Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 24th January 2013 Written Update

Rishi Katyayan comes inside, says some devotees have come, they’ll accept Prasad from Katyayani’s hand only.
Danu shows Diti, all the events of his curse, torturing rishi Katyayan, accuses Kaalkeya for dark future of Asuras, says Patal loka should be divided in half between Asura & Danavas. Diti refuses, says only my son Kaalkeya deserves this as it was given to Asuras not Danavas. Angry Danu keeps quiet.

At rishi Katyayan’s aashram, after the aarati, Katyayani gives Gud Chana’s prasad to all. Manuvrat, witj rishi & Narayani goes from there. Some Sadhus accept Prasad from Katyayani ,
At Vaikunth Vishnu tells Lakshmi about this divine scene of Goddess herself distributing Prasad to her devotees. Those Sadhus leave from the aashram, turn into Devas, Narad, Brihaspati.
Chitra asks Katyayani she has observed one thing at the time of taking Prasad, many unknown faces are seen . But after taking Prasad, they are never seen.
Katyayani & Chitra are discussing about going to play at the river bank. Chitra reminds her of Narayani’s talks. Rani comes, asks them what are they discussing? Finally she allows them to go to play.

At Patal loka, Danu tells Rambh, Karambh to finish Kaalkeya, as she wants them to see on Patal loka’s throne. Diti comes there, warns her, asks her to leave Patal loka with her sons. Diti is shocked. One Asura was over hearing this convo.

In the forest, Chitra, Jhalkari, Lalita & Katyayani are decideing to play. They tell Katyayani even if she is blind folded she ses everything. They ask Batuk to give cloths to tie on Katyayani’s eyes, he says howmuchever you try to cover her eyes she’ll see every thing. Katyayni, catches all, Batuk is sitting, eating Gud Chana. Batuk reminds Jhalkari to go home, her father must be waiting, she is scared. Katyayani assures her nothing will happen to her. Her father tells her not to leave the house without asking him, only boys can go out. Katyayani trys to explain, but he accuses her of spoiling his daughter. He beats Jhalkari’s hands. Katyayani takes her pain

Precap: Katyayani is standing at the aashram’s temple, says One of the main intention of her avatar is to make all the Abala naaris, Sabala. To stop them from getting tortured.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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