Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya confronts Badimaa

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Badimaa reading the letter and shouting no, this can’t happen. She runs to kitchen and burns letter. Daali asks her what happened. Badimaa says nothing. Vaijanti asks her whose letter was it. Badimaa goes. Kanhaiya says I know whose letter was it, more letters will come, how long will you hide yourself, you will get caught one day. Vaijanti says why did Sandhya burn letter. Daali says who can send letter to her here. Vaijanti says yes, she just cried, she didn’t say anything. Daali says I will see her. Badimaa cries and hugs her son’s belongings. Daali cries and asks why don’t you forget this, what was written in letter, forget this.

She says I can’t bear this, someone is reminding me everything again, I can’t say what was written in letter. She

hugs Daali and cries. Vaijanti, Janki and others come. Janki asks what happened. Badimaa says nothing. He asks about letter. She diverts topic. She says I will get your medicines. He says don’t change topic. She says my fate isn’t changing. Kanhaiya smiles seeing her. She asks are you smiling seeing me cry. He says yes, now I m sure you have someone close, whose letter was it. She asks him to stay in his limits, he is just a servant like her. He says no, you are not maid. She slaps him. He asks just one slap, slap more.

She slaps him again and again. Janki shouts Sandhya, did you get mad to slap him. She says ask him to stay in limits, no one gave me right to ask about my personal life, I raised Daali like her mum, if you think I have right here, I don’t Daali’s birthday to be celebrated, I don’t want all that to repeat. She cries and goes. Janki says we will not celebrate Daali’s birthday. He goes. Kanhaiya says birthday will be celebrated at any cost. Its morning, Kanhaiya asks Daali to grind spices on stone. They all ask what is he trying to do. Kanhaiya asks Daali to start. Daali says I will break your head. He says learn work first, you don’t know anything, learning is good. Janki asks her to do what he said. Kanhaiya challenges her. Vaijanti asks Daali not to accept challenge again. Kanhaiya jokes on Daali. Daali accepts challenge.

He says I know everything, you can’t do anything. She says if I grind spices then… Kanhaiya says then I will do what you say. Janki asks Daali to go ahead. Daali sits to grind spices. She adds everything at once and misses to grind well. They all look on. Daali slips on the stone. Kanhaiya says servants are useful, they do all the work, can you do all the work alone, you have an art to order everyone, you are doing this because of Janki, if he refuses to give you everything, where will you go, you will need to beg on road. Daali asks him to talk well. She asks Janki to stop him. Janki says he won again. She asks fine then, shall we have a bet.

Daali asks Kanhaiya to drive the car. He drives the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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