Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya fools Maya

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The Episode starts with Vaijanti asking Janki to make sure the master doesn’t stop playing tabla, else it will be bad, how will Munni learn. Badimaa asks what is she saying. Vaijanti says Munni is young, the world is strange, we can’t trust anyone, its fine if tabla goes on. She goes. Janki asks Badimaa what happens if tabla stops. Badimaa says you didn’t understand. Daali looks on. Badimaa says its good if you didn’t understand. She goes. Janki asks Daali about it. Daali says Vaijanti got mad. She goes. Janki gets thinking.

Kanhaiya gets the saree for Vaijanti. He asks Janki why is he worried. Janki says Vaijanti is going in evening, Munni’s master will come to teach music, she asked me to make sure that tabla shouldn’t stop till master goes, what will happen if tabla stops.

Kanhaiya laughs and says its right, much can happen, you can’t understand. He goes. Janki says now I understand, why tabla can’t stop.

Maya answers a call. She says no, I have many dance shows assignments, I want a lot of money. She sees Kanhaiya and recalls. She says where is he going, driver stop the car. Maya follows Kanhaiya. She hides from him. She loses Kanhaiya and says I have to expose him. Kanhaiya sees her and hides his face. He thinks Maya I know you were a creep. A guy asks his dad to come, walk fast. They hire a rickshaw and ask Kanhaiya to take them. He sees Kanhaiya and recalls seeing him in the pub. He tells his dad that this guy was with Daali in the pub. His dad asks what are you doing here, I didn’t see such rickshaw driver, you go disco also. He gets dizzy. Kanhaiya says don’t tell anyone that I ride a rickshaw, someone is finding me. He takes them. The man asks where are you taking us. Kanhaiya says talk less, be quiet, I will drop at next stop. Maya looks for him. Kanhaiya passes by. She misses to see him. He parks the rickshaw and says I will go. The guy asks whose rickshaw is this. Kanhaiya says how would I know, the rickshaw driver will come and beat you. They run.

Daali shouts Kanhaiya. He says I went out. She asks why didn’t you tell me, I was finding you. He gets glad. She asks for her shoes. He sees too many shoes and sandals. He takes many pair of shoes for her. She asks so many, are you joking. He says no, I didn’t know which one will you wears, so I got options. She selects one. He says no, this won’t suit, this shoe will suit with this dress. She asks do you know everything. He says yes. She asks him to stop his nonsense and not explain her what to do. He says fine, its your wish.

She says fine, I will wear this if you say. He says this is best shoes for the best girl. She asks what. He praises her. She says why are you flattering, what do you want. He says I got my salary, if it increases… she says fine, I will talk to Janki, but clean my shoes first. He says I know, I will shine it. He cleans her shoe. He makes her wear the shoes and smiles. She asks what happened. He asks her to wear anklet, it will look good, it will show a sweet girl stays in this house. She asks how did you become a poet today. He says nothing. He asks about the scar on her leg. He says you fell down the stairs and got a cut by the flower pot. She asks what, you are mad. He says sorry, I saw someone one, you go out now. He goes. Badimaa comes to Daali.

She asks what happened Daali. Daali says nothing, I will go, just tell me if my leg had an injury, did it had any cut in childhood. Badimaa says no, why. Daali says I was just asking. Badimaa says wait, yes I remember, you got hurt once, your leg got a cut by the flower pot piece. Daali gets shocked and recalls Kanhaiya’s words.

Badimaa says you were a child that time, you can’t remember it, you were 3-4 year old, that scar won’t be there now. Daali says I don’t remember, Kanhaiya told me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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