveer left her and married his sister, he could not do anything. He cannot return Sam what she lost, but will stand with her like a brother. Roshni thinks he thinks always about hers and feels proud of him. DD says without Sid it would not have happened. Roshni hugs naani and DD and they both leave asking to care of Sam.

Simran with Biji waits for Roshni and badmouths about her. Sid reaches home with Roshni and tells naani is fine now. Roshni says we should not tell lie to our parents and says because of Sid. Simran asks what new drama she is playing now. Roshni goes near biji, tells her that her sister Sam was kidnapped by someone and tells whole story, tells Sid rescued Sam. Raj says it is good Sam is safe now, but they would have informed him, what if something wrong woudl have happened. sid says he did not want to tense them, though Roshni requested him to inform them. Biji says all is well that ends well and says at least bahu/Roshni gathered courage to tell truth and hugs Roshni.

Precap: Sid gets a call that Baweja is dead. Reporters surround Sam and bombard her with questions. DD gets irked and asks them to get out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Perfect word used 4 rajveer….

  2. I firmly believe it is Rajveer who killed Baweja so that he cannot squeal on him.Rajveer did that to the jeweler who was blackmailing DD and when he did not succeed with his crooked ways ,he killed that man and this is why I believe is that crooked Rajveer who killed this man.I think the writers should write in such a way that his fingerprints or something could be found.I am wondering if Sam recognized him also.It is time to take him out and let all those wrong things he did be exposed.It is time for Simran to get real and understands Sid loves his wife.At least DD wanted his help to find Sam so there is some kind of understanding taking place.This was a exciting episode anyway.Sid is always great with his acting and Roshni is also doing good to support him ,Not bad at all.

  3. writers again I am asking why allow the bad ones to always get their way it is about time rajveer loafer be caught and end this serial tooooooooooooooooo boring now

  4. Nice episode sid u r the best
    And writer again rajveer get away with a another murder it high time now he get caught and why the bad ones them always get to hear when someones is planning to do somethings good hate that

  5. i dont tink baweja is dead i tink its a plan by stupid rajveer

  6. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    Rajveer’s track to end on Jamai Raja!Vishal Karwal is all set to make an exit from Jamai Raja…Grazing Goat and films’ popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV, has garnered the attention of the audience by creating the interesting twists and turns in the tale.Soon the viewers will witness the exit of Rajveer, essayed by actor Vishal Karwal. While his stint on the show created lots of troubles in Sid and Roshni’s life, his track ensured to spice up the drama in its storyline.Source says, “Rajveer will kidnap Roshni (NiaSharma). He will take Roshni to an isolated place where Sid and DD will also reach to save Roshni. There will be a fighting sequence between Sid and Rajveer where Rajveer will hit Sid (Ravi Dubey) really hard and will take Roshni along with him. DD will remove her gun and point it out at Rajveer. She will warn him that he doesn’t let her daughter free, then she will shoot him. Instead of stopping, Rajveer will start provoking her which will make DD (Achint Kaur) really anger. Thus, in a fit of rage shewill shoot Rajveer and he will collapse. Ultimately Rajveer’s chapter will come to an end as he will die.”Vishal shot for the last episode with the teamof Jamai Raja today. We contacted Vishal toknow more about his experience of being a part of this show and he says, “I have never played such a negative character in my previous shows. This character has helped me to show the other side Vishal and as an actor this character has given me chance to show my acting skills. Before playing this character, I was not sure that how audience will take it but by god’s grace they appreciated me for my work. Rajveer’s character was supposed to last for only two months but due to a good response, it got extended.”

  7. Forever the family members cant see d vilaan….

  8. Nice episode…plz update fast

  9. sid is the hero i really love him. liked the episodes of him with DD together.

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