Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya makes a special dish

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The Episode starts with Daali dancing on Kamli song. Kanhaiya comes and looks on. He gets coffee for her. She says so you have come in your real uniform, just this suits you. He says I have no interest, I do everything to serve people, why are you jumping. She says what, I m dancing, what do you mean. He says dance is going on since ages, ancestors had a tale and we don’t. She says it means you are calling me a monkey. He says no, I mean to say it wasn’t good. She asks him to teach her free style dance. He says why not, I learnt dance from dance teachers, when I worked at their place. She asks him to dance and show. He says no, I can’t touch your hands, then don’t tell me, why did I touch you. She says I won’t say, dance and show. He says okay then, lets rock.

Kanhaiya dances.

Daali gets shocked. He asks her for dance. She holds his hand. They dance. She recalls Kanhaiya’s steps and dances. She asks why are you staring. He says nothing, how did you like the dance. She says steps were good. He says just do this, you will get good marks. He goes smiling. He says I won’t let you forget my name. Janki counts coins. Daali comes and asks for money. He asks why. She says I will go hotel, I will not eat veg. She sees coins and says I won’t get married, give me money. He says you have to eat at home. She says no. Kanhaiya says who said its veg day, I have made a special item for you, special non veg. Ravi says he is lying. Daali asks what’s special. Kanhaiya names the dishes.

Daali says I won’t eat this. Kanhaiya says I have made jackfruit kabab for you. She says I m hungry, you didn’t cook non veg. Kanhaiya asks her to sit and eat. Janki understands jackfruit when Kanhaiya winks to him. Kanhaiya asks Daali to try once.

They all come to dine. Kanhaiya lies to Daali. He asks her to eat it and say. Daali tastes the dish and likes it. She says its cool. He says what, I have heated it. She says idiot, I mean its good. Kanhaiya serves to everyone. Sheela says its different. Kanhaiya lies. He asks Daali to eat by hands. She tries and says its very tasty. He asks her to have it with love. Kanhaiya asks them are they done with food, he will move all spoons away, he will get beaten up, but they should save him.

Daali asks him what does he mean. Kanhaiya says I was saying this dish is of jackfruit. Janki laughs. Daali gets angry. Kanhaiya says I have fed you veg food, I won’t lose so easily, you will have healthy food from now. He disappears. Janki gets happy.

Janki teases Daali and dances. He says Kanhaiya has fed you jackfruit today. She says I will not leave him. He says you can’t do anything. She asks why do you take his side. He says why not, he did what I couldn’t. He acts like Daali. He asks why did you eat veg then. She asks him to stop it. He asks her to learn household things, go office and then get married. She asks don’t girls have any other work. He says I want you to become responsible, you don’t know about our property, guy should be nice.

Daali’s finger gets cut. Kanhaiya worries for her. She shouts how dare you touch me and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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