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The Episode starts with Sid warning Kunal if anything happens to his friend Pinto then he will not leave him. Kunal asks him to think and says if Roshni comes to know that you had beaten me, then she will come to me and take care of me. He says you thought of playing games, but forgot that you have a father here. He suggests him to forget Roshni and leave. Sid says Roshni is my wife and not your dad’s wealth. He says people like you have come and went. I have faced big troubles and got back to life. Kunal says I am saying for the first and last time, Roshni is my wife, and you are her second husband and your marriage is null. He says he can take Roshni forcibly to his village after slapping her. He says if this villager get crazy then will ruin you and your family. Sid raises his hand and warns

him. He says he will expose his cunning face to everyone. Kunal says he loves Roshni since 17 years and says your 2 years old love doesn’t exist. He says God has made him for Roshni. Sid says you have passed your years for time pass and says it was not love. Kunal says just 2 days, I will prove that I am wrong. He challenges that if he loses then he will leave Roshni and house, and if you lose then you have to leave her.

Sid agrees and says Roshni will decide who will stay in her life and who have to leave. He says rowdy rathode, game begins now. Simran asks Raj to sign on the divorce papers and says Sid and Krutika will stay with her after divorce. Raj asks where I will live? He asks can I stay without me for sure. He says he is fed up of acting to be in love with Shaku. Simran laughs and says I know. I knew that you can’t love anyone else except me, but just want you to accept it. Raj closes the door and hugs her. He asks her not to talk about divorce in life. Simran says never and asks what is the matter? Raj asks her to sit and says he got Sid’s call. He tells everything. Simran says you both are same, and says you would have gained information if you have involved me. She says she is the head of the plan now. Simran says we have a new mission, Sajjan ki saheli.

Roshni sees a statue wearing a dress in the house and thinks DD might have brought it. She calls DD. Kunal comes and says he has brought it for her, as she has taken care of him when he was injured. He says it is a small gift from my side. Sid thinks Kunal is doing acting. Bansi says my grand son takes care of my daughter in law and asks him to make Roshni wear the chunari. Roshni refuses to accept the dress. Kunal says Roshni….just today shall I make you wear this chunari for our friendship’s sake. Sid looks on. DD looks helpless. Kunal says I haven’t asked you anything till now and asks her not to refuse, just for the sake of their friendship. Roshni nods hesitantly. Kunal smiles and looks at Sid. He is about to make Roshni wear the chunari, just then Ayesha comes and calls Roshni. Sid tells Roshni that Ayesha have come. Roshni runs to meet Ayesha. Kunal fumes as he couldn’t place chunari on her head. Sid tells Bansi that Ayesha is his daughter. He laughs on Kunal and says Roshni have stepped on his chunari and left. He asks if you have an age to play with the doll/statue, and says you can try all life, but Roshni will not get you, and this statue will be helpful to you in that situation.

Sid covers the statue with chunari. He brings Ayesha and introduces her to Kunal. He asks her to say hi to Rowdy Rathore uncle and aunty (statue). He says my Ayesha is back home and goes to room. Kunal gets angry and says this will cost you much.

Roshni and Ayesha are playing with teddy bear, just then Roshni slips from the balcony. Sid shouts Roshni. Kunal looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow friends…. Our looovely Aysha is back!!!! And I’m sure that Sid will win in this competition. Best of luck Siddharth ?

    1. Yes friend i’m sure sid wil win this competition..

  2. I hope so roshni doesn’t get trapped in kunal plan and sid should talk to roshni once

  3. SO Ayehsa just appears. They better have a very good reason for her disappearance.

  4. Yes he will win for sure

  5. Who exactly is Ayesha?

    1. Their adopted daughter

  6. Luv this episode and ayesha is Sid and roshni’s adopted daughter but she is also roshni’s half sister

    1. How is she her half-sister? I remember Shabnam calling Ayesha her sister are they Roshni’s step dad’s daughters?

  7. How did she fell n why is kunal still there get them out

  8. I believe that sid will win because from the start of this series he never failed any of his plan’s n if his plan went bad he always has a backup plan……..

  9. lovely play on d mindless friend vs spouse – first yash , then that mad girl misha & this psycho …… & ya that shabnam ————– over repeating & d sidni is yet immature to know their priorities ……………… this isn’t d case for loving & understanding couple

    that’s y improve d characters & story as a few lovely sidni scenes won’t do much if sidni as a pair remains brittle under pressure of emotions & manipulations

  10. Happy to see Ayesha back in the show… she is too cute! Time to end this stupid story line with Kunal andhis idiotic family. Can Sid and Roshini get a break to enjoy themselves as a married couple? From one disaster to another……. give us a break! Enough of this stupid crap with the child marriage! What nonsense!

  11. of course sid will win becoz he is the lead actor(hero)..no need to worry…just watch the flow

  12. Anastasia yes das

    all the best sid…we r sure that u will win

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