Jamai Raja 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sid’s lookalike telling his dialogues at Ram Leela. Jai Hanuman plays. Roshni doesn’t see his face and tells Ayesha that she will read Ramayan in house. Kesar collides with Shabnam and something falls on her foot. Kesar apologizes and cleans his foot. Mona brings juice for her and tells her that Roshni went to see Ram Leela. Shabnam says I asked her not to go, and says she shall make her understand. She says Roshni shouldn’t have do this. She asks her to unite Sam and Yash and reminds of her promise. Shabnam asks her to keep eye on Roshni. Shabnam says it will take time as Sid has spoiled everything. She asks her to be thankful and says DD used to treat her as servants. Mona says you are right and says you are our own blood. She asks Kesar to clean her car, and asks Mona

to make chicken biryani. They leave. Shabnam thinks she has changed everything in the house and thinks she will make DD settle in jail if she gets Sid’s dead body. Sid’s lookalike Raghu’s mum scolds him for taking part in play. His friend Pinto come there and praises his talent. His mum says she wants him to be fine and asks him to get up as she wants to take out the evil eye from him.She takes out evil eye from him.

Roshni tells Ayesha about Ramayan. Ayesha asks when will Ram come to save us. Shabnam says no one will come. She tells her that Roshni is not your mum and I am your real sister. She asks Roshni, why did you take her to Ram Leela. Ayesha says she wanted to see it. Shabnam says you will be punished and asks her to go and see Nani, may be she is alive or not.

Roshni sees Nani’s wheelchair about to fall from the stairs. Roshni runs to her and holds Nani at the right time. Wheel chair falls down. Roshni apologizes to Nani. Shabnam says you have saved Nani this time, and ran fast. She says lets see until when destiny will save Nani. Roshni cries and feels miserable. She says she has broken and is lonely. Roshni meets DD in prison. DD asks her not to cry infront of Shabnam and don’t let her feel that she is broken. She says I have never bend infront of anyone. Once Roshni’s leaves, DD asks God to give proof that he do exist.

Roshni’s car halts on the road. Pinto tells her that his garage is near and calls the workers. Raghu is seen hearing song in the garage. Pinto asks her to sit till they repair her car. Pinto asks Raghu to get up and says customer have come. Raghu says he was seeing dream. Pinto tells him to repair a girl’s car. Raghu refuses and says no girl can step in his heart. Pinto asks him to get up. Roshni tries to look at his face. Raghu sees her from far and goes past her. Roshni turns and tries to look at him.

Raghu dances during festival. Roshni comes and is about to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sugarplumprincess

    More and more drama…but interesting..
    Even then.. missing Sid.. 🙁

    SID HV TO COME…DON’T WANT RAGHU….Sidni is the best

  3. This show is making me so damn sick???this is like satrangi sasural all over again!.what happened to sid was what happened to vihaan but in a different way..only thing is roshini isn’t pregnant & shabnam thinks sid is dead..
    Will u writers let this serial go as far as vibha took it in satrangi sasural? Will roshini b tormented & pained like aarushi was?will u kill off roshini’s character with shabnam’s character just like u did with aarushi with vibha?if thts the case then I think u dumb writers should know today u didn’t only loose me as a viewer but my whole family.. Continue with this dirty story line & you’ll not only loose us but every one else.

    1. Well said Nia, n I agree with you.

      1. I agree with you Nia. I am starting to lose interest in this show.

    2. I hope not please. I am just hoping Sid is trying to not reveal his identity so that he can secretly plan against shabnam . I hope it is like this. I don’t want stupid drag again.

  4. Can anyone tell me if siddarth is really dead.if is he playing a game

  5. Ya sid is good

  6. Y I feel raghu s sid..nd raghu wil act like sid..but in turn he turns to be sid …sid body not found..so raghu s sid Nly

  7. geeta i think he is playing game to get reverange frm shabnam

  8. you see all this childs play we can do without it just find the real sid and bring him back for revenge stop changing all these storylines to whole lot of unwanted shit why you writers hell bent on making the viewers unhappy all the time why cannot you have it that someone found sids body and nursed him back to health and when he is good and ready let him return to his wife roshini and his parents so that they can know that he is alive instead of prolonging this shit storyline with shabnam and sid as a new person it is about time you writers satisfy the we the viewers and give us a happy ending which is what we desire these set of monotonous shit scripts is not cutting it at all

  9. blo*dy hell!!! Stupid idioticity…..

  10. U are very correct my Frnd all same stuff does the writers of this dramas ever think of positive things? Always negative here negative there. Pls spear us this on call for actions and drama pls. do u guys agree with me? Hope I’m speaking someone’s mind.

  11. ? I’ve been watching this show since it started! These 2 couples have dealt with so much being separated like 5x but what i love is they always find a way back to each other. No matter what storm comes their way they have each other in the end. Even if it’s a look a like I WANT SID BACK!!!! The chemistry and love they have can only come back when the real SID comes back. I have hope that because his body was not found that SID will come back he has too!

  12. Mustapha Fresh

    Im boreed with this write up. I want sid back or else I will stop watching this drama. Not only me….. but also my family

  13. I dont sid die he planning to get shabnam

  14. Not raghu please did come back and save ur roshni

  15. Nia I sapphire agree with you one hundred per cent and you know what I they are already loosing viewers because I was an avid looker of satrangi sasural and qubool hai but since the writers are not listening to we the viewers and mean that they will continue writing shit I have since stop watching both serials even kum kum bhagya and you know what I am not missing them at all so you see once your mind is turned off from what ever shit they introduce and change the regular stars it becomes coolo breezo and you don’t miss a thing let them continue this shabnam storyline and let them not bring back our true sid well it will be toos for them again I am surely going to stop watching jamai raja also you want to tell me all these soaps have to have the same storyline and end horribly no writers something has to be done about you all and that is to fire your assess and bring in the PROFESSIONALS who know exactly what to write

  16. I do not get the point .. Is he really Raghu ?? A look alike ? I hope he is Sid and that he is just playing a game to trap Shabnam once again. Because he will not make himself appear in front of her yet in fear of death. PLEASE LET THIS BE TWIST… WE WANT THE REAL SID PLEASE !!!! It will be a awesome twist

  17. Yeah I want sid back again to save her family

  18. thisis crap! after all that sid n roshni went thruu only 2 b seperated now??wrong move! i hoo raghu is sid n mayb sumthng lyk memory loss but plz dont let sid die!!

  19. This serial has become big bakwas non sense , Even i have already stopped watching this serial day by day its becoming pathetic and i feel the writter has forgotten the later story so again this will go on to 1 month then THE END …….

  20. I love this serial because of sid and roshini but they separated plz make them together with real sid . Plz change this story we want real sid not raghu. we want sid remove shabnam. Sid and roshini should again come together. Sid shouldn’t die and remove shabnam and raghu. WE WANT REAL SID!!!!!


  22. I think and I also want it to be sid. Who has been found somewhere nd taken care of. It is 6 months leap know. Either memory loss or he is playing games to take revenge from shabnam. It is sid. They can’t kill the character. If they do I ll never watch this serial ever.

  23. I want sid toback this is crazy about raghu and if raghu is sid then why he works in the car shop and why he has a mom and if raghu is difetrnt frm sid then why he did not meet roshni when sid was with him oh ihave many questions in my mind plzz tell me the ans to these questions

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