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The Episode starts with Sid trying to unmask the woman(Misha). Misha attacks him with knife and runs away. Roshni comes and gets concerned seeing his hand bled. DD comes and scolds him for interfering in their matter. Sid tells that he managed to get proof from the killer’s hand, although she ran away. He tells that he is having earring now and will match it with the engagement photos. He asks them to come. Roshni tells DD that they have to go to Sid’s house. DD sees Krutika sitting in the car and leaving. She tells this to Roshni. Roshni says you might have mistaken. Yash comes and asks for Roshni and DD. Kesar says DD’s phone is not working. Yash asks him to give her mobile and leaves after asking Mona to call him whenever needed.

Raj calls the photopgrapher and says he has taken all the

photos. Misha looks on shockingly. The photographer shows the photos of the guest in the engagement party. Misha looks on from far. Misha throws stone pebble on Krutika, and her pepsi can falls on the laptop, thus ruining the photos. Sid shouts at her. Krutika says I am your sister. She says she didn’t do anything intentionally. DD also scolds her. Simran asks her to apologize to DD. The photographer tells that he will get his laptop repaired and will get back to them. DD asks Roshni to come with her. Roshni says she will come in sometime irking DD. DD comes home and tells Nani that they didn’t get the proof, all thanks to Sid and his family. Nani asks her to eat something. DD says she can’t eat anything unless she catches Shiv’s murderer.

Misha starts acting and pretends to cry. She says you locked me in the room and went. Sid says he didn’t lock her up and came twice to check on her, but she was sleeping. Misha hugs him and says she can’t let him go. Roshni tries to clean wound on Misha’s feet. Misha kicks her with her feet. Sid says she was just cleaning your wound. Misha hugs him tightly and kisses him to make Roshni feel jealous. She pulls hot iron wire and make the iron fall on Roshni’s hand. Sid tries to see her wound, but Misha didn’t let him talk to Roshni and hugs him. Roshni leaves from there.

Sid comes to Roshni and shows his wounded hand. Roshni asks how did it happen? Sid says whenever you get hurt, I will also get hurt. Roshni says you are engaged now and Misha can’t bear to see her fiance with someone. Sid says the fact will never going to change, and says he will remain her husband only. He says he just got engaged to Misha. Soon he will get her treated and once she gets fine, she will get us back together. He says I will marry the one I am in love with. Roshni looks on emotionally.

Sid says I will marry you, and kisses her. Roshni gets emotional. She gets Nani’s call informing her that DD is unwell. Roshni tells Sid that she has to go. Sid tells sasumom will be worried seeing your wound. Roshini leaves from there.

Roshni comes home and says you said in the morning that no one will be sad and will remember Papa with happiness, but you got sad. DD says I don’t want you to meet that guy. Roshni asks her not to change the matter and says we will not eat if you don’t eat. Jigna says even she will not eat. DD laughs. Roshni reminds her that Shiv will be happy seeing her happy and try to convince her to eat. Yash comes to meet him and gives DD’s phone asking her to check the messages. DD checks messages and hears Shiv’s voice message informing her that Mad girl will snatch Sid from Roshni and they have to save their daughter’s marriage.

The Police and DD try to catch Misha, while she manages to hide from the view.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wonder if sid will defend misha when he hears this and scold roshini instead for making it up, just like he did when he thought roshini gave her mango juice on purpose…

  2. what nonsense is this it is Friday we have to wait till Monday and this is what you gave us for Friday no progress I thought by now you sid would have nabbed misha you if I am not mistake in Thursdays precap you ended the script with dd and the others listening to shivs message when yash suggested them to listen to the voice message yet in todays you end it the same way with dd listening to shivs message it was suppose to be something new what the hell is going on with you writers fed up

    1. i agree too

  3. I ‘m also agree with you keen obsever

  4. This show is really getting on y nerve

  5. f**k u dis dry writer’s its annoyingly bad fed up

  6. Helloooo whats wrong with the writers Do they all have a bad marriage or so In a lot of indian serials soooo much evil women where all their evil actions are “winning”. This is tooo much!!!!

  7. WTF…
    I just simply hate dis show…….so boring……the better title for dis show is bakwaas rajaaa….being a malayali…..I felt dis one more dramatic dan malayalam serials….

  8. come on rosey and fan of the show all the negative comments and you keeping quiet you keeping a low profile only when a certain person says something then you make a comment come you have to be objective

    1. Keen observer this used to be one of my best show but unfortunately I have lost touch with the story lines. I am in London so I cannot view this as I ought to .Commenting on this will be a bit hard because of not following this story as before .

