Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya reveals Rocky’s evil intentions

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with kanhaiya saying Daali shouldn’t marry Rocky. She gets angry and says I will just marry Rocky now. She calls Rocky and asks him to meet. She goes to get ready. Janki happily dances that Daali got ready to marry Rocky. He goes. Kanhaiya thinks its time to expose Rocky, I will bring his truth out now, Janki doesn’t know Rocky’s evil intentions. Daali says I m going parlor. Kanhaiya asks why to waste money. She asks what’s your problem, is it your money. He says no, what if I give you a makeover, everything is organic, did I break your trust ever, give me one chance. She agrees. He says I will arrange everything there, my magical box has everything.

He says you are going on lunch with Rocky, I will prepare you first. He gives her a haircut. He then does

her facial and hair treatment. Daali looks pretty. She likes her new look. She says wow… so you even know all this. He says yes, I know everything. She says you replied in english. He says yes. She says you are very mysterious man, you know everything. Rocky comes. Kanhaiya asks her to go. She scolds him. She says you can’t control me. She goes. He jokes.

He says I will expose Rocky, there is no option of two heroes in this story, there is just one hero here, Kanhaiya…. daali sees Kanhaiya and holds Rocky’s hand. They sit in the car. Kanhaiya becomes the driver. Daali asks driver to take them to restaurant. He says the car isn’t starting, battery problem. Daali says I told Janki to buy an imported car, Rocky can you push the car. Rocky pushes the car. Kanhaiya drives away. Rocky and Daali ask him to stop the car. She gets shocked seeing Kanhaiya. She scolds him.

Rocky says I will see you. He sees the driver. He asks you here… who is driving the car. Driver says Kanhaiya…. Daali says you didn’t stop the car, how dare you get me to restaurant like this, Rocky would be worried. Kanhaiya says don’t get upset, slap me, don’t do this, everyone is seeing. She scolds him for leaving Rocky intentionally. She says I will just marry Rocky. He says stay away from Rocky, he is not a good man, he wants your bad. She asks who are you to tell me. He says I will tell everything on right time, who am I.

Daali gets seated. Kanhaiya asks the manager to get food for Daali. Daali shouts angrily. Kanhaiya says I got you to heaven. She says I will talk to Janki, I will make you out of the house, you have crossed the limits, you forgot you are a servant. He says I can’t forget, I want your and Janki’s betterment, I want to see you happy, Rocky doesn’t want your good, he wants to bring you on road, trust me. She says I don’t trust you. He says I will prove it. She says then you can come home, else I will ask Janki to make you out of the house.

She gets Rocky’s call and says so sorry, whatever Kanhaiya did…I didn’t understand. Kanhaiya serves her food. He calls Janki and says Daali isn’t listening, she is not having food. She asks are you complaining about me. He says Janki is also hungry, he is old, he can get unwell. Manager asks them to sort out their personal affair outside. Daali shouts. Manager asks her to go out and shout. Kanhaiya says sorry, there won’t be any noise now. Maya comes. He hides his face from Maya.

Kanhaiya says where shall I go now. Maya asks Daali do you know who is Kanhaiya. Daali says he is my house servant, how many times shall I tell this, do you know him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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