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The Episode starts with Sid crying heavily and says he lost his strength. He says until when I will fight. Anya says you gave me strength and is losing it now. Sid says I would have accepted defeat long back and says you are my strength, thank you. Anya says all paid now. If I got Arav then it is just because of you, I should thank you. Neil thinks about Sid’s words that he is unfortunate about the relations. Naina asks Neil to open the door and knocks on the door. Neil opens the door. Naina apologizes to him for letting healer come inside and says Sid apologized to me. Neil looks at his pic with Roshni and says there is nothing for me in Ragini’s eyes. Our relation is not meant to work out. Naina says Sid didn’t mean that and says you are not auspicious or unlucky. Neil says I don’t like him,

but he said right. I think love, marriage and relations are not in my destiny, problem is with me. I don’t know what is happening. Roshni hears him and thinks Neil is in this condition because of me.

Anya comes to meet Arav and asks him to get out of coma soon. She says I can’t hide the matter for long and asks him to come back for their baby. She kisses on his hand and says I love you. Arav’s mum comes there, but couldn’t see Anya as nurse calls her. Anya manages to come out of ward and faints suddenly. Kesar comes to Roshni. Roshni cries hugging them and says she has hurt Sid, and now Neil. She says I have hurt many lives and thinks what she has done. She says I don’t know anything about Sid and Anya’s marriage. Kesar asks her to take care and goes. Anya wakes up in the hospital and sees Simran sitting at her side.

Anya says may be I fainted due to heat. Simran asks her to rest and says she knows about her pregnancy. She says Sid is not having magical stick with which he can woken up Arav. She says Arav is your past and Sid is your present and future. Anya asks what are you saying? She says Sid and Ragini loves each other a lot, and Arav will be fine also, everything will be back to normal again. Sid is in his house. Roshni comes and says she wants to meet Sid. Guard asks her to sit and says I will call Sid. Simran comes and asks guard to go and do work. Roshni touches her feet and asks her to let her meet Sid once. Simran says no. Sid calls Simran. Simran takes Roshni from there.

Sid comes out of room and asks servant/guard. He says he don’t know. Simran asks Roshni to leave Sid and let him be happy. Roshni says I have realized my mistake and asks her to give her a chance. Simran asks her to give a chance to Sid and let him be happy with Anya. Roshni asks if Sid is happy with Anya? Simran says he is happy with Anya, and if he is not then I will try fully to make him happy with her. Roshni asks her to let her meet Sid once. Simran refuses and asks her to get out. She thinks she has to do something for Roshni. Roshni thinks if Simran said truth about Sid and Anya, and thinks her Sid loves only her.

Neil asks really? Do you really know how do I feel about you. Roshni asks if he is okay. Neil says he is not okay. Roshni says there is no mistake of yours. Neil asks her to come and sit. He shows her pic and says I clicked this pic during pic and says happiness is reflecting in your eyes. I didn’t see you happy before. He asks her to look at their engagement pic and says you are unhappy and pain. He asks did you think our relationship is cursed.

Roshni asks how it could be a curse when we think good about each other. Neil hugs her emotionally. Roshni is shocked. Neil goes. Roshni thinks about Sid’s words that three lives are ruined because of her. Roshni thinks sorry Neil.

Roshni faints. Sid holds her. Doctor comes and says someone gave her drugs and her condition is bad. He asks someone to stay with Roshni. Sid and Neil say that they will stay.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid is a desperate guy that can’t get over a churel like roshni. Sid should just fall in love with aanya. Aanya is so cute. Roshni is so annoying and she should get a life. Sid makes me feel sick.???the film got no story.

    1. I totally agree with you Meera. Sid is a sick man. So desperate he is. When roshni pretended to lose her memory she did not forget to lose her scretching scream. Roshni is pathetic for everything she does…?

  2. totally- the story is extremely boring. … ugh no longer wanting to watch it any longer. booooooooo 🙁

  3. Meera, sweetheart, sometimes you can’t help loving someone . Once you’re in love its so hard to get out.you’ll feel happy in love, you’ll feel sad, you’ll feel suffocated, you’ll feel tired but you’ll never give up, its a cycle & happiness will come back around. I too do not agree what all that roshni have done to sid but what’s his fault? I don’t come across him as desperate not even sick.
    How many of us as women would prefer a guy like sid? His love never fades, breaks or melts. He’s devoted, he’s selfless & has such a huge heart. The fault is roshni’s only. Mistakes always ends in realization I guess. Roshni maybe doesn’t deserve sid but she deserves a chance to learn from her biggest mistake.

    1. Agreed.. Nice answer.. True love never ends.. A person can not be practical if he is truly in love with someone.. Btw Ananya loves Arav and going to be mother of Arav’s child.. Is it right to love and marry someone who doesn’t love you and holding child of someone else.. May be I am from a Old generation or Indian culture is now very advanced..

    2. Also I am amazed to see Simran still want Ananya to marry Sid after knowing truth that Ananya is holding someone else’s child and does not love her son.. So she is accepting Ananya ‘s child just to make her marry with Sid.. Aaaah so advanced and Modern Mom..

  4. hi whats up
    #nice episode

  5. hi sup

  6. Happy Friday

  7. Guys finally Roshini realise her mistake. But this is too late

  8. We won’t always live with happy as well as sad It’s a cycle. Nice episode i can’t wait for next episode

  9. hey its me #nice episode
    don’t know which one is u and u really had to put your rale nme

    1. ok so this is the real me

  10. ok r u JO JO Caz me really confuse

  11. I’m so glad that roshni realised her mistake and everyone makes mistakes so roshni shouldn’t be judged as a bad character… And sid is such a good husband that he didn’t gave up on roshni but helped her to realise her mistake…and that’s a good couple to stand by you no matter what..

  12. Monica Naveen

    Really too boring with this triangle love stories

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