Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Badimaa faints down

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The Episode starts with Kanhaiya hiding from Maya and leaving. Maya asks Daali about him. Daali says I had come for lunch with Rocky. Maya asks is Rocky your BF or would be. Daali says its none of your business. Kanhaiya looks on. Daali says I already told you about my servant, how many times will I say this, do you know him. Maya says nothing, have your lunch. She taunts Daali. She says you won’t win again, accidents won’t happen again, stop taking Kanhaiya’s name, else you may end up marrying him. Daali asks what, he is my servant. Maya asks her to show drama to someone else. She goes. Daali gets the bill. She says I didn’t get purse, I was coming with Rocky. He says don’t worry, go home, bill is paid, I have cleared it, I can do anything. She says stupid and goes.

He says

I have to be careful, else my motive won’t be fulfilled. Janki and everyone eat food. Janki praises Kanhaiya’s cooking and recalls his mum. Daali comes home. She complains about Kanhaiya. Vaijanti says he is just a servant. Janki says don’t call him servant again and again.

Vaijanti asks Daali did she eat anything. Daali says no. Janki says you may be hungry. She says no. He asks her to have food. He shows the various dishes. Badimaa asks Daali to come and sit, have food, don’t be stubborn. Daali refuses. She says Janki has sent Kanhaiya after me. Janki says injustice happened with you. Daali asks her to see Janki’s blackmailing. Badimaa feeds Daali.

Daali says Kanhaiya has paid restaurant bill today. They get shocked. Vaijanti says he is stealing money. Badimaa says no, he can’t be a thief. Vaijanti asks why, are you his lawyer, he didn’t give us his ID details. She scolds Badimaa and calls her maid. Janki says Sandhya does all the work, she is Daali’s Badimaa, she is like Daali’s mum, she does everything, you don’t insult us calling her maid. Vaijanti apologizes. He goes.

He gets a call. Badimaa asks whose call is it. He says someone is finding you. She asks who, no one called me till now. He asks her to talk. Badimaa takes the phone. She gets shocked and says I don’t know anyone. She starts crying. She gets dizzy. Daali holds her and asks what happened.

Kanhaiya comes and gets shocked. He asks what happened. Daali says call doctor. He says no need, I will see. He checks her pulse. He goes and gets some medicine for her. Daali asks what’s this. He asks her to shut up. Badimaa opens eyes. Vaijanti asks what happened to you. Daali asks are you fine. Badimaa says take me to my room. Janki says why is Lord troubling Sandhya, she has lost everything, she has learnt living by difficulty. Kanhaiya worries for Badimaa. Daali cries and asks why did you faint, who called you, tell me.

Vaijanti asks what’s there to hide. Badimaa says it shouldn’t matter to you. Vaijanti insults her. Daali scolds Vaijanti. She says I see Badimaa in my mum’s place, don’t call her maid. Badimaa says I also see you as daughter, but when they insult me, I get hurt. Kanhaiya says you will get rid of this stain, time will show you, take rest now. He takes care of Daali. Some money drops there. He picks it and keeps. Daali says you have hidden money as its valuable. He says yes, its valuable, someone gave this to me.


Vaijanti asks Kanhaiya are you in love. He says no way, I have much work. Daali says he is mysterious, its impossible to know him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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