Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Badimaa slaps Kanhaiya

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The Episode starts with Daali running to her room and crying, thinking of the garland falling on Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya goes to his room and cries. He hugs the garland and thinks of Daali. He sees the note given by Daali. He goes to Daali and sees her sleeping. He covers her up and smiles. He goes out. Badimaa sees him and asks why did he come to Daali’s room, last time he came in and denied. He says no, door was open, so… She asks did you not think to ask to enter the room, when she is sleeping, you talk big things, you don’t know how to respect a girl, tell me why did you go there.

Janki comes there and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I heard you scolding someone, were you scolding Kanhaiya, he is expert in every work. Badimaa says he didn’t fix Daali’s door

bolt. Janki says I thought what’s the matter, Kanhaiya come with me to my room, I m having body pain. He goes. Kanhaiya asks why didn’t you say the truth to Janki. Badimaa says I didn’t know truth that’s why, tell me why did you go in her room. He says you also didn’t tell the truth, who was that man in temple, who is your husband, what’s your relation with this house. She slaps him and asks him not to ask this, even Janki doesn’t ask this, get out. He says I know you are hurt, all sorrows will leave from your life. She says so you know fortune telling too. He says yes. She says its not the time to joke, go from here. He says its not a joke, its reality, one day all sorrow will get over. She cries.

She says one who left didn’t return, I lost everything. Daali sees her crying and asks what happened. Badimaa says nothing, its a big house, it will get vacant once you go, how will I live without you. Daali says I will not marry, no one can courage to tolerate me. Kanhaiya looks on and thinks someone like a prince will come to take you to his palace. He smiles.

Its morning, Vaijanti argues with Badimaa. She complains about her daughters. Kanhaiya says I m your servant, I will do it. Vaijanti asks are you a tailor too. He says yes, there was a famous tailor, he taught me making 50 styles of blouses. He sees Badimaa staring and recalls the slap. He goes. Janki asks you do saree’s fall and pico too. Kanhaiya says yes, a needle is mightier than a sword. Janki asks what work don’t you know. Kanhaiya says you people are educated, I m a servant. I have learnt from people. Daali comes and hears her. She says I have learnt boxing and karate. She scolds him.

Daali says you just bluff. Vaijanti says no, he will do this and show. She asks Kanhaiya to go. Kanhaiya says I have a small question, Daali is educated, why is English strange. She asks why. He says its really strange. She says stop it. Janki asks Kanhaiya to say, what was he saying. Kanhaiya says I asked English teacher about my doubts, he couldn’t say, tell me. Daali asks are you making fun of this. He says yes, find out why R doesn’t come on Colonel. He goes. Janki asks Daali to answer Kanhaiya. Daali says you don’t start now, it will be very bad. She asks Vaijanti is she going in party, will Sheela and Munni go along. Vaijanti says yes, Munni didn’t agree, I m worried, master is going to come.

Janki says I m worried, Vaijanti is going out, Munni’s master will come to teach singing, she asked me to keep an eye, what will happen if tabla music stops. Kanhaiya laughs and says much can happen…. Janki asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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