  9. wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Writer hav u lost ur marbles????????? Sum1 walks in an remove evidence while every1 is ther ar u sayin tat is how bad India’s hospital system is !!!!!!pls u MAD (PaAgal)

  11. OMG Guys I tink u all shud calm down an the writer is doing a great job without suspense the show will be a flop u just have to sit back an njoy it while it last once the killer is found then we will have to watch sid love life an dats lame………………….

  12. nothing good look i am getting fed up now why u keep dragging this damn thing for just get to the point and roshni r u stupid why r u going to sid house for to get ill treating by misha every time idk how u puting up with her if i were u i would done give her a tight slap for treating me like that

  13. Until when will sasumom listen to the messages? And damn Monday is a long wait!!!

  14. What is happening here
    So boring

  15. am jst fed up wit dis serial………..jst end dis show its sooo boring nw…… i hop dey catch misha nd let her evil face reveals so dat sid nd roshni wil become together again…. writer i think its d best thing to end dis show after dey catch misha red handed…..

  16. Amina u are right,let them end this show pls because the writer is out of point.

  17. All the bad comments here and this show still better than most of the other shows on Zee. Sad! I like the show though, Roshni a bit stupid and quick to anger when she ready, but she is good at heart. The show feels as though it is wrapping up though. If police looking for Misha already (in the precap), that means she is exposed. This is one of the shows I’d continue watching …well until it gets me annoyed or it comes off air. lolol

  18. yaarrr….writers do sumthng n save dis show

  19. so so sos oso sososososososoosososoosososoososoosososoosososoosososoososoo lagging…….new serial please so sick to see this dumb serial everday.

  20. Shanaya sindh..

    Hi nd agree wid u sid?

  21. Guys roshni was wearing that Earlng b4 she give it to meesha .don’t be surprise watc sid reaction

  22. This show needs to proceed faster.some of the scenes are unbelievably stupid,for example how is it possible for misha to pitch the peeble so far that it hit kritika and how convinent the drink fell on the laptop.

  23. This series really wrecking my damn nerves.The producer needs to be a bit more realistic.

  24. This Show needs to speed up . The Producer is taking too long to get to the end of one story. and that b*t*h misha needs to be caught faster so that roshni and sid can live a happy life.

  25. yes mandy I agree how convenient and I do no think if some thing wet fall on the laptop that it will spoil maybe if it fell on the ground so this is real stupidness writers come better than that nah

  26. and all this whining from misha like a child sid stay do not go whole day I have not seen you thought you left me wayaaaaaaaaaaa this is real childish shit come on sid get smart and see that misha is real trouble and viewers I do not know if you notice but they replay the scene with the voice message from sid so many times and up to now sid and the others have not heard it writers you are just keeping us in suspense and trying to hold back on the inevitable expose misha ass in Mondays script please

  27. This cerial is geting worst day by day.ah

  28. Shamsuddeen A. Ako

    this story is getting unneccessarily prolonged and uninteresting

  29. Guys I am in the USA and Hindi channels are the only serials I watched And have but am sorry to say Indian serial are becoming boring when is getting to the end come on till when will the keep negative role wining over positive role why will nobody see the bad side of misha pretence why can’t the take her to a doctor to examine her why does she pushes roshini anytime she comes near sid, please writers when writing a script make it look real in every serial in Indian there is always an enemy in the household or marriage let the good win over evil
    I congratulate Sid mum for troubling her only son I hope she is happy,why will shiv die this is not fair jrk

  30. Hey Aretha i dont completely agree wid u… Though indian serial r becoming boring day by day, though evil wins over good, bt not always…. There cumes a day where the truth of misha will be revealed, where good wins over bad. Its said tat truth dnt get easily revealed also truth cant get hided for long days… We all knw tat failure is the stepping stones for successs similarly the truth dr has to face a lot of difficulties to come out in open and these difficulties are posed by evil. So i can assure u tat bfr this serial cumes to an end mishas truth wud be revealed(lol)

  31. This show is making me nervous! Every time therez a villain .Started with DD,KRISH,RAJVEER,KRITIKA, SIMRAN, NOW MISHA.Oh no .i hate u blo*dy misha .i wish u r exposed soo soon .with ur big eyes as if its a marble .plz update us soo soon so that we know how it will be.#jamai raja


  33. Agree wit u guys d show is goin too slow..m fedup ov dis mishas drama

  34. Sid will never marry misha

  35. Sid doesn’t know that misha killed roshnis father

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