Jamai Raja 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with DD yelling at Shiv that earlier he took her son away and now her daughter. Sid says she always does mistake and will never change. Roshni like her and used to not listen to anyone, but now she listens to everyone. DD angrily leaves. Sid sees Kesar tensed and stops him.

Yash brings his sister’s children home. Sam gets tensed seeing their mischief and says she will send them to boarding school. Children say they will stay with her. Yash says they are kid’s family now and should take care of them so much that they should forget their parents.

Sid and Shiv confront Kesar and frighten him how DD will punish if she finds who the culprit is and Sid says courier company owner is his friend and he will easily find out who the culprit it, DD will punch him

like anything. Kesar starts crying loudly and agrees that he ordered medicine to uplift DD’s confidence. Sid says since his intention was true, they will not let DD know about his mistake and assures him to relax.

Roshni comes to Sid’s house with him and asks why did not he punish Kesar. He says he will use Kesar’s words against him. She says he is genius. She sees his blazer button missing and says she will fix it. Meesha comes in just then and asks Sid to close his eyes. Once he closes eyes, she gives him blazer gift. He tries it and says Roshni this is really good. Sid says they all 3 can go for a lunch outing. Roshni says she has promised Biji to have lunch with her and cannot go. Sid and Meesha leave. Roshni feels dejected and jealous and sits in Biji’s room. Kritika and Simran sense a chance and discuss that Sid and Meesha make a good couple. Roshni sadly walks out of biji’s room. Simran says she did not seem deterred. Kritika says she is feeling jealous and their plan worked.

Sam while correcting her makeup thinks she will send kids to hostel for sure and will see how Yash will stop her. Kids silently enter her room and walk away with her mobile. She senses someone entering her room.

After lunch, Sid and Meesha taunt each other about their weight and diet. Meesha challenges him that whoever reaches home can ask any wish they like. Sid agrees and they both start running in. Roshni sadly folds Biji’s clothes in her room and Biji asks what happened. roshni says nothing. She hears Sid and Meesha’s voice and go out to check. She is shocked to see Sid carrying Meesha on his back and jealously walks out. Meesha says Sid that Roshni got angry seeing him carrying her.

Precap: Meesha starts choking after drinking Roshni’s prepared milk shake. Kritika yells that she knows Meesha is allergic, but gave her milk shake purposefully. Roshni says she really did not know. Sid shouts how can she be so irresponsible.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid don’t do this.its really hrtng her.would hate 2 see such scenes

  2. sid what is wrong with you cannot you remember you travelled to hell and back all around the world searching for your roshini when you thought you had lost her so what nonsense you are carrying on with that ugly fat meesha she could be your childhood friend yes but you are not children again you are all grown up now with grown up hormones raging so be very careful what you do with her before roshinis eyes otherwise you will surely loose roshini again after all the trouble you went through with yash to gain her confidence back sid wake up from your slumber and open your eyes and see that it is wicked kritika and wicked simran is causing all these problems between you and roshini

  3. writers please bring more interesting storylines in this serial it is becoming way toooooooooooo boring now take for instance jodha Akbar we cannot wait for the next day to come to read the updates it is true we fed up with the black magic shit but it is still interesting to see how jodha will fight for her man protecting him jalal from laboni and her wicked mother

  4. This show…..when Roshni want to be with Sid, he doesn’t want to be with her, and when Sid wants to be with Roshni, she doesn’t want to be with him….what a show…..both of yal move on please!!!

  5. Lol!!! Sid ‘ oh God meesha I missed u soooooo much ya’ what crap, u were cryin for Roshinee n we did not even knw u had a friend called Meeeesha (fatty) Lol.

  6. Coming episodes of Jamai Raja will see
    Roshni trying to find the real reason of Sid
    Divorcing her when both know that they love
    eachother.Misha will be trying to find out
    why Simran hates Roshni and wants to
    separate her from Sid.
    In the process she comes after Legal
    documents where Roshni will learn that
    Simran transferred back DD’s property to
    DD when Roshni & DD thought that they
    won the case at court.This confuses Roshni
    and makes her think if Simran is the reason
    behind their Divorce and decides to find the
    truth with help of Misha.
    Otherside Misha & Sid’s friendship will be
    hurting Roshni as Simran will slowly start
    succeeding in poisioning Misha’s mind
    against Roshni and tries to get Sid & Misha

  7. U know what i am getting sick n tired od sid too poor roshni feel sorry for her n kritika n sid misha is not roshni childhood friend it sid childfriend how the hell will she know what misha does eat or dont eat or what she is alleryg with u stupid ppls
    It will be better if roshni just keep away from the two of them cuz she will only feel more hurt n sad

  8. I think what Sid is doing to Roshni is horrible. If he hurt so much seeing Yash with Roshni, then how can he not know how Roshni is feeling watching him with Meesha. If he really loves Roshni he would never inflict the same pain on her. Karma doesnt work like that in love. He doesn’t know the truth yet is yelling at Roshni, but when Roshni did the same to him, he got so angry. Very hypocrytical….

    1. I agree with you about the Yash situation, but I think everyone is like that with childhood friends. Roshni also hurt Sid when she was with Yash and she didn’t think she was hurting Sid. Also when Roshni shouted at Sid, he shouted back because he was hurt from she not believing in him and he wanted to forget about her.

      When he shouts this time, to me its shows Roshni’s foolishness. Roshni is still learning to be a strong woman. She should look at this as a learning experience rather than herself as the victim.

      Everyone is sympathizing with Roshni but yourl should also think about what is influencing Sid to do this. Don’t look at it from one person’s view; rather look at it from everyone’s view as not everyone knows the truth about everything.

  9. Misha get out. Simran and Kritika will pay for what they are doing.

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