Jamai Raja 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD cyring looking at her and Roshni’s happier day pics. Rajveer comes there and gives her jasmine tea, saying she will feel bette with this. He says any mother will not accept her daughter alleging her, but Roshni is innocent and does not know what she talked. He says all her sorrows are his from now. DD says she does not know what Roshni is seeing in Sid and is mad behind him. Rajveer says Sid is a good guy and she is too harsh on him, though he is not of our status, he loves Roshni a lot. DD says he is just acting and wants to live a lavish life here. He says even he is staying in her house, then she must be thinking same about him. She says he is not greedy like Sid. He says he is searching a pent house and will move once he gets it. DD says real estate is

a big problem in mumbai and he can stay in her house till he likes. He thanks her. She says he can call her maami/aunty from now. He thanks her again and leaves.

Simran gets worriedlooking at Sid’s wound. Sid says he Roshni got into trouble because of him and says as DD said, money is much need to live a peaceful life in world. Raj asks him to tell truth to Roshni, not because he can give give her lavishness of the world but because he loves her. He says he did not know this lie will take such an ugly turn. Sid says he created this menace in fear of losing Roshni. Simran says why will Roshni leave him when she loves him so much and says even she cannot see her in trouble. Sid leaves saying he will inform Roshni his truth right now.

Roshni is at police station regardind kidnapped girl’s case. Sid reaches there. Roshni says inspector found this girl’s parents and they are the one who sold her. Sid says maybe they had some their own problems to sell this child. Roshni asks how can anyone sell their own child for money, their problem won’t be that big. Sid says he is lost in all this and says every poor person is not bad because he does not have money and every rich person is not bad because he has money, money is not bad but people’s toughts. She says money is the big culprit and it snatched her family from her and thanks him for giving her the best family she could deserve. Sid cannot tell her truth even if she wants to. He gets his dad’s all the best SMS asking him to tell truth to Roshni soon.

DD is with Rajveer in her cabin. Krish’s father comes and says what if his son could not marry Roshni, they should not stop business. DD says of course and introduces him to Rajveer as her son-in-law and Samaira’s husband. Rajveer asks DD to continue meeting while he waits outside. She asks him to sit as he is her jamai. Rajveer asks why he wants to do business with DD. He says he and DD have a loyal business relationship. He says he wants to open a new business and will provide labor and DD will have to provide monetary help. DD asks howmuch money. He says 5 crores and they will earn more than double profit. DD says she cannot risk such a big cash. Rajveer says instead of keeping it idle, she can invest.

Samaira says Mona that she is rich now and can buy anything for her now. Mona asks her to stop being so selfish. Samaira says in childhood, always Roshni was ahead of her as her mother was rich and even DD was ruling on them, now she will rule them as her husband is rich. She says Roshni cannot be happy with he phatichar husband. Mona asks her to stop being so greedy. Resham hears her conversation and thinks she is a bad girl and all the negative spirits are in DD’s house.

Sid asks Roshni what if he becomes rich. She says she wants only love and does not want money to ruin their happiness and asks him to stop talking like that. She asks if he got a lottery and asks him to stop joking.

Precap: Roshni and Sid discuss about Naani’s birthday celebration and plan to celebrate a family vacation in Lonavla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wonder what is this new jamai, Rajveer role in all of this. He started off as a real idiot being disrespectful to Sid’s hotel staff, but now he seems to be trying to “help” the situation. What is his real deal!?!??!

  2. Tis new jamai seems 2 b a swindler,con artist.

    1. I thought so

  3. I totally agree i don’t trust that Rajveer one bit i think he’s hiding something

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