Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s new challenge for Daali

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya getting food for Daali. Maya asks who is he. Kanhaiya hides his face from Maya. He says you would be hungry, have food. He goes. Maya asks Daali who is he. Daali says he is a servant, he works in my house. Maya asks what, impossible, this can’t happen. Daali asks what do you mean. Maya says nothing. Daali says strange. Kanhaiya thinks how did Maya come here. Janki holds him.

He asks did you give food to Daali. Kanhaiya says yes, she was busy in dance. Janki asks what dance. Kanhaiya dances and shows him. Janki says stop it, she is not performing Bharatnatyam. Kanhaiya says yes, just you and Lord can explain her. Janki says you are also here, make her good valued, tell her about indian heritage. Daali comes and says so you are already started, you were

complaining about me right. Kanhaiya says no. She says shut up. Janki asks her why does she do this dance. She asks why. He says there are many good dance forms. Daali says I love western dance. Kanhaiya says its not possible for her. She asks are you challenging me again.

He says yes, you will lose again, don’t take the challenge, don’t feel bad, just make me lose and show. Daali says its not necessary that you always win. Janki and Kanhaiya provoke her. She says you both are challenging me, I can do any dance, even Bharatnatyam. Janki asks her to perform the dance and show. She says fine, if Kanhaiya loses, she will not spare him. She goes. Kanhaiya smiles and thinks you have to hold my hand some day.

Rocky comes to meet Maya. She says Daali has snatched my place. Kanhaiya spies on them. Rocky says I know Daali, I m after her property, I told you about her. She says so you are after her, you will trap her and get her property. She flirts. Vaijanti says don’t know what we have to see here, like we always have to serve Daali.

Daali comes. Vaijanti turns sweet. She says you did good to slap Kanhaiya, how dare he hold your hand. Daali asks why are you happy, tell me, you are a villain, I have heard you. She scolds Vaijanti. She says I can cook anything. Sheela and Munni says it will be good, you should know cooking before marriage. They ask her about Bharatnatyam challenge. Daali says I will do it and win. She goes. Kanhaiya comes to Vaijanti and flatters. Janki tells Daali about the guys he has chosen for her Swayamvar. She asks from where are you getting such guys, give me money, I will go. He says someone will break your ego and take you. She says I wish to shoot you. He refuses to give money. She takes money from his pocket. She gets just two coins and calls him a miser. She asks won’t you give me money. He says no. She gets angry and goes.

Janki says Rocky loves Daali and wants to marry her, but everything will happen as per Swayamvar. Kanhaiya hears him. He asks Daali to refuse for marriage, Rocky is not a good man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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