Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga 1st February 2013 Written Update

Diti is ill over the failure of her evil plan and the good developments occurring around.She wonders how Maa Durga put Vindhyachal in the right path!Her son Kaalkeyi says to fulfil your goal you shouldn’t trust anyone.He points out that her plans never work and even this time the same thing happened and inturn Vindhyachal secured Aashirvaad from Maa Durga.He wonders why Maa Durga has come onto the earth to protect the beings.
On the other hand Katyayini’s friends praise her for acting in such a tough situation.Her parents watch on them happily.They have a pleasant chat while taking food and Jhalkari says despite of all this;occurring around Katyayini is calm and composed!
Kaalkeyi cofirms Maa Durga has come in the form a Kanya to protect the beings.Diti says though unknowingly you’ve put out an important point.She insists that they should find out the relationship between Maa Durga and that Kanya(Katyayini) and also the powers she possesses with the help of Devi Paatali (as she offered to help them).
Katyayini’s parents worry (though this time they were saved) how such a problem occurred.Meanwhile Jhalkari’s father comes to their place with a stick.He’s mad at Jhalkari for sitting with her friends and he was searching for her everywhere . Katyayan Maharshi intervenes and says what’s wrong if a child sits with her friends.But Jhalkari’s father asks him not to put his finger in their matter and better mind his own business.Katyayini tries to prevent him and requests him not to insult her father and her Sakhi but he uses harsh words again.Jhalkari’s father forcibily takes his daughter with him. Katyayani tells him not to differentiate between son & daughter but he doesn’t listen.Katyayini’s mother looses her temper and scolds Katyayini but Maharshi Katyayan prevents her and tries to pacify her.Upset over the happenings she leaves. Katyayani thinks, to bring Jhalkari’s father on the right path.
Jhalkari’s father faces a sudden pain in the stomach and falls down.Jhalkari cries for help and people gather around.They take him to his house .Katyayini says now this would be a lesson for him.
Devi Patali manifests herself before Kaalkeyi.He wishes to know about the relation between Katyayini and Maa Durga.Devi Paatali says Rishi , Muni do tapas for years to know about Divine Mother then how come I’ll be able to describe her in a simple language its impossible also none of his powers would work on Katyayini and disappears.Kaalkeyi says he’ll see about that!
A Vaidhya comes to treat Jhalkari’s father.He confirms that its an unknown disease and a doctor from the near by village may possibly cure it else there should be divine intervention for his cure otherwise its dangerous.Jhalkari’s mother is angry with Jhalkari for such a condition of her husband.Jhalkari’s brother relishing a fruit doesn’t bother.He says since it is dark he would go in the next morning to bring the Vaidhya.But Jhalkari plans to leave immediately.Vaidhya wonders how come the daughter is willing to leave while the son is not bothered.Katyayini joins her on the way.They had to cross the river and Jhalkari fears.Katyayini assures her.

PRECAP : The River Goddess appears and offers pranam she says she’s lucky to give way to Maa Durga.Katyayini and Jhalkari crossing the river.

Update Credit to: Krishni51

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