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The Episode starts with Naina praising Sid for the wonderful decorations. Anya says it is smelling good, but Ragini….Neil comes and says I am home. Sid asks Anya to tell Naina not to call him Jamai Raja. Naina tells Neil that Jamai Raja have done the arrangements. Neil says I told you that I will get it personally done. Sid says she asked for my help and I agreed. Neil says Ragini doesn’t like red roses and asks to get white orchids instead. Sid says I will leave. Naina asks her to stop till Ragini cuts the cake. Sid says I have important work to do. Naina insists. Sid agrees. He feels like slapping Neil. Just then door bell rings. Neil asks everyone to hide as it is a surprise birthday party. He switches off the lights and goes to bring cake. Sid also hides. Roshni comes inside and sees dark. She

asks if anyone is inside the house. Sid hears her voice and gets moved…She is about to fall, and Sid holds her in his arms. Veer Zaara Do Palon ka song plays………………….Sid is surprised to see her.

Roshni is shocked to see him. They recall all the happy and romantic moments between them and a flashback is shown. Sid couldn’t believe his eyes and continues to stare her. Roshni moves back while he tries to touch her and make himself believe. Neil comes in between them and wishes happy birthday to Roshni and address her as Ragini. Sid is shocked. He asks her to come. Everyone comes and light is switched on. They wish her happy birthday. Naina asks Sid to come. Sid is still in shock. Roshni gets emotional and is in shock too. Sid looks at her. Anya says 1 second….She asks Ragini to blow the candles before cutting cake. Roshni looks on. Naina asks her to make a wish with one candle. Roshni blows the candle. Neil sings happy birthday song. She cuts the cake….and makes Neil have the first bite as told by Naina. Sid is in tears. Everyone smiles. Roshni makes everyone have cake. She tries to go past Sid. He holds her hand.

Naina asks Neil to wait for Ragini. Neil says I am hungry and can’t wait for her now. Anya says dada. Mami sees Sid holding Roshni’s hand and signs her husband. Roshni is also in shock and comes to Naina. Naina says your friend is having food and haven’t waited for you. Neil asks her to have dhoklas and make her taste it. Roshni is also teary eyes. Mami asks Sid to have cake. Sid says I am not hungry. Neil asks Roshni to try kachori. Sid comes towards her. Roshni gets up and goes to room. Sid follows her. He holds her hand and kiss on it. He looks at her face to make himself believe, and smiles happily with tears in his eyes. He signs that she is looking wonderful. Roshni is in tears also. He asks her to let him look at her, and says since 2 years….I have kept your memories in my heart and have kept you alive in my breath. I have bear 2000 years of pain in just 2 years. He says he was living two faces for the world. He says his heart was sure that his Roshni is alive as he is breathing. He says thank god and hugs her.

Roshni tells kesar that she has done a mistake by coming there. Sid sees Kesar and says chachu. Naina tells Sid that Roshni is her daughter, and will soon become part of their family when she becomes her bahu. Sid is shocked. Naina introduces as Anya’s husband. Roshni is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t get wat happening but roshni will end up going back to sid

  2. hi, it’s seems roshni will try to distance herself fromsid but at the end she will realise her mistake and get back together with sid again.

  3. ayesha ko kya hova

  4. This serial is same of yeh hai mohabbatein their Raman blames ishitha for ruhiI death here roshini blamrs sid for her mom death in that ishitha love raman but raman hate ishitha in this serial sid loves roshini but roshini hate siddarth in that serial raman is selfish and doesn’t value ishitha sacrifice for him this serial roshini is selfish and doesn’t value sid sacrifice for her

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