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The Episode starts with DD telling Nani that Roshni didn’t call her after going to her inlaws’ house, and 2 hours have passed. Nani asks her not to worry and assures her that her Jamai Sid is one in Lakhs. She asks her to let them spend some time together, and call in the morning. DD agrees. Sid and Roshni get romantic in the morning. Sid says baby might be thinking dad is naughty and not letting go of any chance to get romantic. Roshni says she will bring tea and tries to go. Sid sings Abhi Na Jawo Chodke…….and holds her romantically. He then fills her maang with sindoor, and says you are now Sid’s Roshni. Roshni goes out. Sid thanks the God. DD calls Sid. Sid asks what’s up Sasu mummy? DD asks what happened to Roshni? Why she isn’t picking my call? Sid jokes that Roshni is in love. DD

asks her to stop cracking joke and give call to Roshni. Sid says okay, and asks Krutika about Roshni. She says she didn’t know. DD scolds Sid. Sid asks her to relax and he will ask Roshni to call her. He goes in the hall. Beeji asks Sid, where is Roshni? Sid gets shocked. Raj and Simran say that they didn’t know. The servant informs that Bua Dadi took Roshni to temple. Raj says today there is queue in the temple, then why she took her. Sid says it is enough of her interference.

DD comes there and scolds Sid for not knowing about his wife’s whereabouts. She says Dadi Bua is so stubborn to get the rituals done, and she don’t care about her daughter. Sid says he will see. Roshni comes with Dadi Bua and calls DD. DD asks are you fine. Dadi Bua tells DD that she came to her daughter’s house only after a day of marriage. She says this is Roshni’s home now and talks about rituals. DD says she don’t care about the rituals. Raj accepts that they didn’t take good care of Roshni and asks Dadi Bua to go inside. DD apologizes and says Roshni and her baby is most important right now. She says she is worried about her and asks to take Roshni to her home. Sid is convinced with DD’s proposal and asks Roshni to go with her as she is not been able to get good care at his house because of the old rituals. Everyone looks on sadly. DD goes with Roshni.

DD brings her home. Nani Maasi says Roshni didn’t have anything and no one bothered about her. Roshni says she did a mistake and forgot to have food. Roshni sits to have food and starts coughing. Nani Maasi says it is a morning sickness. DD sees her spitting blood while she coughs and gets shocked. Bua Dadi asks how can you let go bahu within a day and calls them modern sasural. She says she won’t leave DD if anything happens to Roshni. Nani calls Sid and asks him to come. Sid tells Simran that he has to go. He reaches DD’s house and asks Roshni, how is she? DD asks him to relax, as Doctor is checking.

Doctor checks her and asks what she had in the night. Roshni says icecream. Doctor prescribes the medicines. Sid apologizes for making her eat icecream. DD says you will not get chance to do mistake and says Roshni will stay with her in the house. Sid gets shocked. DD asks Sid to inform his family that Roshni will stay with her until her delivery.
Sid and his family are upset with DD’s decision. Dadi Bua instigates them against DD and says that’s why elders have made the customs. Beeji says she is right. Sid blames Bua Dadi and asks why did you take her to temple? He says he will go to his wife and take care of his wife and children. Bua Dadi says your son is going to be ghar Jamai. Sid says he was ghar jamai before also, and was not ashamed of it. He says he is happy to be her servant. He says he can’t bring Roshni here because of her and that’s why he is going to his sasural.

Sid asks DD, did you stop baby’s grand parents etc to stay with him. DD says no. Sid asks his family to come with their baggage. Simran, Beeji and others come to stay at DD’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is wrong with DD. Why is she sooooo stupid

  2. Precap – LOL!! this should be a gong show now.
    Finally some comedy!

  3. What nonsense going from where it started

  4. DD should leave Sid and roshni a long and stop inferfair. In her daughter life

  5. Nice episode. It is ? going to be very interesting the coming days. Sid and roshni family in one house….

  6. Sorry to say but dd is roshni mother she dont wish bad for her daughter no mothers will dd is doing this cuz roshni is carry a child if any happen to that child maybe the will blame roshni for not taking good care to herself n her baby like that she did she had ice -cream n now she spit blood so if she ask roshni to stay at her home i dont see any thing wrong with that n sid is right he was once ghar jamai so he don’t mind becoming one again maybe sometime we will see some interesting funny moments between sid n dd once again so i think peoples shld be mad at sid grandma for carry roshni to the temple in sun despite knowing she is pregnant n it not good for both mother n baby i know it rituals but the important thing here is roshni is pregnant and she need well taking care of

  7. This makes sense? You can’t eat ice cream during pregnancy? You can’t dance during 1st trimester? And so Roshni can’t tell the woman NO she not standing up in any lines? I dunno nah.

  8. Precap – I can’t stop laughing!!!

  9. That wedding was Fun FINALLY Sid knows he’s going to be a daddy. This Bua Dadi is out to make Trouble. DD must be concern about her daughter & her soon to be grandchild, especially after just losing her husband. Honestly I thing the Khurana’s are not taking care of Roshni,. This is both Sid & Roshni’s first pregnancy they don’t have the experience. I hope nothing goes wrong with the baby. Wow could you imagine the Khurana’s & Patel in the same house lol with Nani Massi & Bua Dadi..This going to be Fun lots of Fun…

  10. Of course Roshni looked very beautiful an Sid handsome as usual. Only wardrobe made an error, did anyone noticed Sid wore the same white pants during the sangeet night & several other occasion includin when he was going to marry Misha. And they could have at least polish his shoe.. But Sid honey I will Love you.

  11. nisa you do not know if sid has two white pants I have two white pants for going out so you cannot say that he wore the same white pants LOL and should you dress to go out and one gets soiled at least there is another one to replace it till the other is washed

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