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The Episode starts with Anya apologizing to Sid for the trouble in which he has landed because of her. Sid says okay, and says play boy Sid Khurana’s 36 girlfriends’ heart will break. He asks for a hug and asks her to take care. He leaves. Mami thinks they love each other a lot. Roshni asks Neil to stop creating the suspense. Neil says there is nothing good about him. He is the play boy of the city, and my sister have chosen him for her, awesome. I was reading about him in the magazine. Roshni smiles and says you can never praise anyone. She says I am sure that Anya’s choice must be good. Neil asks her to see his pic in his phone. She is about to take the phone and it falls on the floor. Someone picks the phone and gives it back to Neil. Roshni sees a man staring at her, and asks what happened? Can

you stop staring? The man goes. Roshni sees some other pic instead of Sid’s pic, and says Anya’s choice is good. Neil goes after the man. Roshni looks for Neil. Neil comes back after beating the guy. Roshni is surprised. Neil says this is Anya’s choice, did you see the pic.

Raj is tensed knowing about Anya’s family misunderstanding Sid. Sid says Anya is a small girl and I am afraid that she will attempt to commit suicide again. He gets up, happens to look at the buiding and recalls DD’s death. He gets teary eyes, and says few things is out of my control. I can’t handle heights, my sasumom died and I couldn’t do anything. Now God has given me a chance, and nobody will die because of me. Raj hugs him and says you started walking holding my finger, now you can run. He says I am with you, don’t worry. He asks him to look and see that the world is under his feet. Sid hugs him and says I can’t do it. My sasumom and my Roshni had left me, and I am so alone. I am living a suffocated life. Raj hugs him and says my son…I won’t leave you alone. Sid says if I am so bad that everyone left me. I am so alone……Raj says I won’t let you lose, and asks him to give a chance to life. I will be with you and will support you.

Roshni puts ointment on Neil’s wound, and asks why he thought to impress her. She says she is not at all impressed with him and asks not to tell her that he was taking anger out because of Anya’s husband. Neil says what I should do, shall share joke with him. He says I can’t bear if someone misbehaves with you. He asks her to come home. Roshni asks him not to make an excuse and says I know you very well. Sid gets Anya’s call and she informs him that Simran came to her home. Sid asks Raj to do something. Naina asks Simran to have sweets. Simran thinks what happened? Naina says kids have married, and we didn’t get any chance to do anything. Simran is surprised and says may be it is their choice. She says Anya is like her daughter, since the time she worked with Sid. Mami thinks she might be having affair with Sid. Anya comes. Simran asks her to hug her. Simran takes out shagun bangles. Naina asks her to take it. Mami says diamonds are beautiful. Anya is surprised. Simran makes her wear bangles. Once Simran reaches home. Sid asks Raj to explain to Simran.

Roshni comes to Neil’s house. Naina gets concerned for Neil. Roshni says he is having head injury, and I am scared. Neil says I will be fine, ragini have applied antiseptic. Naina says he is kid for me. Anya comes and greets Neil and Roshni. Roshni hugs her and says I am happy for you. Anya thanks her for understanding and says Neil is still angry on her. Neil says he will find out if he deserves her. Naina tells Roshni that groom’s mum came and have accepted Anya. Neil gets angry and says it shall be our choice. Roshni says guy seems to be good. Roshni looks at the bangles and says it is my mom’s designs. She says I am glad that these are still in demand. Naina hopes she gets her bahu soon. Neil is tensed. Naina asks them to do something soon. Roshni says I have meeting to attend and goes. Neil tells Naina that Ragini is not yet ready for it. Naina says I will make the arrangements. Neil says Ragini don’t believe in marriage and is scared of relation ships. He says I don’t want to lose her friendship. Naina asks him not to lose Ragini for friendship.

Sid gets Bunty’s call and asks him to reach office soon. Sid is sitting in Ragini’s office and waits for her. Ragini comes and asks if the client is here. Receptionist says yes. Ragini walks towards her cabin.

Simran tells Sid that he got a call. She sees Roshni’s photo frame in his room and asks servant to pick up the trash.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think anya will make sid n roshni meet

  2. I am not getting with whom ayesha is living now.. Before the leap both sid nd roshni adopted her as their daughter.. Now where is she ..didnt shabnam brought her back still…evry1 hs forgotten her..roshni nd sid both nvr missed her.. Wt da hell.. How can they forget their daughter..

    1. So true. What the hell how can they forget their daughter in 2 years? Stupidity!!

  3. I don’t like this too much make up wali / attitude wali roshini .. missed the innocent wali

    1. Yaa!! That innocent wali roshni was cute. I don’t like this khadoos wali roshni. And if roshni knows that sid didn’t kill her mom and that he is innocent then y is she staying away from him? Can’t she see what what sacrifices sid did for her and her family 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. There shld introduce some kid in the show like sid and roshini child where sid don t know about it then it will fun watching otherwise same old story like triangle love story.they can show a child being introduce to sid without knowing of is his own kid.hope that bring this twist hope all jr fans agree with this topic.

  5. Hi I’m new for commenting on Jamai Raja and i started yesterday but I have to say i totally and completely agree with Kavita because otherwise this show will be same old love love triangle again

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