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The Episode starts with Sid telling Roshni that he knows sasumom and she has selected this guy for her. Roshni says Doctor is hot and handsome. Sid says shameless girl, first you liked Raghu and now this doctor. Roshni asks him to hold her, and asks do you remember about Krish…Sid says yes. He says it is good that Doctor agreed. Roshni says whatever happening is good. Doctor Amol comes to meet someone in jail and says I have thrown the bone, everything will happen as per plan. Yash calls him chote and hugs him. He laughs and says you have fulfilled the duty of a brother. Amol says I won’t let DD, Sid and Roshni win. He says we will separate Roshni and Sid, and you will get your justice. Yash says I will get justice. He asks him to impress DD so that she gets him married to Roshni. He says Sid will

have two options left then. Either Sid will tell the truth to DD or will lose Roshni. Amol says I left everything in Delhi to come here. He says I was thinking to get DD’s all property. Yash says sure.

Just then he gets DD’s call. DD says she wants to meet his parents. Amol says it is not required. DD insists. He agrees to meet her tomorrow. Yash thinks this is what I want and hugs Amol again. Sid comes to have food. DD asks him to go to his room, and says she will send food for him there. She calls servant and asks him to take Sid inside. Roshni feels bad. DD says I am sending food for him inside the room. Sid calls Bunty and says he is very hungry. Just then Roshni brings pizza for him. Sid gets happy and thanks her. Roshni makes him eat it and also eats from the other end. They have an eye lock…Sab Tera song plays……….Sid gets closer to her for a kiss, but just then DD calls Roshni. Roshni asks Sid to hold Pizza and she goes. DD calls Kesar and asks why there is no electricity at home. Kesar says this place is far and electricity will come in the morning. Sid comes there and irritates DD. He says he will give his wheel chair to DD. Roshni says lets spend some time here. DD says no and goes.

Sid asks Kesar to do something and whispers something in his ears. He asks Roshni to call DD. Roshni brings DD. DD sees the candles arrangements in the house. Sid says lets start antakshiri. Roshni says it is a superb idea. Sid says guys will be in one time and gals will be in another. Sid asks them to sing with M. Resham sings Maiyya Yashoda…..Roshni says very nice chachi. Sid says okay, and thinks of a song with S. Sid sings Say Shava……..Roshni sings from V…vaada raha…..Sid gives her flying kiss. DD holds it and throws it back. Kesar sings Dil Ne Yeh kaha…….Sid says they are naughty couple. Roshni asks DD to sing with L. Sid says you have really disappointed me, and asks her to sing song. He says I know you sing very badly, but accept your defeat. Roshni asks DD to sing lori which she used to sing in her childhood. DD recalls her moments with Ayesha and a black flashes appear infront of her eyes. Sid thinks sasumom you will hear everything. DD sings Lori Lori Chandaniya…. And gets emotional. She reminisces Ayesha holding her head. Roshni gets tensed seeing her stressing on her mind. DD says Ayesha….Roshni is shocked. Sid looks on.

Amol shows his sample marriage card with Roshni, and says DD will become his sasumom in few days.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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