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The episode starts with Roshni reminiscing Sid and crying on a public seat. Sid thinks it is some lady and to cheer her up keeps choc and hankie and leaves. Roshni sees them, thinks it must be Sid and runs to find him, but he has already left. DD calls her, tells Sid is already there in Bangkok and says she has booked a Delhi ticket for her. Roshni says if she runs from here, Sid will find her even in Delhi and it is not a solution, so she will face it, asks her not to worry.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Yash waits for Roshni in a restaurant and thinks how to propose her. He calls her and asks when is she coming. She says she is not feeling will and

cannot attend dinner party. He says it is okay and starts drinking alcohol. Sid comes and sits on the opposite seat with him. They both start shayari/poems and discuss about their love life. Sid hears his shayari and says he must be in deep love. Yash says he has not proposed her yet and asks Sid to tell about his love story. Sid starts shayar and emotional talks. Yash says it is time for a celebration then and forcefully feeds him alcohol. They both start enjoying alcohol.

DD comes home and sees lights off. He asks Mona why is light off. She says electricity dept cut it and Naani/Pratima have gone to check. Mona’s plastic doll (expressionless, fevicol face) Sam tells yesterday was last day to pay bills. DD says she has many things to handle and asks why did not she pay as she is earning now. Sam says she has paid her share already and says everyone has problem in life, that does not mean they can put their burden on someone. DD feels sad hearing her witty talks.

Roshni sadly walks on the road. Inebriated Sid and Yash are busy enjoying describing their lady love’s beauty on the other side. Yash says his lady love’s eyes are very beautiful. Sid takes his wallet and looks at Roshni. Yash asks him to show it, but he hides. They see a Chinese lamp and Yash says it flies on love. Yash says he does not know his lady love will tell if he proposes her. Sid says she will be very happy and asks to tell her name. He says Roshni. Sid is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Roshni and Sid hire same cab, sit in it and are surprised to see each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please hurry up with the updates

  2. Precap is good can’t time

  3. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    too many lies about sid meeting roshni, viwers are not stupid please

  4. Stupid Roshi

  5. Why is Mona and her irritating daughter is still dependent on DD they are worthless no ambition at all….they act as if DD owe them something

  6. writers please stop all this hide and seek scripts with roshini and sid right now it is not making sense it is toooooooooo boring and monotonous and we the viewers are very frustrated with all this every time they are close to each other something happens and they do not see each other this is a whole pack of shit writing how long you writers are going to be playing these mind games with them I think that you writers have poor writing skills and that you need to hire other professional writers to help you out because definitely you writers as I said before are writing these script in between sleep and wake which is not good because there is no substance to it so do the do or end the soap write now because we the views are not enjoying it tooooooooo many lies and hiding and seeking we are not children here

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