Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya wins the bet

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Daali asking Kanhaiya to drive her new imported car. He says its tough. She says yes, drive and show. He says fine, then you have to drive my rickshaw. She says I will do it. Janki says its not easy. Daali says I will do, I had driven cycle too, on whose side are you. He says yours and shows Kanhaiya. He asks will you let Kanhaiya drive costly car. She says yes, let him show, its not easy. Kanhaiya agrees. They bet. They go out. He sees the car. She gives him the keys. He sees the car and gets in. He says I feel scared. She asks him to drive.

Janki says don’t lose Kanhaiya. He calls him diamond. Vaijanti says I can’t tolerate him. She acts sweet in front of Janki. Daali asks Kanhaiya to start, if accident happens, you have to pay, its my most fav car. Kanhaiya

says don’t worry. He starts the car and drives. She scolds him. Kanhaiya smiles and drives well. He races fast. They wonder where did car go. Janki says Kanhaiya has won, he drove the car. Munni says he went with imported car, even I can’t drive it. Sheela says he is driving that car, I can’t even imagine. Vaijanti says yes, but Daali will you….. Daali makes a face. Kanhaiya comes back and parks the car. He says I have drove the car, now drive my rickshaw. He gets his rickshaw. Daali sits on it and tries to drive. Maya comes there and looks on. Daali smiles and drives ahead. He slips. Kanhaiya shouts and runs. He catches her. Music plays…..

He asks Daali not to disrespect servants ever. He says you would have understood, its not easy to drive rickshaw, its tough, one who works hard, you can learn from them too, don’t insult servants. Janki nods. Maya looks on. Kanhaiya says you know I know everything. He goes. Vaijanti says Kanhaiya doesn’t know me. Maya comes there.

She asks where is Kanhaiya. Vaijanti says he is showing his Leela and shocked us, Janki is pampering him, Kanhaiya knows everything. Maya says I m from Rocky’s side. Vaijanti says he is a fool, he can’t understand managing a girl, he should have sung a song atleast, but no he is foolish like my husband. Maya scolds her. She says Kanhaiya is not Kanhaiya. They get shocked. Vaijanti says what. Daali comes and asks you here.

Maya says Rocky’s Dada ji has sent me for your jewelry selection. Daali says Janki will talk to him. Maya says I m Laxmi, you are shooing me away. She taunts Daali and goes. Daali asks what did she say. Vaijanti sends Daali and thinks what did Maya say, Kanhaiya is not Kanhaiya in real, Munni go and search his room, I will take him out.

Kanhaiya says we should celebrate Daali’s birthday. Janki says no, this can’t happen. Kanhaiya asks why. Janki says you don’t know what happened that day. Kanhaiya says her birthday will be celebrated, so I have returned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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