Jamai Raja 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni calling Sid and informing him about her location. Goons see her talking on phone and start misbehaving with her. One goon says he will rape her and then send this kid to Dubai as servant. He is about to touch her when Sid reaches and beats them all asking how dare they tried to touch his Roshni. Goons run from there. Roshni says Sid that we have to save this girl. Sid says girl that he is Sid and will rescue her. Roshni says there are many other goons. Just then goons come, their boss says that this girl is already sold out and if he wants, he will sell Roshni also. Sid gets angry hearing this and tries to beat goon, but another goon hits him on his head and he falls down subconscious. Goon picks up kid and then catches Roshni. Rajveer comes there and starts

beating goons. He wakes up Sid and they both start fighting goons and overpower them. Goon picks girl and runs. Roshni then hugs Sid and cries. She sees girl missing and requests Sid to save girl. Sid asks her to go with Rajveer while he saves girl. She says she will not. Rajveer says Sid is right and she his plan will be ruined if she accompanies him. Roshni agrees and walks out with Sid.

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DD and whole family is worried about Roshni and DD asks Samaira to call Rajveer and check. Rajveer just comes home with Roshni. DD says she got in trouble because of phatichar Sid who cannot take care of her financial need, so she has to work. Rajveer says Sid is not at fault and tells her how Sid wandered with him to search Roshni and how they searched mobile address on mobile app and rescued her. DD is adamant that Roshni’s prob is because of Sid. Roshni says Sid saved her. DD says Rajveer saved her with his mobile app and not Sid, asks where is he then. Sid comes with girl. DD asks why did she bring chawl girl here. Police comes there and asks Roshni to give her statement. Roshni gets busy giving her statement. DD asks Sid why don’t he leave Roshni. He asks if she will leave her. She says she is my daughter. He says exactly, like she is your daughter, she is my wife and I cannot leave her. Inspector after taking statement says Roshni he will trace gang soon and says he will keep girl with him and hand her over to her parents once he traces them. DD angrily murmurs when will she get rid of Sid. Rajveer hears this and smirks.

Sid and Roshni reach their room. Sid apologizes Roshni that she is hurt because of him, says saasu mom is right, he would not have let her work. She says he is hurt more than her, shows his wounds and says she will apply medicine on it. He hugs her and says he was worried about her, what would he have done if something would have happened to her, he thought for a moment that he would lose her. She asks him to stop blaming himself and says she loves a man who loves relationships more than money and keeps smiling even in the toughest situations and bears DD’s nonsense. She then applies medicine on his wound. They both share a romantic moment. Muskurane Ki Waja Tum ho……song.. plays in the background. Sid finds it difficult to remove his shirt due to pain, and she helps him. She gets turmeric milk for him and they both rest of the day.

Sid gets a call from Raj and asks how is he. He says he is fine and says he wants to meet him and mom tomorrow 10 a.m. and discuss something important.

Precap: Raj says Sid to tell truth to Roshni, not because he can buy anything for her with his money, but because he loves her a lot. Sid says Simran that he will inform his truth to Roshni today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please Sid tell Roshni the truth

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    It’s the best thing Sid can do.He should have done so long time ago.

  3. sid please tell roshini the truth that your family are millionaires and you were just trying to prove a point to bring her and her mother together again. I cannot wait to seek the look on dds face when she realizes how rich sid is the jokes on dd now.

  4. Yep plz sid jst tell d truth nd shame d devil.

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