Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaijanti challenges Janki

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The Episode starts with Daali arguing with Janki. She says I won’t leave Kanhaiya, where is he. He says calm down, sometimes this happens in life, you should be thankful to him, you scolded him, get ready for Swayamvar, amazing guys are coming in. She makes fun of his choice. He says you have to get married and spend a year with that guy at least, else all the property will go to trust. She asks how dare you. He says if you make husband leave, then you will…. understood, just get married. She says no way, I won’t get married.

He says you have to get married. She says keep the swayamvar, but I won’t come. He says Kanhaiya made you wear the saree and jewelry, he made you do kirtan, he will make me. She says I will not leave Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya washes the utensils and talks

to servants. Servant says this utensil won’t get clean, we work so much, family doesn’t see us, they treat us so badly, they don’t make good food for us, they give us food as if we are beggars. Kanhaiya smiles and makes them sit. He takes care of Bhola and treats him with love.

Kanhaiya tries to clean the utensils with tamarind. Bhola guides him. He gets shocked seeing his working speed. Ravi comes and looks on shocked. He asks Kanhaiya is he a man or unique person, how did he wash so many utensils so soon. Kanhaiya says you want drinks right, I will arrange it. Ravi smiles.

Kanhaiya gets breakfast for Daali. He asks where is she. He calls her out. He sees Daali’s pic. Tum ho to….plays…. He thinks of Daali. He touches her pic. Janki shouts for Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya goes to him. He asks Janki to drink herbal water, his stomach will get fine. Janki says understood. Kanhaiya asks him to do yoga, it will relieve him. He asks Sheela why is she worried. She says I have exam for my job, I m weak in maths. Kanhaiya says just a small thing. He solves the maths problems. She gets surprised. He explains her. She says you have really solved it, you know maths too. He asks who else will know it then. Rocky comes and asks are you fooling me. Kanhaiya says you don’t let me complete my words. He jokes on Rocky and goes. Rocky shouts Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya gives him milk. Janki comes running happily and says its done. Rocky asks is the tender done. Janki says no, my stomach got clear. Janki prays. Daali plays loud music. She says she started at this time too. Vaijanti says Daali didn’t grow up, you won’t be able to show your face to anyone. Badimaa asks what are you saying. Vaijanti says I m not lying. Kanhaiya comes. Vaijanti asks Kanhaiya what will he teach Daali. He says everything that Sheela and Munni knows, I will teach her everything.

Badimaa asks why will she learn. Kanhaiya says person should know every work, who knows what maybe needed. Badimaa says she is fine, one has to marry her the way she is, else no one will marry her. Janki says Daali is stubborn, but she is not bad, she is the best, I love her, one day she will prove she is the best. Kanhaiya agrees. Vaijanti says even servant will run away seeing her, bet with me. Badimaa calms down Janki and says Daali will get world’s best guy. Kanhaiya says yes, he will be the best, just see, he will be superhit. Janki says no, Daali’s husband will be like handsome like Devraj Indra, smart like Ganesh and end enemies like Shiv ji. Vaijanti says Shiv’s tandav is going on. Sheela says Daali is practicing dance. Janki says it means she will come to ask for money again. He worries and prays to Kanhaiya.

Rocky asks Kanhaiya to pack his bags and leave. Kanhaiya smiles. Rocky says I m taking Daali on a date. Kanhaiya says drink this Jamaalgota, you will run to toilet instead the garden.

Update Credit to: Amena

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