Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya changes his decision

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya packing his bags and leaving. The family women sing the bhajan. Radha ka bhi shyam….plays.. Kanhaiya comes there and sing the bhajan with them. He recalls Janki’s scolding. Daali wakes up. Badimaa sings too. Daali comes out and sees them. Kanhaiya recalls Daali’s words. He gets sad and sings. He overhears Vaijanti talking to someone and telling her plans of snatching Janki’s property. He gets shocked. She says once Janki dies, no one can do anything, just tell me what to do and when. He thinks they are planning to snatch everything, they are waiting for Janki’s death, get back to Janki now, they are big players here. He goes out and buys vegetables. He meets Rocky.

Rocky asks his price, how much money does he want to leave them alone.

Kanhaiya says I don’t understand anything. Rocky says you are always after Daali, did you dream anything. Kanhaiya says no, I can’t even imagine. Rocky says remember this, I m going to marry Daali, why did you come to disc yesterday, don’t act smart else anything can happen. Kanhaiya says you are scaring me now. He angers Rocky further. He warns Rocky. He asks him to have snacks. He says you will get calm after having this. He goes.

Daali creates a scene and throws the food. She asks servants to get out. She says I don’t like anything. Badimaa asks why are you shouting. Daali says I get same food every day, disgusting. Badimaa says you had drunk wine yesterday. Daali recalls the party. Badimaa asks why is she silent. Daali says sorry.

Badimaa says Janki got to know something wrong, he felt Kanhaiya had wine, he fired Kanhaiya, he has beaten him a lot, he asked him to leave the house, but Kanhaiya didn’t say anything to keep your respect, he would have gone till now, I have seen him room vacant, everything got free of him. Kanhaiya says no, you won’t get free from me so soon. She says you didn’t go. He says no, how can I do leaving you, Janki loves me, its fine if he has beaten me up, once his anger goes, I will apologize to him. Daali asks why, you didn’t touch wine, I had wine. He says Janki doesn’t know this, why do you do such things, sorry, have breakfast. He shows the tasty food. Daali asks is this for me. He says yes. She asks did you make this. He says yes, you have it and have its taste. Daali likes the food and says its fine, no need to take much credit. Badimaa asks did you like it. Daali says yes. Kanhaiya smiles and says I have to become good servant to become good boss.

Kanhaiya fools Vaijanti and says I have also come for money. Vaijanti asks him to say the truth. He says I want some share. He joins hands and says we are a team now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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