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The Episode starts with Roshni hugging Sid. She says she was sure that he would come and is still wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of his name. She hugs him again. She asks him to say something. Raghu says he is not understanding what she is saying? He says he is Raghu and not Siddharth. He says I am going. Roshni shouts Siddharth and faints. Raghu turns and sees her falling down. He comes to her rescue and holds her. He lifts her in his arms and take her to his house. Roshni’s mangalsutra gets stick to his chain. He makes her rest on bed and tries to wake her up. He thinks he is feeling strange and pours water droplets on her face. Roshni gains consciousness. Raghu says he did stare her that day, but he knows nothing about Sid. She holds his face and asks him not to lie. She says her eyes can’t

betray her. She says I know there is some helplessness. Raghu says he is not Sid. Roshni asks then why did you bring me here. Raghu says he brought her here for humanity. Roshni tells him that DD is in jail since 6 months for his murder. She says Shabnam is ruling on his house, and Nani is in bad condition. Raghu feels bad and says you don’t want to give me 360 Rs and that’s why acting.

Roshni says you can’t be my Sid. She says you are a street mechanic and don’t know emotions. She goes. Raghu’s mum comes and asks what happened. Sid says that girl left without giving money. His mum asks him to get money from her. Roshni recalls his words and cries. She thinks Sid is lying to her. Roshni comes to Pinto and asks him about Sid/Raghu. Pinto says Raghu is working here since years and is a head mechanic.

Sam tells Mona that Shabnam is lying and she haven’t call Yash. Mona thinks why she is lying. Shabnam asks why she is doubting on her. She says Yash is not ready to accept Sam and asks them to leave the house. Sam says Shabnam is lying and says Sid might unite me and Yash. She says I miss Sid.

Shabnam burns Sid’s photos. Nani Maasi tries to stop her. Shabnam warns her and birns the photos. Roshni comes home and is shocked to see the photos burning. She says this is my Sid’s memories and tries to blow the fire with her hand. Shabnam throws Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic in the fire and says something should have burned. Roshni says you will snatch Sid’s memories from me, and goes to jug. She puts the ashes in the water jug and drinks it. She then applies ashes on her clothes, and asks Shabnam to beat her. She says Sid is in me and you can’t kill him. Everyone is shocked.

Roshni makes Nani sit in the car. Nani Maasi tells Roshni that she is very proud of her, and says your love gave strength to you. She asks her to take care. Roshni tells her bye and leaves. Just then Raghu comes there and sees Roshni’s car going. Nani Maasi couldn’t see his face. He says my money…..and follows her car. While they stop at the signal, Raghu asks her to give his money. Roshni asks are you mad? Nani sees Raghu and tries to move her hand. Roshni sees her moving hand and holds her hand. Raghi looks at them. Nani points finger at him and gets emotional. Raghu looks on.

Roshni tells DD about Nani’s improved condition and says it happened because of Sid. She says he is not Sid but his lookalike. DD asks her to meet him as he can help them out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god. I think no memory loss. Sid is doing drama. First of all I know it is sid. Second if mechanic say he s working here for years means it is all planned game to hide his identity.

  2. What nonsense is this.without sid the serie bullshit. I don’t watching this serial anymore

  3. Nice going…it is really becoming interesting…it feels like I am watching a whole new serial … I miss Sid but I like raghu …

    1. hajira ruksaar

      I know know right Gabi
      it is really getting interesting

  4. plz give hintz dat he is sid not raghu

  5. i think.. Thiz sid s drama…

  6. something is not adding up with this new sid because if this was really sid how come he has a different mother and there are no bullet wounds on him and if it was sid he would recognize roshini something is definitely wrong writers you are trying something but it will not work we saw when sid fell and he fell in the bushes which cushsioned him now if even he was found by someone and nursed back to health he would not have this woman in his life calling her his mother and she saying he is her son so what is really going on and I do not think that this is an act and writers no one can have a lookalike that close in resemblance unless it is his twin so please cut out the crap script and bring us back to the real sid show us back what really happened to him after he fell down the cliff do not just jump the script forward to six months not even letting we the viewers know what really happened we want the civilized sid to return and save his both families writers it is so simple let sid come back and take revenge killing off shabnam and saving roshini and her family and restoring his family business to how it was before but for heavens sake please do not let this serial be another SATRANGI SASURAL, QUBOOL HAI OR BHANDAN

  7. No sid?okay!!No sid no jamai raja..take this show and flush it down the toilet along with ur brain.
    It will go down hill and boring just like satrangi sasural is going.
    Y is this show so similar to qubool hai?lovers can never b united and happy..
    Writers u wanna kno something ?ravi dubey’s siddarth khurana is ideal..he’s an ideal son,ideal son in law and an ideal lover..he’s a perfect lover for roshini..he’s perfect.. Raghu will b totally different. His acting will b different n it will never b compared to the role tht ravi played as sid

  8. I think sid look a like will trap shabnam or fall for

  9. I strongly believes it is siddarth not raghu just testing their fate

  10. Lovely episode. Superb acting by Roshni / Sid.

  11. Sidni was the best will be the best raghu cannot replace siddharth

    1. For all the male character in the Indian soap opera siddarth is the best actor .he thrill the heart of millions

  12. Writer I am just saying please put back Sid is love him

  13. Now this writers will follow a BAKHWAS storyline. Now roshni will ask raghu to act as sid to take revenge from shabnam during this period they both will fall in love with each other. ?….etc
    Itni mast show ko kharab krdia..

  14. come on writers cut out the bull shitting around now and make this serial the way it used to be with sid a caring and loving jamai to both families it is time that shabnam meet her doom after what roshini did tonight drinking the ashes of her wedding pictures that is true love and no one must separate that love be it shabnam or Raghu just bring the real sid back

  15. yea i rly miss siddharth plz bring bwak sid

  16. wait..i think sid is really memory loss..the pinto guy is lying because of raghu mom..the mom and pinto loves raghu so much..but hope so SIDDARTH KHURANA WILL COME BACK AND BE THE SAME SID.

  17. Pls come bck sid

  18. hajira ruksaar

    this serial is getting interestingggg
    I wish that is all planning and he is real sid

    1. Exactly. I am sure it is like tat. It’s all a plan before shabnam

  19. Common guys. Please lets all hope that it is sid… I am very sure it is sid. I think there r 2 possibilities. Either sid is faking to be someone else so tat shabnam doesn’t know he is alive and he can get DD out and solve all problems… Or he has lost memory and that mother of his has adopted him and hidden the truth from him.. But whatever it is it is sid tat s t . sid sid sid. I choose to believe this.

  20. Please bring the real SID BACK

  21. Yes I know Siddhartha is going to be the best till date in the history of soap opera. Siddharth character can never be re made nor replaced. That s the jamai every parent would want nd a guy every grl wu want. T s fairy tale.

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