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The episode starts with Sid informing Dad that he cannot attend meeting tomorrow, else DD will kick him out. Dad says he knows that this meeting is unavoidable and asks him to balance his professional and personal life. Sid gets tensed thinking what to do now. Rajveer hears his conversation and smirks.

Roshni gets ready for her new job. Sid feeds her sweet curd before leaving. She praises him that he has become bahu instead of jamai and rushes to office.

Rajveer suggests DD that she should expand her business and starts a budget jewelry for middle class people. He says she can try American diamond jewelry. DD likes his idea. He says he wants to research market, and she says it is a good idea. Sid sees DD busy and tries to rush out to his business meeting. Kesar sees him and

informs DD. DD comes out and asks where is he going. Rajveer interferes and says he wants to go to DD’s factory with Sid, so he requested him to accompany her. DD says he can take Kesar. Rajveer says he and Sid are of same age group, so he will be comfortable with him. DD agrees.

Roshni starts teaching kids at NGO. She gets Simran’s call and informs that she is working at NGO to support Sid financially. Simran says she would have taken money from her savings. Roshni sees goons kidnapping girls and runs behind them to rescue her. Simran hears her conversation on phone and informs it to Sid who is with Rajveer in his car. Sid and Rajveer rush to Roshni’s NGO and asks another teacher about her. Teacher says goons kidnapped Roshni with kid.

Samaira comes home with shopping bags. Mona asks her why did she do so much shopping. Samaira says her husband is millionaire and not like Sid who is very poor. Mona asks her to behave herself. Resham sees bags and excitedly asks Samaira why did not she take her. Samaira asks her to stop behaving like middle class woman. Resham says she is acting like DD. Samaira then calls Rajveer and hears Sid talking about Roshni’s kidnap. She informs it to whole family. Everyone gets worried including DD. Samaira taunts that this is happening because of phatichar/poor Sid. Mona asks her to stop. DD says Samaira is telling right.

Simran informs Raj about Roshni’s kidnap and asks him to do whatever he can, but get Roshni back. Raj says he will use all his contacts and asks her to reach police station.

Sid says Rajveer that because of him Roshni is in trouble, he would have informed her about his truth. Rajveer asks what truth. He changes his words and says he would have informed that he is working in 2 companies and she does not have to worry about money.

Roshni hears goon talking that kid will be deported to Dubai as a slave. She tries to free herself. Kid sees broken bottle and gets it to cut rope. Roshni cuts rope and frees herself and kid. She remembers phone falling outside while being kidnapped, but sees goon’s mobile and goes to pick it. Goon sees her missing and informs another goon. Another goon says he is inebriated, so he is getting visual hallucinations. Roshni goes back to her place and asks kid to get phone. Kid gets her phone and she calls Sid. Sid asks if she is alright and where is she. Before she could inform him her address, goon snatches phone from her.

Precap: Sid reaches goon’s hide out. Goon hits his head with road and he falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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