Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 8


The epi starts with Sita n her sisters fully ready in bridal outfits, graceful ornaments and an awesome smile on their beautiful face..
Ram n his brothers r also ready in their shining robes, golden crowns adorning their heads, graceful ornaments n the wait fr their brides..

Ram n his brothers’ marriage procession reach the palace. All gods r present in sum form or d other.. All ppl present r awaiting Lakshmi Narayan marriage on Prithvi Lok.. Flowers n smiles r seen everywhere, there’s beautiful environment more beautiful than SwargLok itself. Whoever looks says SwargLok has cum on Prithvi lok. The brides informed of their grooms’ arrival r unable to control themself. The shubh Mahurat arrives. The brides r brought to the Mandap.
Mahadev, Parvati, Vishwakarma, Narad and Brahmadev smile seeing them. Ram and Sita take the garlands and exchange. Ram Ram Raja Ram………..plays………. Everyone shower flowers on them, The garlands are exchanged by other three jodis as well. Dasharath, Janak and Sunaina smile happily. Pandit asks groom and bride to sit in their places now. Ram looks at the Devs. Mahadev and all devs nod. Ram and Sita, Laxman and Urmila, Bharat and Mandvi, Shatrughan and Shruthkirti sit in the mandaps.

The pandits chant the marriage mantras. Karpur gauram………..plays……… Mahadev and Parvati smile. Shathanand says Ram is proved the best, Mithila is very lucky. Guru Vashisht asks the girls’ fathers to come in mandap for varpratha.
Janak greets Ram and Shathanand asks Ram to keep his feet ion the plate. Janak washes Ram’s feet. Janak does the rituals with Laxman, while Kushadwaj does rituals with Bharat and Shatrudhan. Sunaina cleans Ram’s feet. Ram greets her.. Sunaina does same rituals with Laxman.

Guru Vashisht says Kanya daan’s subh mahurat is close, and asks girls’ parents to come in mandap. Sunaina gets emotional and says how will I do kanyadaan with these hands, which raised the daughters, I can’t do this. Janak explains her about pind daan, parents have this duty to give their daughter for other family’s prosperity, that’s why Kanyadaan is regarded the superior and important daan in the world, come, fulfill your duty of being a mother.

Sunaina does the kanyadaan rituals of Sita. Janak does kanyadaan and gives Sita’s hand to Ram, saying the same in words. Dasharath and Devs smile. Shathanand does the ghatbandhan. Guru Vashisht tells about ghatbandhan, the husband and wife will have equal rights on everything, there should be love between them. Guru Vashisht tells about the significance of ghatbandhan, husband and wife get happiness after facing problems with love balance. He says lastly, the house will be full of financial stability and happiness, this ghatbandhan is prayer of that stability in life. He says happiness and sorrow will be together for husband and wife, everything will be together, this ghatbandhan is sign of this wish. Siya Ram…………..plays……….. Everyone smile. Sita and Ram see each other. Guru vashisht continues describing.

He says now we are going to start the rounds, and asks all the grooms and brides to stand up for the mangal phere. Saat pheron ki gadi shubh aagai….plays……….. pandit says groom will walk ahead in first round. The grooms and brides start taking the rounds. He tells about the promise by groom and bride. Ram says taking round with you, I take duty of feeding the family and taking duty of all necessities. Sita says in heart I will become your support in all happiness and sorrow, and give her assurance to have a happy life, she will take care of all household work. Ram takes second round and says in heart that he is very happy and
strong, he wants to promise that he will always be with her. Sita promises to take care of all the family, she will do her Patni vrath duty by heart.

Ram thanks Sita by heart for taking third round with her, and says I will take promise, that you are wife, my most beloved, I promise love to you and my children. Sita promises of selfless love to her husband, she promises to be sweet and happy with him. Rounds continue. Ram promises Sita that he will see welfare of family and make the family environment happy and peaceful. Sita thinks wife’s happiness and sorrow is with her husband, she will share all his happiness and sorrow, and she will be obedient, she will keep family happy and united.

Pandit says bride will walk infront of groom from the 5th round. He chants mantras. Ram says I will become your true life partner, I promise by mind, heart and thought. Sita promises to live a life with him, and increase family respect, trust, love and prestige. Ram takes sixth round and says Sita made my heart filled with happiness by taking sixth round, I promise to love you selflessly. Sita promises that wife’s happiness is in husband’s happiness, I will always be with you in Dev aradhna and good works. They take the final round. Ram says in heart that our Maitri, love and trust got stringed now, by my body, heart, money and life, I accept you as my wife. Sita says husband is her Lord, I will assist you in yagya, gunn, and all Dharmic deeds, I promise to fulfill all my promises taken till now. I promise to add more trust and prestige in Raghu kul. Siya Ram….. plays………. All the grooms and brides sit for other rituals. Everyone smile.

Ram and Sita do the rituals, along other jodis.. They all pray. Guru Vashisht says now sindoor ritual will be started, this is promise and sign of union of two souls, sindoor is filled in hairline, and tells the significance about it. He says sindoor protects women from all bad things and brings good fate. Ram fills sindoor in Sita’s maang. Ram Siya………..plays………. All other jodis do the sindoor daan ritual. Ram and Sita greet Agnidev. All the couples smile. Everyone get happy..

Siam feed each other. Sunaina tells Janak that you told me about daughter’s bidaai. Sita asks Janak to decide, she will accept it.

Thanks for reading. I’ve tried to describe it as well as I could n make it realistic but there may be some mistakes, sorry for that n plz leave a comment ?☺?

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  1. Samarth

    Vanshika you did a great job…truly speaking as I was reading all the things were taking place at my mind…feel that I am present at the marriage of my parents..

    1. Vanshika


      1. Samarth

        Yes vanshika…I m really telling truth you are very good at ff pls keep writing….my all best wishes to you my little sis

  2. vanshu i love it so much especially the precap
    yay siam love u
    waiting for the next one vanshu

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so so so so much my sissie ? keep reading n supporting lyk this only…

  3. Vanshika……. Again you done a great job…….. I am already present in marriage ceremony……. But not find you!!!!!! Valmiki ji

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so so so so much joy da ? keep reading n supporting lyk this only… OMG Valmiki ji…!! Who, I…? OMG I don’t think I can ryt better than him, I can’t ryt even as much he had.. Still loads of thnks n kip supporting bhaiyya ?

  4. Jay

    Heyyy Vanshu suprr dear……. no words sorryyy

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so so so so much jay diii ? keep reading n supporting lyk this only… OMG what left u speechless, hmm..? Y no words.. N y sry..? No sorry r allowed na, bt still I’m sry fr leaving u speechless.. If possible kip reading ?

  5. It was awesome.Plzz update soon cnt wait

  6. Amalina

    Vanshika di u r very creative, i could imgaine the entire scene in my head. very detailed and descriptive! hats off to u dii!????????❤❤❤

  7. Wow vanshu dearie… it is awesome… ur writing made me to feel the scene.. loved it..

  8. NABANITA626

    Soooooo good……
    The explanations are so realistic that I filled it is truely happening in front of my eyes…..
    Great work.

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